Sananda Maitreya ...

You, who I love enough to have suffered for …

Knowing who you are is the root of all peace and of all real progress.

Add foam to the waves, not ripples

To know a piece of eternity, remember, there is only NOW, and the states of forgetting or remembering this.
The state of forgetting leads to atrophy. The state of remembering leads to a trophy, eternal life.

The way of love involves not allowing other people (or organizations, or nations) to jack you of your pride.
You will always find people willing to do so, for thieves do not steal money and goods only, they steal what is of great value.
Your pride and the dignity it breeds is of great value and if you are willing to easily surrender it then you do not deserve it,
and you deserved to be jacked. Post-modern prophets 'the beastie boys' said it many years ago:
'some times you've got to fight for your right to party!'

Psychic draining is a form of vampirism

Real vampires do not steal from the heart, they fear the heart, they steal from the mind

Those who always look for the easy way, cheat themselves.
Do not begrudge the heavy lifting required to place your life where you know it belongs.
The more effort you put into a thing, The more grace you receive from a thing.
Life sees you, as you are willing to see yourself.

A man who stays close to his woman, stays close to his God.

Temptation exists to balance us. Respect temptation, do not fear it.
Fearing it already causes the balance to be lost.

The whole jungle suffers when the lion is unsure.

You can squeeze an orange for all its worth and you will never squeeze out apple juice.
A thing is what a thing is and self acceptance in tandem with self acknowledgement is the first key to fulfillment.
Grab who you are by the handle and pull yourself up to your dream and when in doubt, pray.

Thanks to radio - Live 365 - for supporting my music. And thanks to all internet and satellite stations playing my music.

To my college babies (and your sexy, fertile minds):
Study hard, it's good for the soul
Party hard, it's good for the economy!

Gratitude to Billboard Magazine for updating the Maitreya file and bringing me into the 21st century.

We created religion to justify our two natures,
our innate cruelty and our deep seated need to be loved by the higher power our lower reason denies us.

Although I never met her in person, it is still wonderful to be on the same planet as Maya Angelou at the same time.
She is one of our living Buddhas.

Our attitude is the Architect of our fate.

I believe that AIDS was man made and created out of bigotry.
Being gay is not an abomination, being a hateful bigot is.

I am not gay, so being gay isn't normal.…..for me.
But it is the most natural thing in the world..…if you are.
The truth is in our natures, not in another man's opinion.

Our greed and bigotry are the main causes of terrorism, the rest is just spin.

All '-isms (racism, sexism, age-ism)' are corruptions of the spirit.
We are each unique in our own right and we are wrong to assume that we know better than the blueprint.
If it exists, if it is alive to your senses, it was on the blueprint (the matrix). We do not have to like it,
we are not required to like it. Yet accepting it moves our life forward.

Earth = Bach
Air = Mozart
Fire = Beethoven
Water = Debussy
Ether = Mahler

Go on, I dare you
Be a lover and a fighter

Be patient with yourself
As you go through
The chord changes
And key shifts of life
Show compassion for
your state as your most
basic survival instinct
and when the time is ripe
the fruit does not have to be
plucked, it simply falls

I spoke some time ago
To a gentleman of 68
Who told me that
To a man his age when looking back
42 was the prime of his manhood
but at that age he thought he was
getting old and missed out
on using those years
as he wished he had.
I was moved by this
and the next day went out
and did a long early morning run
listening to the sound
of my feet beating my gratitude
into the ground.

Beauty moves us
Because it carries
Within itself
Such sweet conflict

A man really has no enemies
He just has chess pieces
On a board that challenge him
To a better game of chess
Should he see them as enemies
He's already down in the game

The height of achievement
Is in choosing a life
Where you can actually
Get away with
Being yourself

The girl you have to convince
Always make you pay for it
In the end

Longevity is not measured in the years
But in the amount of life in the years

The next pearl is always within our reach

When it is time for us to turn our vehicles back in,
we won't be asked if we damaged the car
but whether we enjoyed the ride.

Michael Bublé does a great job with a great song. Hopefully his label will be smart enough not to pigeonhole him
into too small a marketing category. His talent seems bigger than a small vision will be able to fulfull.
Besides, Eagles do not like to be pigeonholed. Good luck to him!

