Dear Madame Swans, assorted Castrati, (and other effervescent variables)….

If you are pursuing your dreams, often the hounds of hell will pursue you. Let them bark and stir, but NEVER LET THEM STOP YOU! A Running Back’s touchdown run is sweeter, the more tackles he had to break, so keep running, and if you do not find the support that you need, then BE THE SUPPORT THAT YOU NEED!

Yes, Collette, your ears are correct! The ‘BEATLES’ composition you heard from us is in fact a ‘mash-up’ of 2 different songs; ‘What You’re Doing’, and ‘The Word’, from which we took the bridge. Your next assignment (should you choose to accept it) is to listen to Elvis Costello records played backwards, to see if he left any information about the whereabouts of the money from the Great Train Robbery. Him or Paul Weller knows something, I can just feel it.

What doesn’t kill you, is that much more for your publicist to make sure others write about.

If you must pay a heavy price to realize your dream, just remember that we always get what we pay for, and the heavier the taxes, the bigger the boxes that present our joys to us when they ripen. The more you pay, the more you receive. It’s the law.

Then there are those in subtle language who will advise you to stay in your place, but how the hell do they know where your place is ? Only you know. Do not settle, or you will stay there, and brood.

Our crimes always catch up to us in the end. If the jury exonerates us, and sets us free, life will still haunt us if we were guilty. There can be no greater prison than the mind.

We sit well these days. We are on the verge whereby we may elect possibly an African-Anglo president or a Woman, and both for the first time, should current trends hold steady. This hopefully means that we are also on the verge of allowing more complexions of colour to rock, without all of the artificial barriers that pass themselves off as anything but what it is, racist. Hip-Hop( and traditionally black music in general) has always been more welcoming of other colours who feel it, than rock has ever been towards others in kind, and this is another colonial travesty as, after all, Rock comes from the very depths of our loins, but was snatched away from us, and given over wholesale to those who now zealously (and jealously) guard it as were we stealing into the science lab, and selling the re-launch codes. It has always moved me how much space is granted for ‘Pop’ acts to go as wide as they wish, and to use as much of the colour palette of music as they dared (especially if it worked), while the non-white artists were stuck in ‘genres’, too stiff and tight to move around in, which naturally tempts more quickly, the law of diminishing returns. Music has gotten far too polluted with right wing politics to be anything now but a vehicle used to sell trucks, and quantify generations before they are able to begin thinking of themselves as individuals, as something merely beyond a representative consumer, to be tagged and numbered and easily located.

I had friends in the biz, who though labelled, ‘rock’, or ‘pop’ could make a record as funky as they wanted, as disco as they wanted, and still be considered a ‘pop’ group. Every time I went into the studio to make recordings, it was as if the CIA had to be given a complete schematic, and engineers commandeered behind my back and given the company’s always regressive view. I am simply not one to ever allow anyone, at any time to tell me what my muse is jumping to. My records always sold when they wanted to promote them, but unfortunately, the company lost far too much time trying to teach me a ‘lesson’, for not being content enough being treated like a 2cd class citizen/artist, and for having ideas which weren’t first presented by others. You are perceived as a political threat, merely for having a clear idea of who you are, and not being willing to caricature and clown yourself, simply because the others (with far less idea) are willing to do so. The music biz as currently configured deserves to die, and deserves to die now. Will the last racist and retarded executive please turn off the lights when they leave ?

Your sister is so sexually active, she has a turnstile in her bedroom.(and a small gift shop off to the side).

Religious figures, Rock-stars, Politicians, and Actors all know just how restricting life can be when too much emphasis is placed on ‘image’.

The birth of ‘image’, is often the beginning of the end for true life.

As I compose this, tomorrow, myself, the crew and the Nudge leave for Russia to earn some bread and wine. Let us pray that we are not mistaken for journalists. We are grateful for the work. Like the American philosopher ,James Brown said, ‘If a man don’t work, he don’t eat’.

Our housekeeper is Russian. It’s OK, I’ve already ‘water boarded’ her to make sure that she isn’t a spy for the FSB/KGB. That’s good because as you know, a good housekeeper is a damn hard thing to find!

We love her, very much. We just wish she wouldn’t smash up our glasses after every time we offer her a drink.

