Happy Birthday: March 15th, 2018

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Antoinette Martin from California


Hi I’ve been a fan from your musical begining and am truly sorry that you didn’t stay in the United States, however I’ll always have your music! Happy Birthday Darlin and many more to come?? You truly are an amazing artist.... Sincerely, Toni

Jodie from Liverpool England


Sananda I have been in love with you and your music since I was a baby... I’m 29 now. You have been blessed with the most pure angelic voice. Happy Belated Birthday. I hope one day I can see you perform live. Please come and perform in Liverpool... Love from Jodie xx

Elisa from Northern Germany


I know, it´s much too late to say "happy birthday to you" - so I wish you love and happiness for the remaining 164 days....and please, Sananda, come to Hamburg soon. Love, Elisa.

Steve shaw from UK


Please tour again

rhonda from California, USA


hello sananda, happy belated birthday! wondering if you'll tour the US again soon? you are one of my "stuck on an island and could only listen to 5 artists for the rest of your life" life-changing favorite musicians. i travel a lot, have been to italy many times, but can never sync up for one of your shows there. anyways, we discerning lovers of music still love you out here and i hope to see you in concert one day. all the best. -rhonda

Tasneem from India


Love you Tasneem

Barbar from New York


Hello,Sananda Maitreya ,I just want you to know we love an mis you , I’m not sure if you ever read the comments on YouTube but there are people who love an respect you as a musician,here’s a funny one master Michael an master Prince had a baby an it came out Sananda Maitreya , now that’s a compliment meaning you are one talented M bleep bleep please come an do something for us love you .Happy Birthday

Barbara from New york


We love an mis you there are people on YouTube who admired you for staying true to yourself an still believe in you an your talent you are a true musician in all aspects

Billy from NJ


Sananda - after 30 years I listened to your old records again. I cannot believe how good they are. Only good music withstands the test of time, and yours did. I am very happy that you carved a path of independence in this cutthroat business. I wish you health and a long, happy life so that you can keep sharing the gift of music. Damn, dog, I am envious of Milano. A great place to live. Sophistication and industrial grit in all in one place. Amazing.

Paul Morgan from Newberg, wine country Oregon


Born and raised in the UK. Moved across the pond in 89, at the age of 24. Your music has always stayed with me. I'm listening to you at this time of writing this. Truly amazing!!! I represent Burgungy, in the Willamette Valley, and would be honored to host you at our winery, and home here in the heart of Dundee. With total respect, Paul@thefourgraces.com

Waleed from United kingdom


Happy belated birthday (I'd like to say to you Sananda but to me you the one and only gr8 Terence trent D'ARby forever immortalized in the galaxies of legendary music for your incomparable soulful voice before and since your songs that blew our minds and stired our souls again nothing like that sound before and since ...IMMORTALIZED.

Gardin Christen Virginia from Montreux Suisse


Dear Sananda, Hope you'll forget that i forget your birthday. Sorry, I wish you and your familly "Bonnes Pâques" cos I'm french. What can I offer you ?? A song that I've written Just know that with all my heart, I will be with you. Providing we don't ruin the planet that we live on, may this process of LOVE and COMMUNICATION continue into the next millennium. BIZ TO YOU Virginia & Jean-Michel 19/3/66 & 04/07/62 From Chernex sur Montreux CH

Linda Butler from Grand rapids mich


Happy belated birthday

Barbara goodman from Montauk New york


Hello, I remember your music it was great your voice is phenomenal ,but when I heard you do who’s loving you when I was searching old school music I was captivated by your voice then I started just looking into you an I was move but your music an your story,why they would compare you to prince or Michael I don’t know because you all had your own style , although I understand why you left I wish you hadn’t,continue to do music there’s a story in every song ????????, Happy Birthday ????????????????

Monica Angrand from usa


glad i found you, sananda - same beautiful voice, same passion - thank you for all you do - happy belated birthday ????

Lorelei from Seattle


Hi Sananda, Just wanted to write and wish you a very belated Happy Birthday. I am so glad that you were born - you are a light in this world and it is surely better with you being part of it. My birthday wish for you is wonderful health for you and yours, peace inside and out, joy that brings tears to your eyes and love that inspires. Thank you for being you from the bottom of my heart. All love and respect.

Ora whorton from Louisiana


Happy belated Birthday Sananda

Linda Johnson from BFE Missouri, USA


Happy Late Birthday ???????? dear Sananda. You are simply the best, darling, and you have brightened many days for me with your music. Love and Respect, Linda, a fellow ???? 3/2/62......

Ariane from Germany


How could I forget your Birthday!? But late wishes are better than no wishes. Happy Birthday to you! I rediscovered you 3 years ago when I happened to listen to "my old Vibrator CD". Since then I listen to one of your CDs almost every day, enyoying the fact, that you are still producing music. Thanks for all your wonderful songs! Ariane

matthew from Australia


Hey there Sananda a belated yet very happy birthday sir to you... I loved your music under your former name TTD, did you ever perform live the song from the movie the fan??? Letting go I think it was, what a cool song it still is... Best Matt

pinte from Haut de France


A mon tour de vous souhaiter de tout " cœur " bon anniversaire " SANANDA " , santé, sérénité, prospérité, pour une longue vie aux côtés de ceux qui vous sont chers & MERCI Beaucoup pour La sorti Du " triple CD " & " les " " Sympa " clins d'œil musicaux ,,,,, " Cher " & " Aimer " " MAITREYA "

Edo from Europe


Dear Master SM, Thank you for your testimony given to the authenticity of feelings and inspirations. In the journey on the third stone from the Sun, there are innumerable moments when darkness calls us to itself, but your Art is a constant ray of light and comfort towards Heaven. God bless you and your family, may you live to see the dawn.

