2018 SM Italian Summer Tour 2018    
03/08 Blue Lakes Festival Lago di Levico - Trento (Italy)  
19/07 Suoni di Marca Festival Treviso (Italy)  
17/07 Estate Sforzesca - Castello Sforzesco Milano (Italy)  
13/07 La Claque - Teatro Della Tosse Genova (Italy)  
12/07 La Claque - Teatro Della Tosse Genova (Italy)  



2014 Introducing Sananda Tour '14    
06/09 SANANDA MAITREYA live at Festival Show Marostica (Italy) VIEW>
29/08 SANANDA MAITREYA live at Festival Show Mestre (Italy)  
04/05 Fasching Stockholm (Sweden) VIEW>
03/05 TV SANANDA live at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Stockholm (Sweden)  
01/05 Babel Malmö (Sweden)  
26/04 La Claque - Teatro Della Tosse Genova (Italy) VIEW>
25/04 BSpot Nice (France)  



2013 Return to Zooathalon Tour    
16/08 Festival - Sananda & the Nudge Nudge Live at 2013 Festival Show Jesolo (Italy) VIEW>
12/08 Festival - Sananda & the Nudge Nudge Live at 2013 Festival Show Lignano (Italy)  
31/05 Sananda & the Nudge Nudge Live at La Claque Genova (Italy) VIEW>
11/05 Sananda - Piano solo performance! Villa Reale Milan (Italy) VIEW>
14/04 TV Cielo Che Gol Milan (Italy)  
21/03 BLUE NOTE Tokyo Tokyo (Japan) VIEW>
07/03 RADIO Live at RADIO POPOLARE - FM 107.6 Milan (Italy) VIEW>



2011 The Think Sphinx Tour '11    
02/11 Jazz on live Brescia (Italy)  
04/11 Fishmarket Padova (Italy) VIEW>
05/11 Amigdala Theatre Trezzo D'Adda (Italy) VIEW>
08/11 La Birraria Mendrisio (Switzerland)  
09/11 Schüür Luzern (Switzerland)  
23/11 Teatro del Giglio Lucca - Winter Festival Lucca (Italy)  
21/11 RADIO - Super Max LIVE at Rai Radio 2 h 11:50 Italy  



2010 Post Millennium Rock Tour    
28/01 TV TSR 1 h 22:40 Switzerland  
27/01 D! Club Lausanne (Switzerland)  
28/01 Schüür SOLD OUT Luzern (Switzerland) VIEW>
22/02 Moody Jazz Café SOLD OUT Foggia (Italy)  
23/02 Campania Marcianise - Caserta (Italy)  
24/02 Blue Stone SOLD OUT Napoli (Italy)  
24/07 CAVA - Parco di Pietra Roselle (Italy) VIEW>
21/10 Bravo Caffè SOLD OUT Bologna (Italy)  
23/10 Teatro Verdi SOLD OUT Cesena (Italy)  
24/10 Druso Circus SOLD OUT Bergamo (Italy)  
27/10 Avo Session SOLD OUT Basel (Switzerland) VIEW>



2009 Concerts    
06/10 5th Basel Guitar Festival Basel (Switzerland)  
02/10 La Birraria Mendrisio (Switzerland) VIEW>
21/07 Grand Casino Basel Basel (Switzerland) VIEW>
18/07 Gru Village Festival Grugliasco (Italy)  



2008 Concerts    
07/12 Teatro Filarmonico* Verona (Italy)  
13/09 AMREF @ Villa Peyrano Piacenza (Italy)  
21/07 Palais des Festivals - esplanade G. Pompidou Cannes (France) VIEW>
15/07 Magnolia Segrate (Italy)  


*The show was televised on Rai 2 on Dec 24th 2008 at 9 pm.
We take delight in announcing a Summer concert opportunity in Cannes, the beautiful place for the beautiful days in the South of France, where the Frenchies are, with some Italian overlap (location, location, location). The brave and wonderful promoters have invited us to convene a FREE CONCERT! For you! We ask you to join us and the Nudge while we present our ‘Post Millennium Rock’ to some sweaty internationals beneath the blazing sun of the ‘Côte d’Azur’! Bring a few pretentious French phrases ! Pick up sexy Frenchies and party! Let’s start a new world together! Discover the eternal mysteries of the ‘cheese baguette’! Get stoned on subsidised French wine, then look puzzled to their response when you ask for ‘French Fries’. Hang out with a girl named ‘Françoise’, of which there are many to choose from. Get naked and run in the streets after midnight! This is Europe, take full advantage! See you there, with bells on! Check website for complete details! (and if you do come, remember to bring a fresh pair of ‘undies’, just in case…..)



