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A man was wandering a deserted beach. A beach that had deserted the army. As it was deserted, the waves were lazy and not doing much in the way of waving. More like the waves were nodding a bit and catching up on sleep. Why should waves make all of that foam were not there those around to see the efforts put forth in the act and art of waving? Nevertheless, the depths of the water’s languor mattered little to the wanderer, as he were lost in the churning ripples of his own thoughts. In a moment of pure surprise, a genie appeared. And as generous genies are wont to do, offered the wanderer 3 wishes, provided that the wishes did not need to be translated into mandarin Chinese, as this particular genie wasn’t predisposed towards that particular language. Nor did he like much being rubbed, and he made that clear. Unless rubbing him was one of the wishes, which he were then willing to consider, though only if it really mattered to you.

Few happy wanderers are there that have found the fortune in having stumbled upon a wish granting genie. Though it might be imagined that fewer still found the misfortune of having come across a wish granter, with an apparent hearing disorder. AND, as one might suspect of sleeping waves, just as the wanderer were preparing to recite his wish list, as if on cue, the water began to roll and break and wash up on the shore like cannons clearing the smoke from their throats. Which made hearing the requests all the more difficult. The wanderer asked for an APP. This was but his first desire, he had another 2 left. But the genie heard ‘APPLE’. So, in the hands of the wanderer, an apple appeared. In seeking to correct the genie’s perception, it only caused further confusion when a horse, an APPALOOSA, came into view. The horse, a beauty, immediately took the apple from the wanderer’s hand and ate it, as materializing from nowhere suddenly, takes a lot of energy. Tempting the fates once more, the young man took a deep breath and asked for an APPLICATION. Within moments, he had a pen in his fingers, filling out many forms. Job applications, insurance applications, and instructions for topical applications of medicines. But for certain, all the applications that a wanderer could ever hope to find, the same wanderer who thought to himself, “maybe there is no magic, just luck and application.”

And having arrived at this conclusion, the wanderer decided that; if he wanted an APP, there was no magic to it, no luck save for the timing of circumstance, there was only the rolling up of the sleeves and the getting it done. Otherwise chance is our ruler and we are none but MAMMON’S STEP CHILD. There is no short cut to your high road. In the long run, short cuts can make for deeper wounds. And with ATTENTION and APPLICATION, all roads that do not lead to Rome, still lead you safely back home, if not Sicily. And if a moral exists in this, it is this; Do What You Do When You Know What You Are Doing, but when you don’t; CHANGE THE SUBJECT. And if the SHOE DOESN’T FIT, stretch it out until it does (or keep it in case you need a spare).

And if there be another moral to squeeze from these grapes, it is this: If you should happen to come across a Genie, instead of Risking Miscommunication, just TEXT! Most genie bottles are now wired for WI-FI (and that way, the government also has a record of your requests, in case you forget).


Post Script: Post Millennium Rock was so named as to remove from classification, all references suggesting racial or social profiling (which we have seen enough of already), and those infringing upon the freedom of the music to reinvent itself as often as it may be inspired. We are a people positive music. The exercise of our music we embrace as an essential HUMAN RIGHT. P.M.R. is an equal opportunity endeavor and we fully support ALL essential and basic HUMAN RIGHTS (this includes Civil rights, Women’s rights, Gay rights and the right to peaceful assembly without government intimidation). We are not drawn to separatist enterprises, nor demographics, just community. We adhere to the belief that music was made as a binding agent, to bring cohesiveness to community clatter. We have NO truck with the continued and further fragmentation of the human mind as it may suit demographic science and mind control. We support the right of each individual to live according to what is most obvious and makes the most sense to them, even the right to live alone and not be bothered by the rest of us and our invasive theories of life. We deserve more than just a life full of doubt, suspicion, fear, recrimination and self-loathing, so says my good friend, the former NEAL LISZT.

ASPIRE and then go HIGHER!

This is lovingly dedicated to all of my artist comrades STILL waiting for someone else to give them permission to be what God has already anointed them to be. Take your heart in one hand, and grab your balls with the other and GET ON WITH IT. We the people are waiting and cheering you on. We too want to be as free as we want YOU to be. In this way, the END OF THE WORLD can be cancelled due to renewed interest.

Special thanks to Marco Gualtieri and Applix s.r.l.