Sananda Maitreya ...

To all of my Elmers, Delmers and Wally Wiggleheimers and to all of my Wilmas, Thelmas and locked up llamas….(and those of you quarantined in the Bahamas!)

Why are you wearing your earmuffs on your ears in the summer Elmer? "It keeps me from having to carry them"

To the mad at life existence is the cause.
The initiate knows that: "EXISTENCE IS THE CURE!".

But why are you wearing your golf shoes to work Elmer? "So I don't forget where they are".

When life treats you like a bedpan go with it and then go create. Create. The raw matter of life is the root of all art as well.

Excess comfort is a meaner bitch to creativity than excess pain.

At a function to christen a ship Uber President George W. Bush arrives with other dignitaries of government including Senator John McCain. As the ribbon is to be cut by Senator McCain President Bush blurts out: "I'm the ribbon cutter in chief and I and only I cut the ribbon". Next the Senator was to smash the bottle on the ship and the President in a swift and graceful move grabbed the champagne and said to all: "I am the bottle smasher in chief upon ships and such and I will bottle this ship", which he did. Just then the good Senator collapsed and went into a situation requiring immediate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the commander in chief quickly called out: "Quick, somebody go and get the Vice President! ".

Post millennium rock is the new soul. Pass it on!

The American educational system's greatest contribution to my life now that I have the luxury of looking back to preserve the cushion of my memory, is having turned me on to the works and wisdom of Dr. Seuss. Forget the Encyclopaedia Britannica, everything deep I know Seuss already tipped me off to by the third grade and not even another of my heroes: the great Macedonian Greek philosopher of African descent Socrates ever said anything that the good doctor didn't say more simply and more memorably and with better illustrations. Name another philosopher who has had a greater impact on pop culture in general. The essence of his philosophy being that anyone can overcome anything at any time with just a little faith and imagination.

Although I've met Pope's and other royals I've yet to meet the Grand Queen of England. I'm not sure I could have handled it anyway. How could I have overcome the desire to lick the back of her head?*

…..and what if it didn't taste minty at all? *the Queen's head is a prominent feature on all of the postage stamps in her Kingdom.

Surviving the Anglos, if you are not seen as one of them, can be as difficult a task as life can devise on earth. The good news is that if you do survive them, you are usually awarded with a prize.

Being an idiot is its own punishment.

Adult burping is the new intimacy, pass it on!

If I am known for anything in this life, I hope to be recalled as a big believer in the power of adult burping in easing tensions and trapped gas.

I firmly believe that Saddam Hussein's main problem was that he wasn't burped enough as a child. Trapped gas is old memory equals melancholy! Should someone simply had taken it upon themselves to hoist the big dictator upon their shoulders and commence burping him, Iraq would still be in one piece.

Never shoot your friends, it's bad manners.

I would like to respectfully invite the First Lady of the United States to discreetly begin burping the president before public speeches, especially after his dinner. Trapped gas is often the culprit behind misquotes.

Pass it on: 45 is the new 19!

In the final analysis our heritage heals us. What we bring back to our heritage from our journey is as important as what we take from it.

I don't mean to sound alarming, but I remind you that NOT downloading my music aids and abets terrorists.

Luther Vandross was a God. A God who almost ran over me in a brown Cadillac in New York City 20 years ago, but more on that in another writing...

If you trust your beast, you will not need to control your beast.

A gypsy does not hold another gypsy's attention half as much as half a gypsy does. A word to the wise is sufficient.

...and sometimes the pants were even too big for themselves.

The economy is largely a psychological phenomenon.

Life is a funny old gal. I can remember being 17 and hearing Tom Petty, another Florida home boy on the radio and having to pull over in my first car, a 1971 Mustang fastback (white with blue racing stripe) after hearing the song "Refugee". I was moved. He was a gator from upstate to me, from Gainesville where I had relatives, he was obviously a beatles/stones person, he was obviously a dylaner, he was a Southerner so one could hear all those divergent strains in his appetite. Plus I felt then as I do now like a refugee. I became a lifelong fan. He is one of our all-time greatest and an original. It is therefore a delight to see my name on the cover of the January issue of a Spanish rock magazine on whose cover stands Tom Petty. Life is made of these sweet indulgences in time. Viva España!
Check out:

All "original" means, is that you've forgotten where you've already heard it.

If you compromise what is real it isn't real anymore. What is real can not have a half-life and remain whole.

Why are drug dealers evil and not weapons dealers? Which would you rather have your child run into? The guy selling pot or the guy selling hand granades? Suffice to say I'm sure your answer is none of the above, but you get the point.

Sometimes our worry is the only consistent friend we have.

Now that we know that sheep can be gay, will this affect the price of Virgin Wool?

Even Solomon was careful not to always let wisdom get in the way of a good time.

ART stands for Absolute Recreation of Time.

The imprint on our memory is our destiny. The more good things you can remember, the more good things you can attract.

John Cougar Mellencamp should be in the rock 'n roll fame, and its complete bs that he is not.

And then there was the Senator who couldn't find common cause with himself even with both hands in his pocket.