2 guys walk into a bar, but then realize that the real money is not in bar jokes (bar-zaletta), but in telecom stocks.

The finger print of our history as man is told in ‘linguistics’. The DNA of our evolution is told there.

Jesus was not a Christian, but a Christ. Likewise, his buddy , Buddha was neither a Buddhist, but simply, and without fanfare, a Buddha. A word to the wise, and sober.

We would barely recognize Jesus from his story. His ‘image’ has killed him.

….that same ‘image’ kills daily, most of us.

If I don’t get to it first, perhaps you will: The epic, ‘The Godfather’, would make a wonderful libretto/scenario for an opera. It kind of already is.

Your mother is so cold, your father has to wear thermal underpants.

We would like to thank the wonderful people and nation of Russia for their hospitality and warmth.

Maitreya never forgets his friends. We hope to see you again. You guys certainly know how to throw a party !

Jealousy finds many faces and masks to hide behind, in order to affect your spirit. No matter which of it’s 2 faces it hides behind, you can always tell it’s presence by it’s feel. There are those who will mock you for your dependency, yet turn around and beat you for your independence. Know who you are, and at all costs be that. What you appear to lose in time, you will gain in life, and it’s firstborn offspring, strength.

Being willing to take our beat down for our ambition is a worthy price to pay for freedom, and the right to exercise your spirit’s idea of itself. We are raised in societies that promote themselves as bastions of freedom, who seem first and foremost citadels of infidels who live to hunt down tall heads, then chop them down like ‘poppies ‘. The good news is that we are lizards, and chopping a man’s head off, who carries his spirit in his heart, will witness a new head growing, full of new promise, and fresh ideas. Heaven will not have her maidens mocked, only to see them lose their milk, their pails thrashed, and left too long to replace their milk with tears. She always renews her faithful, and replenishes their wings with flight plans , higher and longer.

What you call God is between you and him. That you are willing to call him anything at all, moves him greatly. God doesn’t really lose much sleep concerning herself with who believes or not in him. It does however run to those who do. I’m not sure that his responsibilities to the universe and its multiplicity, are ruined by doubters who have every right to doubt his existence. They are warned about this when they accept the job. It is not an occupational hazard, but an occupational reality. Even some of his greatest saints spend a good deal of time doubting whether God is real , or just another conspiracy of the Jews.

More than ‘drugs’, what is affecting Amy Winehouse is jealousy. Britain, and with an unrivalled glee, lives to punish it’s young for it’s ambition. It hides and editorializes behind the mask of concern, while if it were really concerned, it would mind it’s own business. Bearing Britain upon one’s young shoulders, and in one’s heart, would cause even Atlas to shrug and walk away.

We are surrounded by evil, but how else do we learn ?

What seems to most have benefited from 9/11, and the terror updates is airport duty free. They have made an absolute killing since all of these alerts have started. Why don’t we just go through security checks completely naked, it would save time , and more than likely boost ticket sales, especially to the MySpace generation.

Meditation on the little things produces as much stamina as joy.

I swear that I heard a rumour (alleged to be true ), that Al-Qaeda was looking to buy a major national airline. Imagine the security check at that airline. “ Sir, we see in your luggage that you have a .38 , are you sure that you wouldn’t rather have a .45 instead ?”. Or; “ Miss, we didn’t find any drugs in your hand luggage, do you need any ? “. The duty free catalogue would offer major discounts on rocket launchers, and all first class passengers would receive a free hand grenade.

…not to mention that on every flight, an air hostess straps on a parachute after changing into camoflauge gear, and padded with explosives, jumps out of the plane somewhere over Jerusalem.

Once you accumulate enough frequent flier miles, you win a nice all expenses paid vacation to a paramilitary training camp of your choice.

The last 4 rows of the plane are reserved for people flying with their goats.

…and you can ride half fare, if you allow your goat to be the in flight meal….

I am willing to fight and die every day, for the right to be me.

The blessing of fatigue is that it promotes honesty. When you don’t have enough energy left to bullshit, you usually don’t.

Joy grows in rational, as well as irrational fields.

Joy embraces habit, as well as wild unpredictability.

Who comes at themselves straight through the mirror, comes back home.

When our persona is at variance with our nature, we draw rougher trade winds. Be yourself, you inherit your world this way.

You are not the boat, but the waves.