Kathie Browne from Sydney Australia


Happy Birthday ???????????? Thanku for your music, it lifts my spirits ... ??????????

Bridgette from Philadelphia Pa


Just want to holla Happy Birthday. Been revisiting your music for about 5 weeks. I mean I can't stop listening. I'm totally shocked cause I'm a church girl..lol. Yes Ima God girl and I know when I am hearing pure music. Ima get around to listening to your latest creation I'm sure is brilliant I just want to make a request Sananda? I hear it in your voice..I heard it the first note you sang way back on the Hardline.... I've heard R&B, Hard Rock, Blues, Soft Rock, I've even heard Country and some Broadway come out of you. SANANDA MAITREYA when are you going to sing some gospel? I'm sure your saving The Most High's masterpiece for later ..your a sensitive man Sananda I know this because you have to be in order to create such beautiful and original work. I would love to hear it. This broken world needs it and they need this beautiful creation to come from you. You are the only one who can do it. You were born to do it. Pull all of it up and out Sananda. Many many blessings, peace and love to you Sananda I'm so glad that you are still singing...Im so happy that you are still here with us..I mean that.

Wyatt from UK


x<3x Happy Birthday Sananda¡¡¡ Lot's of Love and Happiness for You and Your Family <3 Thank You for Your Being <3 Thank You for Your Music <3 Thank You for Your Vibration Beyond The Time Dimension x<3x

Michael Bunting from Leeds, England


Happy birthday to the amazing Sananda. Wonderful soul, amazing musical talent. It's a real pleasure to see you, a genuine star, being lured by your artistic outputs rather than fame and fortune at any cost. Many others could learn from you. Hope your 57th year on planet earth surpasses the previous 56.

Kanako from Yokohama, Japan


Happy Birthday Sananda!! Hope 3/15/18 is the beginning of another amazing, blessed year for you!

Team Sananda from Milano & Roma


Tantissimi auguri Sananda da tutti noi del tuo staff. Thank you for the magic <3

Bridgette from Pennsylvania


Happy Birthday Dear Sananda. Sending happiness, peace and blessings from Philadelphia.

Lynn from Kent, UK


Happy birthday Sananda! Have a wonderful day! x

Gloria Taylor Edwards from Richmond VA (USA)


Happy birthday, SANANDA MAITREYA! May you have many more You inspire me! You're a kool-beans, good-guy, bad-ass SAGE with 'swag'! You're a prolific scribe, an eclectic music artist, an awesome song-writer, musical arranger and gifted vocalist. Peace and blessings to you and your family!

Tove from Norway


Happy birthday beautiful soul!???????????????? Hope to see You in Norway!????

Col from London


Salutations & compliments on this the day of your birth. Post Millennium Rock & your writings have been & continue to be the score that inspires neomodern vibrations from Crown II Soul. Blessings & good health to you & your nearest & dearest. "It's been a Long Time" London awaits. - Col & Yolanda

Emo from Argentina


Happy birthday to one of the greatest voices I´ve ever heard. Have a nice day with your family. We´re waiting for you in the souyh side of the world

Anna from Spain


Dear Sananda, May you celebrate your special day with your loved ones knowing how loved you are. So grateful for living in the same space and time than you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Henning Nielsen from Denmark


Happy Birthday Hope to see you in Denmark, in near future

Tia from NJ


Sananda (to be respectful of what I have just learned of your name)...last night my husband Tim and I worked on our original songs (we have a band called JazzyFunk and produce and write our music and for some others)...but I have so so much to say and I just want to meet you...it is such an HONOR to be singing two of your songs on our playlist (Sign Your Name and Wishing Well)...after last nights rehearsal - I wondered where you were...and in finding the lyrics I kept seeing a different name under the title of the songs (Sananda Maitreya)...I had a few minutes this morning to check into what was up with that...and I read this article: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/oct/05/why-terence-trent-darby-became-sananda-maitreya-it-was-that-or-death - and now I understand. As a 2018 fan (because I never followed you thru the years but...trying to make it in the "industry" you just proved exactly why I probably never went there...but at the same time...wishing, well...(lol) that maybe we could ever meet). You are a genius - and so are we - I just hope before one of us drops off the face of the earth we can meet. From the bottom of my heart - from one musician/artist to another...I wish you a Happy Birthday! Love - one of your mirrors... -TiaB:)

Eltz from New Zealand


Wishing u another wonderful revolution around the sun. Eudaimonia 2 u brother man!

Nick Mamojele from Pretoria South Africa


Blessed Year Beautiful Soul This is an early birthday wish for you. May the Almighty grant you all the that is best for your Soul especially Peace and Joy. Your presence on this mother Earth has made a huge impact in my life, as I had only known you since the 1980's and I was less than 10 years old then. I fell in Love with your music and the true intensity of your performances. I lost track of your music until now in February 2018 when I started googling your profile and Vala! There you are. I am at peace now and am enjoying every moment of listening to your music. You are a Blessing to the human race and continue to nourish our souls with the love filled music. Stay Blessed and have a blissful year????????????????????????

Jason from Memphis, TN USA


Happy day Sananda! I'm glad you came here to let your spirit shine. I am on March 17th...what a beautiful and sometimes trying sign to be, yes? 49 this year...sometimes that is scary. Seeing you as a connector to the divine helps that sometimes. Hope you're great and get out for some shows again soon. peace jason

LogicRain from Ahmedabad


Happy Birthday

Jeff from Detroit, mi


Happy early b-day 2018! I understand why you no longer tour in the US. I'm coming to Italy in 2019 for my 25th wedding anniversary & my 50th b-day. My wife and I would love to see you in concert. Any plans for a concert and where in italy, may 2019? Best wishes, Jeff