…And though their credibility had long been strained, sometimes the artichokes really did have trouble breathing…

It's not the better issues that usually win for a candidate in politics, it's the better story. Who has the better story and who can weave the better narrative wins the race.

You never get as slapped up as when you're moving in the right direction, so bruised and battered, soldier on. Today's bruise is tomorrow's badge of honour.

It is the conviction of establishment that from time to time the curious and bold of mind must be staggered by doubts and accusations. Our job is to ensure that it staggers forward so that even its pain is its progress and the very attack, its receipt.

One of the highlights of my time in the entertainment Guantanàmo (at least for me) that is LA, was being invited to dinner in the early '90s with the great entertainment Maestro Milton Berle. What possessed him to invite me I don't know although I was in awe of him and he looked worthy of it. Crisp elegant white suit, electric blue tie and handkerchief all accented by a swift dash of stunning Texan Blonde of appropriate age to his presentation. The big cigar was present at our table which also included the venerable Ed McMahon. From moment to moment I tripped upon thinking that I was eating a meal next to big Ed, Malibu Ed, and also across from the great Lloyd Bridges, who was likewise charming and delightful and full of great stories about the golden days. I shared with Mr McMahon that I had a saying that if anyone came to my house after 2 am it had better be a booty-call or Ed McMahon with one of those big assed checks! (publishers clearinghouse remember superbowlians?). He thought it was cute and asked if I could bring his car around.. (joke). The more time gains, the more these memories become Wow-Moments!

I was too focused on her beauty at the time, to notice how great a Singer the actress Irene Cara was. There are those who have had her vocal chops but none with the chops and the personality that went with her spirit. She suffered for her beauty you could feel it. I wish her God's speed. If you display personality now, they will kill you, and hide your body in the marketing department!

Once you begin making money, people forget that your human. It's the great tragedy of money.

Once you begin making money, people stop seeing you and can only see green.

If the Maestro Smokey Robinson is listening, I just want to tell him how much I love him. As a singer/songwriter/producer/arranger/musician/innovator he remains a colossus of our culture, almost as important to the music as air itself.

I would like to thank my old German friend Ulli Güldner for his tremendous assistance to my psyche in the very early 80s when I was getting my cups together.
Legend has it that my first manager introduced me to soul music, which is patronizing to say the least since my whole life has been a soul opera. What is true is that at the time I was far more interested in rock and other forms like jazz and classical, country, more so than soul music which I had spent all my life growing up around in one form or another. Rock always captured my imagination because it represented more freedom, yet to my friend Ulli Güldner, a great writer and journalist, this was all a bit too much. I was moved to find out that he and his ilk knew far more about black history than I as an American was ever taught. He had all of the great black records and helped me fill in some gaps in my brain waves. My hats off to him, he was a great friend to me who I was blessed by Spirit to have as a mentor, when my life was completely in the hands of the wind and whatever clouds were sent to watch over me.

Blood never lies and always returns in time to the source of its pulse.

Aggressive lethargy!

The first casualty of a war declared by a government is usually its own citizens. War is a great excuse as we can now see to scale back advances made in civil and human rights as evidenced by the Gulag that is Guantánamo.

Our passions and habits develop for a reason, usually out of nature's offspring, necessity.

Elmer, it would appear that you learned your language from a circumcised dictionary!

Elmer: "yes, to paraphrase the late great brit Frankie Howard, infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!".

Ozwald Boateng's work is brilliant and it's great to see him now getting further recognition outside of Britain. The best of luck to him!

What needs to be said needs to be said, even if it's a bullet in the head.

What is coincidence to one eye, is consequence for two.

The Constitution of the United States is about the rolled into a joint and smoked. Anything to keep the very profitable war machine operational and rolling on.

You cannot beg voters and get their respect, you must command them.

I would never vote for a politician because of their issues, which change as soon as you turn your head. Rather vote character, vote expansion, vote leadership! Vote for the ideas that you would most like to participate in yourself.

...and after months of searching Albert finally let his mind go and sat down to a nice simple lunch. And lo and behold in Mr. Einstein's Campbell's alphabet soup there it was, Eureka! *

* E=MC²

However more impressive is how Maestro Einstein foresaw the rise of hip-hop culture. (Big Al was a multi-level headed dude). He figured out that energy would be raised and thereby ecstasy and joy by the use of two MCs, two turntables, two rappers and that that would be all which was needed. Wow!

It is said that as smart as Mr. Einstein was on one hand, he lacked in other areas. Apparently he found it hard to learn to tie his shoes but that is why God inspired loafers.

Americans, brace yourself and save your money. Prophet Bob of the Dylan clan, already baptized the notion that a hard rain was gonna fall. Only right conduct and right action will save us now. Take another listen to Maestro Neil Young's "Everybody knows this is nowhere".

Sir McCartney's new "classical" work is splendid. Have a nice glass of red, sink into a deep chair and take a listen. Come to think of it isn't most of Mr. McCartney's work classical?

To kill a cat god is to raise two more. Each more feral than the last.

Hello feral Cheryl!