2007 Angels & Vampires Tour '07    
27/10 Showcase & CD Presentation @ FNAC Milano (Italy)  
29/10 La Salumeria della Musica Rock Files Show - Lifegate Radio FM Milano (Italy)  
31/10 Cargo De Nuit Arles (France)  
02/11 Bikini Barcelona (Spain)  
03/11 Sála Camara Kursaal San Sebastian (Spain)  
05/11 La Maroquinerie Paris (France) VIEW>
07/11 Handelsbeurs Gent (Belgium)  
08/11 Waerdse Tempel Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands)  
10/11 Airport Club (in Casino) Basel (Switzerland)  
11/11 Hiroshima Mon Amour Torino (Italy)  
13/11 Circolo degli Artisti Roma (Italy)  
14/11 Vox Modena (Italy)  



2006 - 2007 Angels & Vampires Concerts    
18/08/'07 Festival Rock Oz'Arènes Avenches (Switzerland) VIEW>
05/06/'07 Lifegate Ecopark Milano (Italy)  
14/04/'07 Viper Theatre Firenze (Italy)  
16/11/'06 Blue Note Milano (Italy)  
15/11/'06 Blue Note Milano (Italy)  
10/11/'06 Roialto Milano (Italy)  



2003 Concerts and Television  
14/03 Grand Cafè di Cerese di Virgilio Mantova (Italy)
15/03 Teatro Bibiena Mantova (Italy)
20/03 Nighttown Rotterdam (Netherlands)
24/03 Orpheum Graz (Austria)
25/03 Dom Sportova Zagreb (Croatia)
02/05 013 - The Choice Tilburg (Netherlands)
05/05 Liberation festival Haarlem (Netherlands)
06/05 Oosterpoort Groningen (Netherlands)
11/05 Euroleague Barcelona (Spain)
12/05   Madrid (Spain)
17/05 Tavastia Helsinki (Finland)
28/05 Trocadero Philadelphia (USA)
29/05 BB King Blues Club New York (USA)
04/06 TV - The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 11:35 pm Burbank, CA NBC, Channels 7 and 10 (USA)
05/06 House Of Blues Chicago (USA)
16/06 TV - The Orlando Jones Show 11.00 pm Tribune Studios in LA FX (USA)
20/06 Bex Rock Festival Bex (Switzerland)
21/06 Sound Arena Festival Wohlen (Switzerland)
27/06 Couleur Café Festival Brussels (Belgium)
28/06 TV - Sound Arena Festival 22.00 hr (30 min. with Sananda) DRS2 (Switzerland)
19/07 Jazzfest Wiesen (Austria)
20/07 Asti Musica 2003 Asti (Italy)
25/07 Festival Les Voix Du Gaou Six Fours (France)
26/07 Swing'in Deauville Deauville (France)
04/08 Lokerse Feesten Lokeren (Belgium)
14/08 Marktrock Festival Leuven (Belgium)
22/08 Festival de Verano Benalmadena (Spain)
02/09 TV - Meer Typisch Tachtig! 20.30 - 21.30 hr RTL4 (Netherlands)



