Gallery: new pictures of Sananda & The Nudge Nudge -Live in Genova- by Janna Colella


A woman walks into a photo developing studio fresh off of her vacation with pictures. Mainly pictures taken with her boyfriend at a nude beach, European naturally. She asked the guy behind the counter how long it would take for the photos to develop. She was told two weeks. Exasperated, she asked what could make it go faster. The man replied that it could go faster if she had bigger tits…..

Which brings us nicely up to speed on these photos taken of myself and the Nudge in the hard partying town of GENOA, Italy. I attempted to get the photographer to give us a GROUP discount, but there was no agreement reached on whether we are more of a BAND, than a group. And I then tried to get us a family discount, but the photographer was adamant that Nick and Enea did NOT look like they were family to one another. The legend of the Genovese are that they, like their Scottish cousins, are overly fond of the coins they keep in their hands. So I abandoned the discount idea and paid my way fairly, as life often rewards us for having done.

Another gig, another set of massive obstacles mounted and survived. Just getting to the people is like going through hell, but the people are worth it so we push on through, when it seems important.

Otherwise, it is like this: A man walks into a bar, and always the same result. He leaves with a splitting headache. But this is what happens when the bar you walk into is an iron bar, and it takes a while for you to notice.

Enjoy gawking at these ‘cinema verite’ stills, a lovely woman took them. I am drawn to the composition of Stills. I also love Crosby and Nash. And I am drawn more to photorealism than I am to the more staged glamour shots. Then again, not being as glamorous to myself as I once was, it makes sense. But I am still vain enough to care. One cannot argue the emotional logic of dogs being a man’s best friend. Though I will add the conjecture that for a man in entertainment over the age of 50, POST PRODUCTION is by far a man’s best friend and perhaps more useful, no disrespect meant to dogs.

And do remember, OUR DREAMS BELONG TO US, but our doubts belong to the world. The world can live with doubts. It CANNOT live without dreams.

When you find your voice, ADD IT TO THE CHOIR, or go solo. Just know your tone and stay strong!

Sananda Maitreya!

P.S. It is impossible to TUNE A PIANO with mustard, but you CAN tuna fish with mayonnaise!