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What is the difference between your old identity and Sananda Maitreya? And between their music?

The difference is life. He was sent on a mission, but got shot down, so I was sent to complete his karma, it is what I do, and he earned it, because he was willing to die for his truth. My music as Sananda is free, and not bound by the constraints that TTD’s music was. Since he was a political threat, his music was held under wraps, tighter than a witches’ girdle, and in time, it choked the life out of his heart. I bring a new spirit, as well as a connection to the ideas he had, and his desire to give back to music, at least a fraction of what it had given him. Music was his life, and all of it, save what he reserved for his God. I aim to make good on his ambition, as a part of my inheritance, he left me with his earthly gifts, to use to advance our service.

You say that your old identity’s spirit started to fade away in 1995, why do you think that happened to him? What was that fading due to?
How did you feel it?

It felt as if a death had happened, but a death that had been prayed for. He was fucked really hard, and found it difficult to reconcile his heart with such treachery, and such music hating people. It takes about 7 to 10 years for a new spirit to anchor firmly into a still living body, in this ‘changeover’, there can be much confusion to the ‘programmed’, mental body, and great depression can result. Also, great joy can as well combust into space! This was my destiny. To once again demonstrate that even death cannot stop the will of God on earth. To remind, as others are as well, that there is only life, and that death is but the door from one life, to the next.

In 2001, you legally changed your name why?

The last name was no longer mine, but belonged to corporations, other people fighting and ghosts.
The name no longer held water for me. A psyche as damaged as mine was, at that time, needed a new identity and karma to get excited about. I simply could not go on one step more with a dead man hanging around my neck.