2002 Concerts and Television  
11/01 TV - Arte Tracks Jugendmagazin 19.00 - 19.30 hr Arte (Germany)
12/01 TV - Arte Tracks Jugendmagazin 16:45 - 17.30 hr (Re-run) Arte (Germany)
18/01 TV - Die aktuelle Schaubude 21:15 hr NDR (Germany)
24/05 Fillmore Cortemaggiore - PC (Italy)
25/05 Barfly Ancona (Italy)
26/05 Poco Loco Assisi (Italy)
21/06 EVENT Festivalbar (O Divina & What Shall I Do?) Taormina (Italy)
02/07 TV - ITALIA 1 20.45 - 23.15 hr ITALIA 1 (Italy)
24/06 Sananda modelled in Roberto Cavalli's Fashion Show Milan (Italy)
28/06 Fashion Show Karin's Agency (15 min.) Serravalle Scrivia (Italy)
19/07 VILLA TRABIA, Via Salynas palermo (Italy)
20/07 No Borders Music Festival, Piazza Unità Tarvisio - UDINE (Italy)
22/07 Roma Estate: Foro Italico Rome (Italy)
24/07 BLUESOUL FESTIVAL, Arenile Di Bagnoli, Via Coroglio 14/B Naples (Italy)
26/07 Piazza Gabriotti Città di Castello (Italy)
31/07 JazzInPuglia, Piazza Libertini Lecce (Italy)
More concerts: The "Upbeat", The Tuning Tour for Coming Worldtour  
09/08 EVENT Villaggio Piazzale Boskovich. Palco e Spettacolo Parco Marecchia (TimTour) Rimini (Italy)
17/08 TV - ITALIA 1 12 p.m. ITALIA 1 (Italy)
17/08 Piazza Crispi Olbia (Italy)
22/08 Roman Amphitheatre Tabarka (Tunesia)
05/09 Petõfi Open Air Budapest (Hungary)
07/09 Charity event (By Invitation only) Monte Carlo
11/09 EVENT "Napoli chiama New York" Naples (Italy)
13/09 TV - RAI 2 20.50 hr RAI 2 (Italy)
21/09 Festa Dell'Unità Modena (Italy)
28/09 CANCELLED Barfly Ancona (Italy)
11/10 Aula Magna Lisbon (Portugal)
12/10 Teatro Sa Da Bandiera Oporto (Portugal)
31/10 TV - 15.30 - 16.30 hr RETEALLMUSIC (Italy)
15/11 KKL Luzern (Switzerland)
16/11 Sala Bikini Barcelona (Spain)
20/11 Paradiso Amsterdam (Netherlands)
21/11 TV - Barend & Van Dorp (LIVE) 22.30 - 23.30 hrs RTL4 (Netherlands)
23/11 The Forum London (England)
25/11 TV - MTV Select 20.30 MTV (Italy)
27/11 Rolling Stone Milan (Italy)
07/12 Centro Ex Gaslini/"La Fabbrica" Pescara (Italy)
13/12 De Warande Turnhout (Belgium)
15/12 Bierhübeli Bern (Switzerland)



2001 Wildcard Tour  
27/09 Set to Oct 8th Metropolis Munich (Germany)
30/09 Kantine Cologne (Köln) (Germany)
02/10 Grünspan Hamburg (Germany)
04/10 Columbiafritz Berlin (Germany)
06/10 Planet Music Wien (Austria)
08/10 Postponed Metropolis Munich (Germany)
14/10 Postponed Kaufleuten-Club Zürich (Switzerland)
16/10 Metropolis Munich (Germany)
25/10 TV - Typisch Tachtig Episode about 1987 (and interview now) RTL 4 (Netherlands)
07/11 TV - MUSIK UND INFOTAINMENT 14.04 - 17.00 hr SR 1 (Germany)
08/11 TV - SERVICE UND UNTERHALTUNG 10.04 - 13.00 hr SR 1 (Germany)
  From October 25 - 31, Sananda was in Japan for promotion  
08/11 TV 99% MTV MTV
09/11 TV Sony Music Access TVK
10/11 TV Music Today Maximum VIEWSIC
10/11 TV Channel A MX TV
13/11 TV Music Tribe WOWWOW
19/11 TV Future Tracks ANB
23/11 TV Music A NHK BS-2
03/11 Benefitconcert "Charity 2001" Hand In Hand For Children Velodrome 17.00 hr Berlin (Germany)
24/11 TV - Benefitconcert "Charity 2001" Hand In Hand For Children Charity 2001 21.00 hr SAT 1 (Germany)
25/11 TV - Quelli che il calcio RAI 2 (Italy)
30/11 Aids - Benefit - Party "Red, Hot and Dance" CCH 19.00 hr Hamburg (Germany)
13/12 TV - London, Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire 21.00 - 22.30 hr Concert from Vibrator Tour Filmed on July 26 or 27, 1995 ONYX TV (Germany)
15/12 EVENT - Concert in Vatican with other artists Paople VI Room 19.00 hr Rome (Italy)  
24/12 TV - Concert in Vatican with other artists and on Radio 102.5 at 21.00 hr CANALE 5 (Italy) VIEW>
16/12 The concert which had to be cancelled on October 14th was now - Kaufleuten Club Zürich (Switzerland)  



