Message from Sananda!

My wife Francesca calls me the Rainmaker since we seem never allowed to have any concert at all where rain is not a factor, regardless of the season.
And in having checked, sure enough, every concert anywhere even near Milano has had rain. When we announce the next concerts,  we will also take to doing farmers a favor and announcing rain also.
We were due to open a festival season in a certain wonderful town in Italy, and at the last minute we had to cancel arrangements. Sure enough, on the day the concert was meant to occur, it snowed and the festival had to be cancelled. I come from at least 2 tribes of Native American Indian who knew how to bring the weather. The military can also influence the weather with their technology. Maybe I should rejoin the military and get the scoop on weather harrassment as a tool of social control. Like how it seems to rain in places during important elections, to perhaps influence the numbers and the mood of the electorate. Or maybe global warming has not been very friendly to my own just causes and spirit.
Be any of this what it may, I am very much looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Radio Popolare gig.
It is a wonderful opportunity for me and the Nudge Nudge to preview what we will be doing later this month in Japan. It will be rather informal, a dress rehearsal more or less and we hope to have fun.

Later, in the next few days, we will be releasing an interview with THE MAYOR OF ZOOATHALON. Among other exciting things he discusses,
he introduces us to the arch nemesis of Zooathalon, The ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS. The Zugebrians use weather and time machine technology to
imprison the spirits of whomever is a threat to their way of brutal dominance. CONSCIOUSNESS itself is a grave threat to the Zugebrian Mindscape.

And they really are masters at making it Rain On Any Parade That Is Not About Them, literally or proverbially. Stay tuned for more of the unfolding of the saga of The ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS.
And if you come tonight, wear your good rain boots!

I leave you with a fresh bit of ZOOATHALOGIC: 'Suggestiveness is at least as substantial as fact. Fact fidgets and fades, suggestion simmers and soars'. As does the love and regard that I have for
your soul and its gift of flight. See you tonight!

Meanwhile, I have got to get in touch with our good friends at NASA and ask them if this 'If It Is Raining Then Tonight Must Be a Sananda Concert' is just coincidence or policy.
Though our arch enemies the Zugebrians would just scoff and reply: THE PARANOIA IS THE POLICY! NOW EAT IT!
Ciao Biachesi miei,
Sananda Maitreya.
PS. FTR, I've just found out through the Zugebrian Spy Network (and it could be anyone around you), that your brother is so short, every time he raises his eyebrows, he lifts his height.
What can the poor boy do? Simple. he can RETURN TO ZOOATHALON.