2014 Live In Marostica At Festival Show – Introducing Sananda Tour

My Good Dear Friends,During this past summer I was given the opportunity to do a couple of concert appearances for a touring festival featuringthe wonderful orchestra of the great Maestro Diego Basso : ‘Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica Italiana’.I, like many musicians am always thrilled and honored to be able to work with so many talented and […]

Introducing Sananda Tour – ‘It Ain’t Been Easy’ – Live In Stockholm

Dear Ladies & Germans, The ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS, disgusting themselves as Hackers, have already tried on many occasions to make this website and its offerings obsolete. As recently as a few days ago, our webmaster, aligned with the Zooathalon and its sensibilities, foiled an attempt from the sweet moist lands of Indonesia to destroy and […]

The New Sananda Maitreya Video For “SIAMO QUI”.

Watch the new Sananda Maitreya video for “SIAMO QUI”. SIAMO QUI is available on the project “THE RISE OF THE ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS”, ch.1 Scarabeo and ch.2 Snowglobia at : http://Sananda.org/ZTL Directed by Emiliano Suardi this video is produced by TreeHouse Publishing. The idea of the video was inspired by the title of the song: […]