1999 Concerts and Television    
12/06 Opening Olympic Stadium (LIVE on TV) With INXS Sydney (Australia) VIEW>
07+10/11 TV - Shake, Rattle & Roll CBS TV series 2 Episodes: 9 - 11 pm CBS (USA)  



1995 Concerts and Television    
06/04 TV - Top Of The Pops (BBC, UK) Sananda performed: Holding on To You BBC (UK) Host program: Bruno Brookes
07/04 TV - Taratata Episode nr. 83 (France)  
28/04 TV - Taratata Episode nr. 85 (France)  
08/05 VIBRATOR WORLD PREMIERE - TV: The Late Show with David Letterman Ed Sullivan Theater New York City (USA)  
  Vibrator World Tour    
14/05 Festival Hall Osaka (Japan)  
15/05 Festival Hall Osaka (Japan)  
16/05 Melparc Hiroshima (Japan)  
18/05 Club Quattro Nagoya (Japan)  
19/05 Century Hall Nagoya (Japan)  
20/05 Sun Palace Fukuoka (Japan)  
22/05 Club Quattro Osaka (Japan)  
23/05 IMP Hall Osaka (Japan)  
24/05 Sibuya Club Quattro Tokyo (Japan)  
26/05 Green Dome Sapporo (Japan)  
29/05 Izumity 21 Sendai (Japan)  
30/05 Budokan Nippon (Japan)  
31/05 Budokan Nippon (Japan)  
04/06 Polideportivo Anoeta San Sabastian (Spain)  
06/06 Aqualung Madrid (Spain)  
07/06 Zeleste II Barcelona (Spain)  
08/06 Auditorium Del Campo De Marte Tarragona (Spain)  
10/06 Sonoria Festival Milan (Italy)  
15/06 Oktyabrsky Concert Hall Saint Petersburg (Russia)  
18/06 Serenadenhof Nurnberg (Germany)  
19/06 Metropol Berlin (Germany)  
20/06 Modernes Bremen (Germany)  
22/06 Olympia Paris (France)  
24/06 Mauberge Festival Lille (France)  
25/06 Parkpop Festival The Hague (Netherlands)  
27/06 Haifi Blues Festival Haifi (Sweden)  
29/06 Le Zenith Nancy (France)  
02/07 Theatre De Fourviere Lyon (France)  
04/07 Markthalle Hamburg (Germany)  
06/07 Midtfyns Festival Midtfyns (Denmark)  
07/07 Couleur Café Festival Brussels (Brussels)  
08/07 Belfort Festival Belfort (France)  
10/07 Hechelei Bielefeld (Germany)  
11/07 Wartesaal Cologne (Germany)  
13/07 Wappensaal (Terminal) Munich (Germany)  
14/07 Scala Ludwigsberg (Germany)  
15/07 Gurten Festival Gurten (Austria)  
17/07 Colston Hall Bristol (England)  
18/07 CANCELLED Assembly Hall Worthing (England)  
19/07 Rock Theater Hastings (England)  
21/07 Royal Concert Hall Nottingham (England)  
22/07 Civic Hall Wolverhampton (England)  
23/07 Guildhall Southampton (England)  
??/07 Corn Exchange Cambridge (England)  
26/07 Shepherds Bush Empire London (England)  
27/07 Shepherds Bush Empire London (England) VIEW>
28/07 Apollo Manchester (England)  
30/07 City Hall Newcastle (England)  
31/07 Barrowland Glasgow (Scotland)  
02/08 Grimsby Auditorium Grimsby (England)  
03/08 Decorum Pavilion Hemel Hempstead (England)  
04/08 King George's Hall Blackburn (England)  
06/08 Felle Dublin (Ireland)  
14/08 Irving Plaza New York City, NY (USA)  
16/08 The American Legion La Crescenta, CA (USA)  
13/10 The Edge Palo Alto, CA (USA)  
18/10 Metropolis Montreal (Canada)  
23/10 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN (USA)  
25/10 Saint Andrew's Hall Detroit, MI (USA)  
03/11 Toad's Place New Haven, CT (USA)  
04/11 Paradise Club Boston, MA (USA)  
??/11 Zepher Club Salt Lake City, UT (USA)  