When your boat gets torpedoed, is the perfect time to remember that you are not the boat, but the water itself. Sometimes , the boat just gets in the way, of our true float.

The toll that magical journeys take, is surrendering to change. It is a toll that we can all afford, who wish to see the light of truth in their efforts.

We are who we are, and who beats us for it, is only confirming it, and imagining it for themselves.

When we are in 2 minds, we are not in our mind. Just be patient, and your mind will, like light returning to an antenna, find it’s way back home.

We often (not always ) dream in other people’s mind. Yoga, or often just coffee or a good smoke, places you back in your own mind.

Who inherits our mind, inherits our karma.

Our karma does not include our lessons only, but also our joys and what there is of a good sensibility.

That I love music with all of my heart and spirit is my karma. That I had to die for it was likewise my karma. We are truly blessed (despite the pain ) when our karma is stronger than our fear.

Dying is rather easy. Convincing your creditors that you are dead is a lot more difficult.

We are only here because we are strong enough to be. Continue.

Congratulations to Maestro Pavarotti for his induction into heaven, and to Maestro Phil Jackson for his induction into the hall of fame. Masters serve where they are placed, and according to the truth of their nature. Each as different from the next as a card in a full deck. These served well, and even exceeded expectations.

…. And the dramas of life do not escape them. Masters do not run away from their lives, they simply live them. Nor do they pray for another, but learn simply and without fanfare to walk away from what would discount it’s privilege to be.

Whether the hurricanes of life swirl around you, or you around it, has everything to do with whether you believe you are the weather, or it’s father.

We are far richer, the more we know who we are.

It is unseemly after a man turns 40, to still be chasing after other people’s money.

Our opinions don’t really matter, but if we don’t express them, they become a lot more important.

Get it off your chest, or it will take over your mind. What takes over your mind controls it.

This is my wisdom, but it can only at best be a portion of your knowledge. Your wisdom must come from you. For this purpose we were given time, to procreate wisdom from experience.

Once a man grows up, stepping aside for bullshit is no longer an option.

We hope to see you on the road with a new face, and a new spirit. Frowned up sour face tribal members are not going to alter much the course of our inspiration, nor will logic or debate accomplish more than being ignored. I will never apologize for what I had to do to survive, and the seasons of explanation are over. We invite the living, and not only those mad at them, to come out and taste the fresh spring waters of new life. We are not yet Superman, but we ain’t that mofo in the wheelchair anymore either.

The only thing I feel obliged to prove , is just how happy I am to be here, and how grateful I am to life itself for it’s reproductive grace.

Who draws a bad card, attracts a bad card if they believe that the card they drew was a judgement, and not a challenge.

Warriors learn when not to fight, and to let the people fighting you, beat themselves. Warriors also learn that no one is really fighting you anyway, they are just fighting.

A ‘confusionist’ ultimately serves not to confuse, but to strengthen your mind. The antidote to all of their kind (and they are legion), is to simply know yourself, and the mind which flowers from it.

Miss Winehouse reminds me of one of my all time favourite singers, the great Miss Shirley Bassey.

Know when to slap a ‘confusionist’, and when to hug them. Mainly avoid them. They often mean no harm. Neither does a porcupine, yet you wouldn’t sleep with one in your bed because, if you roll over on top of it in your sleep, it hurts anyway, meant or not. It is not about the harm they mean , it is about the harm they give.

Screw ‘Buddhism’, be a Buddha instead.

‘isms’, by their very nature attract ‘schisms’.

‘DEATH RIDES VICTORIUOS, THOUGH HIS RANKS ARE THINNED ‘. This is a small piece of Edna St. Vincent Millay, and comes from her collection of sonnets. Check her scene, it was awesome. Reading her collection of sonnets for the first time, altered my mindscape forever.

It is kind of cool that the deeper you get into Greek or Russian orthodox countries, the darker their saints complexions are. In the Russian canon, you even see saints with little afros. It is from them that there is the veneration of the Black Madonna.

DUDES (for real), there are like some seriously fine babes in Russia, and bunches of them too!

If the hunger for fame is not yours, you will suffer it.

It is impossible to stand in the midst of Red Square in Moscow, and not be moved. It is stunning, and very beautiful. Now I can better understand what they fought so hard to protect.

Our life comes to us if we dare it.

