Chapter 1: ‘SCARABEO’

(The Hypothesis of Hippopotamus/ The Mission Begins)


“And TIME, while a LORD to some, is still but a messenger for others.”



For the resident minds of the ZOOATHALON, the Rise of the ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS was inevitable. It ALWAYS comes at you, at some point doesn’t it? It was only a matter of WHEN, they would find themselves face to face with enemies determined to eliminate or reduce them. Zooathalon was the only reality not controlled and tempered entirely by the nefarious Time Lords, for whom Freedom is a threat to ‘Transmission of Projected Holographic Programming’, essentially a time wave that one is placed within and which forever thereafter dictates all future probabilities and the desired outcomes of interactions, at least in the minds of its occupants. And once trapped into these Zugebrian Time Waves, it were nigh impossible to even dream around it, because even dreams were supervised and maintained by the electro-magnetic ‘BINARY FREQUENCY FORMULATION’ that each person or entity was given as a code. This kept one adrift in a reality designed to discourage any notion but survival, contemplation and retail.  Resistance was often corrected by placing the reckless in a state of ‘Scrambled Pixilation’, rendered into pixels by powerful particle transformers, placed in a jar, there to remain, disjointed and unknown until reconfigured, and reinstated.

THOSE FEW WHO MANAGED TO ESCAPE, were often tracked down and punished openly and severely. After all, the Zugebrian Time Lords it were who WENT BACK IN TIME AND KILLED ROBERT JOHNSON. Just to show bitches that they could, AND to affect all memory after the fact. Subsequent generations would have known nothing of their loss but a pervasive feeling that somehow, something essential to their identity was missing from their sorrows and celebrations. With no past, THEIR FUTURE WAS IN LIMBO. It could be written, but it couldn’t be lived. The estimable Robert Taylor Zippenhaus it were who managed to restore the legacy of his ancestor Robert Johnson by bringing him back through his associations with overlapping and parallel interactive reality interfaces, the vaunted ‘Scarabeo’.

HIPPOPATAMUS was a well regarded man of the Zooathalon, and it were to he, that the Council of Minds, an aggregation of the Council of Dimensional Overlords, approached concerning a plan in rescuing certain allies from the place where they had been banished by the Zugebrians, a small local universe which had been captured, and then by utilizing advanced ‘micronic’ atomic technology, reduced to the size of and contained within a SNOW GLOBE; Small desktop shelf collector size. All size being as relative to each as time, for the prisoners of this snow globe, their world was to them as vast as is our world to us, though immensely more restricted and repressed and seemingly devoid of any grace but laws, regulations, EXPLANATIONS REQUIRED FOR EVERYTHING.

The ‘SCARABEO’ was a device wherein one could sit and meditate and project either a hologram of self-potentials or into and out of the normal framework of the transient space/time continuum. It could serve to surround the body matrix with parallel vortexes, allowing for Time Jumping, Shifting and travel back and forth. The body reduced to light sees time as a flow of energy going many directions at once. Time is a suggestion, not a law. The ‘Scarabeo’ also allowed for the easy regeneration of energies for total body/mind maintenance, and genetic healing. You could also perm your hair. Naturally, the Time Lords were keen on finding a way to get inside and eradicate these machines.  

Hippopotamus understood that since time can be accessed through memory, the memory could be utilized to restore time (and Place). And that once memory is triggered, then like dominoes, other memories across time are likewise triggered which attracts more birds back to the stretched wire that is the conscious mind.


The rescue mission would begin on this premise, that the way to liberate the trapped soul is through its own mind. Familiar songs would be used to interface with the neurons crucial in facilitating contact with those for whom the mission was designed. This hypothesis would be the initial blueprint in freeing the allies from their enclosed hermetic world and in eventually declaring war on the zealously repressive ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS.

It were they after all, who by manipulating organic ‘Metastatic’ genetics, invented the EYE FLOATER as an hypnotic surveillance, and mind control device. They can shrink and place military bases onto them. Controlling both your perceptions and the local galaxy in the process.


(The First Church of Nuclear Science & Advertising, Radio XMA and Radio Emphysema)


The SPHINX, (a Multidimensional Overlord/Overseer) Robert Taylor Zippenhaus, Luther Means, Victor Spoils, Capt. Donny Brooks, Laurence Di Arrabbiata, Sergeant Sam Harrington, Dr. U. Kelele, Horatio Hieronymus Hippopotamus the Third, Thurston Howell the 4th, Tuesday the 5th, Mr. Abernathy, Capt. Boy George Michael Jackson Brown Sugar Ray Leonard Cohen, Vin Detta, Mal Di Testa, Neal Liszt, Lady Sue Veneer, Mrs. Dianne Tumicciu, Mr. Bacon Wakefield, Barbara Arians, Ms. Tippy D. Eisburgh, Capt. Lee Azon, Madame Kay Fatica, Smokey Bowles-Ashe, Professor Frequency Jones, Dr. Miles Togo, Capt. Noah Vale, Mrs.Yetta Knother and Minnie Moore. Including a few for whom security purposes requires not revealing their interdimensional identities or drinking habits.

