I Wanna Breathe - Video Premiere

VIDEO PREMIERE on AfroPunk.com

Multi-instrumentalist & Post Millennium Rocker

Sananda Maitreya Addresses Civil Injustices In America

With Latest Visual - “I Wanna Breathe”

Today we're premiering the new video from rocker Sananda Maitreya, “I Wanna Breathe” - the legendary multi-instrumentalist who released classic songs under the name TTD (yes, that's him!). This latest release is a powerful response to the civil injustices plaguing the United States, and appears on Maitreya's latest album, 'The Rise of the Zugebrian Time Lords'. He tells us: "Some songs write themselves, spilling and spelling their rage on the page while FREEDOM becomes a blood sacrifice. Such song is this. Dedicated to all of those who recognize the value of life wherever they find it.” Watch below.

Pete Chatmon (the director of the video) states: "It seems we can't go a week without another incident of police over-reach, ultimately ending with the unwarranted death of a black citizen. A father, mother, daughter, son, cousin, friend -- and everything in between. The individual news reports and articles resonate, but I wanted to position this reality in a relentless barrage of real images that demand the viewer to watch, and hopefully wake up, to what's going on. It was also important to me to connect what's happening now with what has historically occurred in America, particularly within the civil rights era. The Eric Garner incident may have been what inspired Sananda to pen these lyrics, but the beauty in what he's done is that he's spoken, in an anthem, to the desire and inalienable rights of black people in America to live free, as everyone else does. His voice speaks to the struggle of a people while communicating hope. The narrative arc of the young boy is our anchor upon which to place the hope for change in future generations.”