Toughen up, we were made for triumph.

We, the ‘Nudge Nudge’, are often told that we sound like more than 3 people. It has a lot to do with how much time we put into it, and the affection as people we have, and respect for one another. Building up the energy of the ‘Nudgefield’, is an important part of our meditation. For sure the energy of joy adds to the sound and it’s bulk.

Yet, most people don’t know enough about music other than liking or disliking it, which is fair enough. There is a ‘psychology’ to sound waves, and ‘intent’ plays an important role in the design of the sound waves, as well as which primary glands will be affected. This translates into which of the ‘chakra’s’ will be the main recipient of the sound waves being activated. How many people are engaged in making the sound is far less relevant than one may suppose, as some people are sound wave carriers, just as some carry more viruses, or humour. Inside of my heart is literally a choir, which from time to time, sings to me, and which I in turn try to sing (play) out to others. Those musicians which have a lot of music in them are the ones I most naturally draw to. Another factor in the ‘big’ sound of the trio that the ‘Nudgefield’ is, is the greatest musician of all time, ‘space’.

With more space in the sound, silence has more room to make it’s presence felt, not to mention that it is always wise to save some room in the arrangement of a song for a possible appearance of the Holy Spirit, which happens to love all heartfelt music very much, and is in fact known to hover around any music which dares to reveal the truth of the heart, and the moment’s vibrant fresh currency.

A shout out of respect to ‘The ROOTS’, for their tenacity and bravery in the face of all manner of evil, which tried to reshape them into a lesser entity. There is wisdom and sincerity in their offerings and I am grateful for their example. Imagine that, an actual BAND of black musicians.

“Somebody call the FBI !”.

I am asked often about purchases and the like. Recently, I have bought (not downloaded), the latest ‘disco compactos’ of ‘The FOO FIGHTERS’, Ben Harper, and a collection of old ‘Rolling Stones’ rarities. I do not mind from time to time purchasing cd’s if I wish to add some ‘filthy lucre’ to an artist’s estate. More often than not, I download. Most of the cd money doesn’t get to the artists anyway, it goes mainly to old money families, who use those same profits, to support programs and initiatives to hold my people back, and to fund politicians to mock , and ignore us. But we are more than free enough to work for those people and keep the money flowing in which will then be used to hold back all that do not work for them, and to smear those they do not control. Only old, and demeaning stereotypes need apply.

I was told by the Russians that both of my new names have resonance in their language. ‘Sananda’ means ‘freedom’, and although I wasn’t told what ‘Maitreya’ means, we ate at a restaurant called, ‘MAITREYOSKA’, and the food was good. Since Russian was ably influenced by the old Greek, and the old Greek by Sanskrit (which is where my names come from), I wasn’t too surprised to discover that the Russian tongue had already chewed on it for awhile before I got there. This Lunar tribe is tenacious and ferocious, hard core survivors, and they don’t completely ‘white wash’ their history , so as to leave out the contribution of others, who have helped them to become the people that they are, at least not to the great extent that our culture has, in depriving other tribes, the knowledge and acceptance of their contribution.

…they are as well a simple and direct to the point type of people, and by and large don’t seem to get caught up in a lot of games. They are by and large not time wasters, and respect you more, the more direct and straightforward you are. They can be strong and even intimidating, if of yourself you are unsure. They respect power, and those who do not fear it.

Sicily is right now producing some fantastic wines. Go Sicilian, there are a lot of great choices!

Great Jazz swings the mind!

Trust your instincts always, why else do you have them?

With patience, and imagination, all things in time work out for the good . If someone gives you a wooden nickel, just use it to buy a wooden leg.

….although, you cannot always buy a gold tooth with a silver dollar.

What’s in a name? My spirit, that’s what.

The great Maestro Krishna, was Vishnu’s boy.

One does not have to be insane to work for Shiva, but it does greatly help, if you are a little.

American ‘education’ will take a giant leap forward, as it deserves, when the emphasis changes to inspiring its’ fertile young and beautiful minds to seek after knowledge and independent inquiry, and not as currently shovelled at them, indoctrination. Indoctrination that will abandon them, as soon as cheaper labour can be found.