1994 Television  
28/02 TV - The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Burbank Studios Los Angeles, CA (USA)



1993 Concerts and Television    
15/04 TV - Top Of The Pops (BBC, UK) Sananda performed: Do You Love Me Like You Say? BBC (UK) Host program: Mark Franklin
17/06 TV - Top Of The Pops (BBC, UK) Sananda performed: Delicate BBC (UK) Host program: Tony Dortie
02/09 TV - Top Of The Pops (BBC, UK) Sananda performed: She Kissed Me BBC (UK) Host program: Mark Franklin
18/11 TV - Top Of The Pops (BBC, UK) Sananda performed: Let Her Down Easy (PROMO VIDEO) BBC (UK) Host program: Tony Dortie
  Symphonic Damnation World Tour    
  U.S. LEG    
01/06 Cadillac Club Fresno, CA (USA)  
02/06 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA (USA)  
03/06 The Edge Palo Alto, CA (USA)  
07/06 Ventura Theatre Ventura, CA (USA)  
08/06 Crest Theatre Sacremento, CA (USA)  
09/06 Bimbo's San Francisco, CA (USA)  
11/06 Belly Up Solana Beach, CA (USA)  
13/06 Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA (USA)  
20/06 Washington Square Miami, FL (USA)  
22/06 Cotton Club Atlanta, GA (USA)  
24/06 Park West Chicago, IL (USA)  
25/06 St. Andrew's Hall Detroit, MI (USA)  
  Bruce Springsteen concerts for the Kristen Ann Carr Fund    
26/06 Madison Square Garden New York City, NY (USA)  
27/06 9:30 Club Washington DC (USA)  
29/06 Paradise Boston, MA (USA)  
30/06 The Grand New York City, NY (USA)  
01/07 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA (USA)  
08/07 TV - The Arsenio Hall Show Paramount Studios Los Angeles, CA (USA)  
  Support for Duran Duran    
21/07 Blockbuster Pavillion Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)  
24/07 Jones Beach Long Island, NY (USA)  
26/07 Great Woods Performing Arts Center Mansfield, MA (USA)  
27/07 Merriweather Post Pavillion Columbia, MD (USA)  
29/07 Kingswood (Canada's Wonderland) Maple, Ontario (Canada)  
31/07 Garden State Arts Center Holmdel, NJ (USA)  
02/08 Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH (USA)  
03/08 Blossom Music Center Cleveland, OH (USA)  
04/08 Pine Knob Music Theatre Detroit (Clarkston), MI (USA)  
06/08 World Music Theater Tinley Park, Chicago, IL (USA)  
10/08 Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre Dallas, Texas, USA (USA)  
13/08 Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavillion Phoenix, Arizona (USA)  
25/07 TV - The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Burbank Studios Los Angeles, CA (USA)  
12/10 Music Centrum Vredenburg Utrecht (Netherlands)  
13/10 La Luna Brussels (Belgium)  
14/10 Hugenottenhalle Frankfurt (Germany)  
16/10 Neue Welt Berlin (Germany)  
17/10 Terminal Munich (Germany)  
19/10 The Tent Vienna (Austria)  
20/10 Palais de Beaulieu Lausanne (Switzerland)  
21/10 Palasport La Padua (Italy)  
23/10 Teatro Tenda a Strisse Rome (Italy)  
24/10 Teatro Tenda Florence (Italy)  
25/10 Palaseto Milan (Italy) VIEW>
28/10 Aqualung Madrid (Spain)  
29/10 Zeleste Barcelona (Spain)  
30/10 Pabellon Fadura Bilbao (Spain)  
01/11 Le Transbordeur Lyon (France)  
02/11 Le Zenith Paris (France)  
04/11 Pumpehuset Copenhagen (Denmark)  
05/11 Sentrum Scene Oslo (Norway)  
06/11 Concert House Stockholm (Sweden)  
09/11 Docks Hamburg (Germany)  
10/11 E-werk Cologne (Germany)  
11/11 Aston Villa Leisure Centre Birmingham (England)  
12/11 Aston Villa Leisure Centre Birmingham (England)  
13/11 Newcastle City Hall Newcastle (England)  
14/11 Barrowlands Glasgow (England)  
16/11 Apollo Manchester (England)  
17/11 Colston Hall Bristol (England)  
19/11 Brixton Academy London (England)  
04/12 Century Hall Nagoya (Japan)  
05/12 Sun Palace Fukuoka (Japan)  
07/12 Sanplaza Hall Sendai (Japan)  
08/12 NHK Hall NHK (Japan)  
09/12 Budokann Nippon (Japan)  
15/12 "Osaka Castle" Hall Osakajo (Japan)  



