MLK DAY 2016

MLK DAY 2016

In the reality that I have lived since the death of Master Martin there is no equality easily given, it must be assumed.
Those who awaken to see that, can begin to take more control of their lives and bless it with their own personal regard and opinion and the conscious direction that it requires.

Faith in our spirit’s connection to who we are, will bless us all and move us forward!
No equality, just FREEDOM.

Perhaps more important than equality is owning the definition of who you are and determining at whatever cost
to do all within your power to live up to it and sharing it with the world.

Equality is a personal decision, waiting for it will find you always waiting for it.
Keep Breathing!

Sananda Maitreya

#MLK #IWannaBreathe
ps please address any further inquiries to the State Department and ask for Raoul 😀