The ‘SHEMALIANS’ and ‘I BIACCESI’ are tribes loyal to the Zooathalon in all situations (and available to them in all formats, including Mp3).

Associations loyal to the ZUGEBRIANS are the MUTUAL SUSPICION ALLIANCE, and the ALARMIST BROTHERHOOD !!!!!!!!

All these Zugebrian units serve as key members of the ‘SOCIETY for the BANAL RETENTIVE’, whose tenets pertaining to governance are:

‘Encourage Cynicism, but extract Sentiment.’

‘Think SMALL, But Project BIG !’

‘Make them pay for it now, make them pay for it again later. Just call it something different.’

‘ALWAYS give them what they want, but NEVER what they complain for. We do NOT capitulate.’

‘Do not take away their dreams. Just defer them. And distract.’

‘Get to the Children BEFORE they get to us!’

‘Why get drunk, when you can get drunker?’

‘Where there is a Crowd, there is a Cloud.’

‘Do not encourage action, only REACTION.’

‘If WE don’t own it, THEY can’t have it.’

‘Speak of ONE WORLD, but Activate and Maintain a Bipolar one.’

‘Preach the Future, Stall the Present, Sell the Past and then sell it again.’

‘Teach Death, or they may stop believing in it and we lose control (and a LOT of time).’

‘Stimulate their desires, and then make them ashamed of having them. Until the next time.’

‘Make them beg you, then belittle them for being beggars. Shame is easy to control’.

‘No Music or representations of Art which encourage Questions. We don’t like questions, just giving answers.’

‘There is no DIGNITY without IDENTITY, so keep them confused.’

‘Once we find a way to entrap them, THEN we find a way to make THEM pay for it.’

‘HAVING YOUR OWN MIND CAN BE DANGEROUS, take OURS instead. It’s Approved!’

‘MAKE SURE that they have Very Little POWER. But blame EVERYTHING on them anyway.’

‘Numbers are to be feared, NOT understood.’

‘If it Makes SENSE, GET RID OF IT. NOW!’

‘Make them explain everything, they will lose faith in themselves.’

‘The more questions you encourage, the fewer you have to answer.’

‘Find the person who complicates even the simplest things, AND THEN PROMOTE THEM’.


‘If we are NOT THERE, then YOU are in the wrong place.’       


Hippopotamus and his small crew would utilize their knowledge of the science of sound and ‘Diatonic Waveform Inhabitation’, to place themselves (and their ‘Scarabeos’) within the necessary wave forms so as to be able to literally inhabit the songs as structures themselves, which would be used to begin the infiltration and freeing of the allies locked in the Zugebrian Holographic Time Wave Snow Globe. While also using the music as a ‘Cloaking Device’, the Architecture of the actual songs would be used as a vehicle wherein to transport equipment and those few brave soldiers and scientists who accepted the mission. Which now begins. Their first stop would be to the fabled GILEAD HELIOGENESIS POWER STATION. ‘HELIOGENESIS’ is a ‘Fractured Energy Mutation’ born of pure Solar Ray Atomics so advanced, that to the human mind, it simply cannot be explained. It is several levels beyond Nuclear Energy. The Zugebrians got to it, and are said to have left a Bomb There. So, our protagonists must hurry upon their way, as ‘TIME IS ALWAYS OF THE ESSENCE’ before yet another has a chance to scream out (in the absence of irony), “THERE IS A BOMB IN GILEAD!”

Welcome to Chapter 1:

‘SCARABEO’ (The Hypothesis of Hippopotamus/The Mission Begins)




Chapter 1: ‘SCARABEO’

(The Hypothesis of Hippopotamus: The Mission Begins)


All Songs Written by LENNON/McCARTNEY

All Songs Arranged, Produced & Performed by SANANDA MAITREYA

All Songs Recorded & Engineered by MATTEO ‘Sergente’ SANDRI, Mixed by ‘Sergente’ & Sananda

All Song Orchestrations by Sananda Maitreya

For LYRICS look up the BEATLES situation and dig it!


Song 1:

IF I FELL (4:15)

For lyrics:

Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals. Sananda

© 2014 TreeHouse Publishing


Song 2:


For lyrics :

Drums, Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Guitars, Bass, Vocals. Sananda

© 2014 TreeHouse Publishing


Song 3:

I’LL BE BACK (4:05) 

For lyrics :

All Percussion, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Piano, Synthesizer, Organ, Bass, Vocals. Sananda

© 2014 TreeHouse Publishing

Sessions began 22 of January 2014 and concluded shortly thereafter.

For these initial sessions, we relied upon our steady MAGNETO Guitar Amp and our trust worthy ally, an ACOUSTIC Bass Amp Model 360. The rest of our vitals we hold at our discretion!

All Songs Recorded & Mixed at TreeHouse Publishing Studios, Milano Italy.

© 2014 TreeHouse Publishing - All rights reserved


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