1989 - 1990 Neither Fish Nor Flesh Tour    
  U.S. LEG    
  SOLD OUT! 7-CITY U.S. Tour (USA)  
20/12/'89 The World Manhattan, NY (USA)  
28/12/'89 TV - Top Of The Pops (BBC, UK) Repeat performance: Sign Your Name BBC (UK) Host program: Paul Gambaccini, Mike Read
??/01/'90 Hall of Fame pays tribute to its 5th induction class Waldorf Astoria Manhattan, NY (USA)  
05/05/'90 John Lennon Tribute Concert featuring TTD Liverpool (England)  
??/10/'90 EVENT Motown 30th Anniversary at Pantages Theatre Hollywood (USA)  
??/10/'90 TV Two-hour special - CBS-TV Channel 2 Detroit (USA)  



1988 Concerts and Television    
14/01 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: Sign Your Name BBC (UK) Host program: Simon Mayo, Gary Davies
20/02 The AIMS Gala - Bill Wyman and Friends (featuring TTD and more) An all-star evening of music at the Royal Albert Hall London (England)  
  The Hardline Tour (USA)  
27/03 Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI (USA)  
31/03 The Roseland Ballroom New York City, NY (USA)  
13/02 TV Saturday Night Live NBC (USA)  
02/03 TV 30th Annual Grammy Awards New York City, NY (USA)  
05/04 TV Beacon Theater Manhattan, NY (USA)  
??/05 Peabody Hotel Memphis, TN (USA)  
??/?? Circus-Kröne Munich (Germany) VIEW>
??/??   Baden-Baden (Germany)  



1987 Concerts and Television    
27/03 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: If you let me stay BBC (UK) Host program: Mike Smith
09/04 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: If you let me stay BBC (UK) Host program: Mike Smith
23/04 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: If You Let Me Stay (& Credits) BBC (UK) Host program: Gary Davies
25/06 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: Wishing Well BBC (UK) Host program: Peter Powell, Simon Bates
09/07 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: Wishing Well (PROMO VIDEO) BBC (UK) Host program: Gary Davies
09/07 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: Wishing Well (PROMO VIDEO) BBC (UK) Host program: Gary Davies
15/10 TV - Top Of The Pops Sananda Performed: Dance Little Sister BBC (UK) Host program: Gary Davies, Peter Powell
15/10 TV - The Tube Sananda Performed: If You Let Me Stay Channel 4 (UK)  
  The Hardline Tour  
  U.S. LEG  
Nov New York City, NY, USA  
Nov Los Angeles, CA, USA  
21/12 Granby Hall Leicester (England)
20/12 Royal Centre Nottingham (England)
19/12 Apollo Manchester (England)
17/12 Citi Hall Newcastle (England)
16/12 Playhouse Edinburgh (Scotland)
15/12 Queens Hall Leeds (England)
13/12 Newport Centre Newport (England)
12/12 Brighton Centre Brigthon (England)
11/12 Cornwall Coliseum St. Austell (England)
09/12 Royal Court Liverpool (England)
05/12 Brixton Academy London (England)
04/12 Brixton Academy London (England)
03/12 International Centre Bournemouth (England)
01/12 Martinihal Groningen (Netherlands)
30/11 Congrescentrum The Hague (Netherlands)
11/07 Casino - Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux (Switzerland)