Introducing Sananda Tour - 'It Ain't Been Easy' - Live in Stockholm

Dear Ladies & Germans,

The ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS, disgusting themselves as Hackers, have already tried on many occasions to make this website and its offerings obsolete. As recently as a few days ago, our webmaster, aligned with the Zooathalon and its sensibilities, foiled an attempt from the sweet moist lands of Indonesia to destroy and delete our work so far, and all the years put into it. But evil never sleeps, only we and our faith does.  And we must remain ever vigilant that we are not defeated following the will of the heart ! The ZTL's are grievously offended by all examples of Artists being artists and not clones, robots or those rabbits that tests are done on in laboratories. Their feeling is that A MIND OF YOUR OWN IS A TERRIBLE THING TO HAVE!  But we are an American, and as such we are spoiled. We actually take the promise of freedom seriously as a basic and essential HUMAN RIGHT. Neither are we friendly to the idea of being told what our freedom means to us by some other asshole at least as confused as we.  So here is a 'SNIPPET'* of a concert soon to be made available which previews our visit to the wonderful and lovely land of the Swedes, Stockholm. The whole tour, we were only barely ever but a half step ahead of the ZTL's frenzied pursuit of us, and where they could make trouble, they did their best that we succumb to it. We hope you get a kick out of this simple selection, with the promise of more to come ahead! Me and the Nudge Nudge against the whole world and then some (and then some more, none of it tax deductible). Join me, Nick 'the Sticks' Taccori, and 'il Conte' Enea Bardi as we fight ourselves out of the tiny small box we were placed in, with many Time Lords looking on and making strange faces while belching and farting out of key and not in rhythm with the songs.

Enjoy, Sananda Maitreya! 

* We hope that none of you are offended by the word SNIPPET, which to many can be interpreted as a PRO- Circumcision statement. Treehouse Publishing is neither PRO nor CON as it pertains to the touchy subject of choice regarding our sensitive 'Dangling Participles'. Treehouse believes that ALL MEN should have the profile of penis they choose for themselves, and that women need circumcision like they need another male idiot telling them how to be women.  We do acknowledge that we are empathetically aligned with the current FORESKIN=MORE SKIN  movement, which as it happens, shares the same Public Relations office as the Society for the Advancement of Adult Burping ( or SAAB as it is known ). And not to be confused with the Automobile although, as it happens, the same P.R. Firm also handles the SAAB automobile account. And it IS a fine automotive experience, with or without a Judeo- Christian guilt complex that begs the question; HELMET or HOODIE ? Rock On ! SM

Concert Engineered & Mixed by MATTEO 'Sergente' SANDRI. Thanks to TreeHouse Publishing and the good graces of God and the Zooathalon for our survival and deliverance!