Happy Valentine's Day!


'A thespian*? I just thought she was a lesbian with a lisp!'

A man walks into a lesbian bar with a guitar and asks for a lap dance.
After getting beaten up pretty bad and his guitar broken, he shook himself off and left, threatening imminent legal action.
After all, as a thespian he had simply wanted to hang out with his own kind and it wasn't his fault that the man who he stopped and asked directions from, mistook his request for a lisp.

Undaunted, the thespian returned the next night to the same bar, whereby after repeating his request for a lap dance he was quickly beaten again.
But this time the bar joke was on everyone because the thespian had discovered in searching his soul that he really liked getting beaten up by lesbians as much as they seemed to enjoy roughing up raving lustful lisping actor/musician bitches. 
He thought it Sexy being Slapped Silly by Sullen Sirens in their Solemn Safe haven of Sin!
HE REALLY LOVED PAIN & HUMILIATION and being DOMINATED (he was an actor/musician after all) almost as much as he loved being NOMINATED & if it took hostile abusive gay women to show him the light by which he may himself see, THEN SO BE IT.
He had found his home or at least his favorite bar. 

Such was his bliss that it didn't even bother him that the bartender was (naturally as might be imagined if not unexpected), 
A Very Large Man With A Very Tiny Dog That He Hand-Carried Everywhere And Whose Tiny Feet Never Touched The Ground.

So it was a WIN/WIN situation all around because after all
He Was A LES PAUL MAN and however which way it comes: 

Be cautioned that the author of this story does NOT recommend going into lesbian establishments as a 'Male Identified Person' with musical instruments looking for sensual stimulation. 
It is not wise and can be seen as an act of political provocation. 
Be advised that Humor, Alcohol & Gender Politics Do Not Always Mix Well. Proceed at your own risk.

We also proudly claim that no animals where hurt at all during the construction of this joke.


Written by Sananda Maitreya

Edited by W. Marmoset Yarn

* A Thespian is an Actor

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