MLK DAY 2016

MLK DAY 2016 In the reality that I have lived since the death of Master Martin there is no equality easily given, it must be assumed.Those who awaken to see that, can begin to take more control of their lives and bless it with their own personal regard and opinion and the conscious direction that […]

I Wanna Breathe – Video Premiere

VIDEO PREMIERE on AfroPunk.comMulti-instrumentalist & Post Millennium RockerSananda Maitreya Addresses Civil Injustices In AmericaWith Latest Visual – “I Wanna Breathe” Today we’re premiering the new video from rocker Sananda Maitreya, “I Wanna Breathe” – the legendary multi-instrumentalist who released classic songs under the name TTD (yes, that’s him!). This latest release is a powerful response […]

Worldwide Release Of ZTL!

The wait is over! The new double disc album THE RISE OF THE ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS is now available worldwide! Album available on official site – http://Sananda.orgiTunes – Happy Birthday Grand Master John Lennon!Eternal gratitude from an eternal fan.I love you and wish you many more birthdays! Sananda Maitreyaps Thank you for the songs!#‎TheRiseOfTheZugebrianTimeLords […]