Sananda Maitreya ...

Greetings angels, anglers and danglers

A quick 'shout out' of respects to France, Jay Leno, Chris Rock, Orlando Jones,
Nelson George, Jay Mohr and John Pahmer.
THANK YOU AMERICA for your wonderful reception,
We'll see you again soon!

Another 'shout out' of respects to for their positive vibrational indulgence towards 'WILDCARD' me and the Sananda Records crew are grateful.

Excerpt from MONKEY PUZZLES vol.1:

Were chiropractors
the backbone of Egypt?

Time is the eternal flame given a life span

Many a snake crawls out
from a kiss
and wraps itself around the heart
and squeezes it when the breathing starts
turning AHA ! into abyss
they quickly turn and hiss
and hisses become curses
when the quick path to bliss
has fallen from purses

Joy is Passion without guilt

If you love it, never look at the price but always look at the cost

Never apologize for your standards, it weakens them

We suffer because it raises spirit

Joy and suffering are the yin / yang of the other and they both raise spirit

The seeds of truth can never be destroyed for they are planted in the fabric of life itself

Even in fiction the truth serves best!

A good woman seals off a man's wound so that the vampires
have a harder time getting at it.

The secret that the damsel in distress dare not tell
is that the whole point is to attract both the dragon
and the knight who will save her
she is moved by both and would that her knight,
once rid of the dragon might still retain some
of its fire, to match the fire she carries within
and uses to shape her world
and uses to seal your wound

all the true dragons I know
are all players from the old school
and would never breathe fire at a maiden
for any purpose other than to keep her heart
warm and posturing until her knight do come
  at last
as if let go by

The greatest blessing we can give ourselves
Is to stop judging our existence

Things going wrong is just life reshuffling your deck
And setting you up with a better hand!

For you diamond is 17
75 is king
99 is bliss
23 is shift
44 is us
55 is you
13 is utter clarity
15 is boo!
54 is the menagerie
gathered at the Zoo

the snakes that rise
are the snakes that must
or apple cores descend
to dust
and like vapour
so pythons
bite on
things that crust
before the mucous turns to rust

A Government touts God only to assume his powers

Too soft a life gives too soft a mind
Hardship is the mother of soul and
Hard work the father of character

And finally meine lieblings…

If everyone on the planet would just move
three more inches to the left, I'd have
more room for my stuff!

in praise of the days
to unravel
I staggered braised to this road
I travel
Intact, and with my virtue back
once draped around a rack
and stretched
and taunted for the price
it fetched
but still I am a mack
gone are mute shadows
that wave like flag
and wail before the storm
here, the light wave activates
and settles in like corn
the future, pregnant salivates
I am a man reborn