SIAMO QUI - Video Shooting

Would you like to be an actor for 1 day?
we ARE HERE! / Noi "SIAMO QUI"  :-)
Please register today at the official website here
in order to participate at the shooting of the brand new video of Sananda Maitreya for the song "SIAMO QUI".
The video will be recorded in Milano on Thursday April 10th 2014.
After your registration you will receive a confirmation email, print it or save it on your cell phone / tablet,
you will need it to be admitted on the set.

For the people that live outside Milan or abroad and would like to take part to the video:
step 1: please hold a piece of paper with written on it the song title: SIAMO QUI
step 2: you can film yourself with a mobile phone
step 3: please contact the official website for the email address where to send the video.

Thank you!