Press Conference – Live At The Blue Note Milano

SANANDA & LUISA PERFORM LLOYD-WEBBER/RICE AT ‘PROMETHEUS & PANDORA’ S POP PROMO PRESSER ! Please Enjoy This Distraction Of Myself & The Lovely Madame Luisa Corna Performing Our Rendition Of‘I Don’t Know How To Love’ For Our European Journalist Friends Gathered In Milan At The ‘Blue Note’ in Oct. 2017For Our Press Conference Announcing The […]

New Poems !

My Dear Kings, Queens & Jacks( & The Duchess of Hallelujah& The Dukes Of Earl from Hackensack ),Our Good Friend & ‘Più Giovane Fratello’ of Prometheus,‘POEMETHEUS’ has granted us these Pomegranate Prose PiecesFrom his Purple Pastel Pen.   Titled, POEMETHEUS’ Pastel Pen Presents The Pegasus Poems:‘The JACK Of CLUBS & The QUEEN’.   Also the […]