APRIL 1, 2001 . . .Whoever you are come forth. Beginning today, the day of the blessed fool . . . A new era begins, brought to you courtesy of the JOKER aka Sananda, Maitreya, who was Terence Trent D'Arby before he died and remembered his true identity. He casts his shadow today, and on April 8, shall deliver to you in all truth – his ENTIRE 16 song collection of uncompromising passion and grace entitled,"WILD CARD" – and it is yours absolutely and unconditionally free just as God's love is. Whoever you are come forth . . . spread the word – Maitreya's time has come. 
~ Sananda, Maitreya


What made me change my name to Sananda was that the name that
most of my aquintances were calling me, encreasingly began to sound foreign to me.

And I had had a series of dreams in which the inhabitance of my dream-dimension were calling me Sananda, and it took me about 3 dreams before I realized that they were speaking to me, directing their energy at me.

Although immediately, what was very puzzling to me in dream-scenarios was the fact that, the name sounded very, very familiar.

My understanding is that Sananda is an energy-vibration that is closer to who I am outside of this space and time experience, this one performance,
this one life experience as Terence.

I just felt more comfortable with it after a while and wanted to give myself a chance to be familiarized with that vibration and what it means.