Samuel L. Jackson has the greatest voice in film since James Earl Jones. I'm tempted to write a script for him if only just to give him lines worthy of his voice. And in general many of us agree that: we are simply tired of all of these MF snakes on this MF plane!

Linguistics with ground beef!

According to Elmer the advantage of dating foreign language girls is that they all come with subtle-titties!

Vishnu forgets quite easily. Shiva never forgets. Were you to piss a God off, Vishnu is the one. Who comes at Shiva comes for their own destruction.

We have had our problems in the past, (me and MJ) but an argument can be made that the true roots of hip-hop can be traced directly to the Jackson 5 and their seminal masterpiece of pre-hip-hop ordination, "ABC".

There is no coincidence, only concurrence. Concurrence is the law of gravity working itself out through the mental plane.

Life is as painful as is necessary to wake us up to who we really are. The most lasting joy can only spring from self-acceptance and the willingness to back yourself down to the last man, you. Those prepared to stick up for themselves at all costs gain all of Eden's pride and not a too few of its wits.

Remember, with karma the point of origination is the same point of destination.

Fame is not so much a life as the avoidance of a life.

Our deepest shame is usually our deepest need and there are none harder on the vices of others, than those who conceal vices themselves.

Freedom is never given away. It must be assumed, often at the cost of your life. I would rather be a dead free man than a living slave.

More people have died from lies than bullets, an ill-placed lie is as destructive to a person as a dirty bomb. This is why liars live ugly lives and it catches up to them in time, or all of Eden and its cause is a lie as well.

Almost finished!

One of the foundational tenants of Judeo-Christian ethics is: "not bear false witness against thy neighbour". At times it feels as if our whole society is going in the direction of exactly that. We will bear as much false witness as we are paid to and it is one of the reasons why we stand on the brink of collapse, mistrust and confusion.

I have witnessed men whose lives have been destroyed by lying and men to whom it has driven insane. There is no greater spiritual poison than a lie which burns at both ends towards both the teller and the told on.

Freedom is always touted by governments for as long as freedom is under contract and in chains. The moment freedom busts out and gets to circulating, the dogs are sent along with the sheriff's to corral it. Otherwise it may cause excitement and wake the dead. The more dead the more data. Otherwise joy may arrive and wake the sleepers, who will find as the great American poet Robert Frost found, that: "way leads on to way". (And that way leads on to life and more of it).

For my pomo-homo-scribos, you may find great interest in the work of an obscure poet who was a contemporary and disciple of Walt Whitman's by the name of Edward Carpenter. Look him up, he's worthy!

Drugs cannot hold a candle towards the destruction of the mind like the wrong woman can. Drugs are often but the accompanying witness to the havoc a Harridon can wreck on the overwrought, right?

I am very grateful to spirit that I didn't get married (at 41) before learning the hard way to appreciate with my heart and soul the value of the right woman. My wife and friend Francesca is the miracle that saved my life while others were dancing around it with matches and lighter fluid. Me die? You try!

I don't care if you don't like me. Children care about that. I only care that I feel me and back me to the last breath. (And remember to touch myself with my left hand from time to time as well).

To my loyal and faithful friends whose example and steadfastness move my life in increments and spasms of joy: the next project was originally to be called Sananda Maitreya's Othello, yet around that time concurrence once again showed its nose in the form of the latest film as well as having been contacted by a young writer called J.Othello. Having gone through this with "Angels & Vampires" I determined to move on. I know Othello like the back of my hand, as I have lived it twice. I decided that the shadows which pass through every artists work (and in fact must if it is to resonate) might be just a bit too recent and familiar for my spirit to get some distance from. Shakespeare was as much as anything else a great prophet who foresaw a great deal not because he was necessarily psychic (which in fact he was) but because he could see that though the numbers on the clock may change, the letters in the calendar may change, man's essential nature does not. And Othello, the moor (or less) whether in XVII century Venice or XX century New York would still get his hat and cravat handed to him and a foot in his ass like a bass drum (and played by a rhythm machine with a boot on it). I announce that upon commencement of the first chapter we shall fulfill our obligation to time and karma, by presenting to you in all of its rough silk glory:

Sananda Maitreya'z NIGOR MORTIS - a critical mass ©
I can tell you what life and death is like once the hammer comes down, the freeze comes up, and Nigor Mortis sets in.

It will be dedicated to various throughout the course of chapters (if I tell you when exactly, disturbance will come to test and intimidate) as of now, it is dedicated to my eternal Nigors: John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, and Bob Marley. Anyway Nigger comes from naga, check out what naga means to see the full implications and to find out who the nagas were. You will understand a lot more about where the fear comes from. Lastly it was the nagas to whom Jesus referred when he advised to be as wise as the serpent! Know this and be sure: we nagas exist in and for all tribes or we are not more than the dirt beneath our fingernails.



I do give credit to all quotations (that I am consciously aware do not originate from me) in my writings, consequently - in case you use any of these writings - I would like to be credited, since all material published on this website is under copyright protection. Stealing is stealing and karma is karma, no matter how bold or subtle.
All you have to do is ask. We can be reached, we are here to be reached.
My love to you! Sananda