See you today at Piano City Milano!

Dearest ones,
I am looking forward to seeing you this afternoon at Piano City, here in Milano, one of the world's most beautiful and musical cities. As suggested by me many times before, I am only allowed concerts if it rains the day of or the day before. I now charge promoters extra for me bringing the weather. In areas with lots of farmland, this means I can earn more, though I Pass the Savings on to You!
My wife Francesca reminds me that with the rain comes fertility, so I hope that my relationship to the rain brings you the fruits of fertility, including laughter, joy, revelation and surprise.
I, along with many of the other wonderful performers, look forward to playing piano for you and bringing good music into your life on this very special day.
I have been a performer since very early childhood. This is my first concert where I am only asked to play piano and nothing else, which after all of these years is very exciting.
I don't have to remember any lyrics!
Needless to say, it also makes me a bit nervous. Which for me, an entertainer since the age of 2, is very exciting!
I will be seated behind a wonderful FAZIOLI grand piano, so don't expect any Mick Jagger moves!

This concert dedicated to all of those still caught up in being told by others who they are and what they can or cannot do.

Your brother,
Sananda 'The Weatherman' Maitreya!