Inspired lunacy is the foundation of new thought

Even snowflakes
Do not let the wind
Bully them into
Changing their shape

The first bite kills the rabbit
But the second bite might
Wake him back up again

Music is to the soul what blood is to the body
Music is emotional sign language

Our seasons
May be tough
But after we
Survive them
So are we

Marc Bolan was as funky a guitar player as anyone.
Everything he played dripped groove.
His riffs were so fat they had to be declared at customs.
And one of my all time favourite songwriters.
His lyrics are great for the nonchalance of their free association
and earthy, sexy phrases that stick in your mind like cotton candy.

Patience brings us closer to our goal.

A man on fire is given more room to move.

To my brothers:


Stray no lower than 18
it simply isn't wise
nor is it ripe
it doesn't even register yet
with a credit card swipe
and brothers
get furious
when their sisters
are tight
but tucked in
another's bed
for the night.
better to wait
until the sun rise
when what once were her bangs
are now explosions of sighs



though atlas may be a chiropractor's dream
when his posture
shakes off
what's left of
his cough
and he drops the world
his wings will
take off



after dolphins dream
they wake up
and move slow
like arrow
that since
space is wide
focus must be



Mozart knew that he was a vehicle of God
he also knew that he couldn't find a job
and even then bitches would get on
his nerves
demanding the attention the music
creditors banging to get in the door
critics firing duck shots at the notes in the score
most of all around him
jealousy and greed
one less mouth testifying was
one less mouth to feed
once, he could write
left alone
until the day went
but that all changed once he acquired
an agent!


Be who you are at all costs, it's the only way you'll get out alive.

Our integrity stamps us with knowing that we are more than just a number.
Integrity is the fruit of self regard and respect for one's true nature.


As long as my contradictions exist,
I know that I am present
To my own life


I love you

The collaboration between Miles Davis and wine heals many wounds.

Goddesses are beyond race.


if Y
didn't have so many
it would be
the first letter of
the alphabet!



I finally made
last april 8th
contact with
the dreamer
he who can
dream me
and be me
at the same time


The mystery of the dreamer is that his own birth precedes his fathers'

Heaven is a state of acceptance.

A good idea will always draw fools to screw it up.
That's how you know it's a good idea!

The Arts are the bloodlines of humanity explained.

Without love it doesn't matter how much you have, you still have nothing but a bunch of stuff.

The only promised land promised to you is yours and only you can find it.


it may look
like a duck
like a duck
and swim like a duck
but if it doesn't
like a duck
it's not a duck



I am not a man
I am a panther
that he is a man


Step up! Your community needs you! If you don't come to drive the bus, ain't no room for you on the bus!

Respects and best wishes to Chuck D, one of our prophets and innovators.
American national radio will benefit from his perspective, no doubt.

Rufus Wainwright has a voice to still a troubled mind.

Ridicule is the receipt of progress.

Women are bitches because we don't get it!

The actors journey into a character's psyche is the journey to self-substantiation and mimics the process
we will all commit ourselves to at some point if we wish to be free.

Psychotherapists in the future will play a much larger role in the treatment of cancer.


what is the last wish
of a fish
if not to go
overboard ?


Our ghosts are our borders.

What kills ones pride also awakens a new pride.


look at her!
just bursting to be seen
to not look at her would be mean
and slowly fades in
the borders of
another restless


Congratulations to master Prince and his new project 'Musicology'.
It is worthy of his lofty reputation, a well deserved reputation.

Delusion is the blueprint of future possibilty. The only difference between a dream and a delusion is your effort.

Do love-handles mean extra emotional baggage?

Is there anything more spiritual than an orgasm?


I started out with
but life
has made me
a bluesman


The longer you wait, the more you get out of it.

We are always wise to consider well our ancesters and the sacrifices they've made on behalf of our blood.
That we are even THIS FAR is a credit to their efforts. All future joys are sourced from yesterday's tears.

Nonsense is a better sense than no sense at all!

The sun is but a big holographic projector and programmed into its matrix is the blueprint for all life possibilities in its solar domain.

A well chosen wife says everything about a man that needs to be said.

All praises be to the name of your God and your ancestors!