We are that ‘free democracy’ that will not let it’s people organize themselves towards protecting their basic communal concerns, especially if it is with a view to preserving their jobs, their livelihoods. It is OK for the rich to organize like communists to protect their interests (namely corporate), but if the people which fuel our economies wish to preserve the graces which sustain them, we smear them , and crush them with dismissals.

Perhaps now we shall call it what it is: ‘DEMO-CRAZY’, as this is what it has become.

While we are crushing and robbing our own people silly, the Asian man will inherit the earth, and its’ economy. It matters little if we control the energy resources, if we cannot control ourselves.

ONLY A MASSIVE FIGMENT OF MY SOLAR IMAGINATION; but, what if ‘global warming’ were a satellite program deliberately designed to heat up, with high frequency waves, the surfaces of the earth which contain resources yet difficult to get to. Often we send men and women into space, is it maybe to change the programming on the satellites to achieve the energy companies objectives? Who else but the energy companies (who also own the media companies) can afford to purchase and maintain these large space contraptions ? Can from these ‘star -ships’ (for what else are they?), other frequencies be broadcast that also heighten the risk of cancers and other re-branded tumours ?

…is deliberately by energy companies (who control and maintain the governments), a hole being ‘ray-gunned’ (Reagan, Mr. Star Wars himself), into our atmosphere to thin our ozone layer, steal more resources , and heighten the risk of diseases which would also fatten the pharmaceutical coffers ? Or maybe I just had too much Russian vodka last night……

‘Weather Machines and Warheads’ on the next Oprah .

I am not an enemy of capitalism, I like making, and earning money. I am an enemy of abject stupidity and blinding greed.

Remember, my Pushkin’s and Priscilla’s , it is not the size of the lion, but the size of the thorn.

We will always take a beat down on the way to our treasure, as thieves have set great store on our not getting anywhere near it. Take the beating, and move on, as these are but our pre-tax, and well worth the payment , once one awakens to the prize inside.

In truth, we nutcases, being so hard to crack, have to in effect be slowly prised from our shells, in order that the pearl of our spirits, can be coughed out of the oyster, and begin it’s new life , as freshly calcified creation. To bear witness to this, is the fullest purpose of our meditation.

Tigers earn their stripes, as do we, when we can shake it off, and just move on.

Striving is stressing, so just wait, and there it is !

Canyons exist between our word play, and our hearsay. But this coin remains, he that consumes his own heart, will always be at great pains. Though others may take the blame, our suicide is our shame.

It would be unnatural not to think from time to time my torture insane

It seems to serve a purpose, to consign by balance , afterthoughts against the grain

Which would otherwise choke the rising smoke, unchained, and tumbling like Jack

Down a rolling hill of Aberdeen, and carving out some to wither, in the settled fields of ‘sane’. I mean, what price has sanity, if not as well to be haunted, by what it perceives as vain?

The whisky, and the wine.

One you sip to heaven slowly,

The other when you are killing time.

This is the age of ‘Re-Branding’, even corporations are now in on the act. ‘Re- Brand’, why not?

One of Maestro Lennon’s contribution to lyric poetry, was knowing when the meaning of the word was important, and when only what the word sounded like , mattered.

…and when I sing;” She was the duchess of hallelujah”, You sing; “ But on Saturday night , she’d fool ya”, from my perspective, that’s all the call and response I need. It is from ‘Duchess’, an ‘Angels & Vampires’ situational.

This space reserved for investment analysts.

All in all the Italian state has been good to me, and I totally appreciate it.

Love me, love my ambition.

If it is worth dying for, it is just as easily worth living for.

New opportunities come, when we are ready to see ourselves, in a new light.

The less faith we need, the more faith we have.

If they could but separate us from our ambition, and use our talent instead, then they would be in heaven, but we would be in hell.

No fool who knows heaven, would trade it for hell.

You have asked me whether I felt more ‘Angel, or Vampire’. In truth , I am the beast that is both, but I am the beast, FOR you.

Vishnu exists to extend the flock, and Shiva to destroy the wolves.

I am a wholesale fan of Beppe Grillo, and what he is doing for his disaffected countrymen is necessary. Naturally, he, a ‘messiah’ (which simply means messenger, whether of ‘God’, or of the state), will be accused of being ‘ messianic’, as only ‘messiahs’ are afflicted with this particular burden. Most politicians are just jealous of him, not to mention the ruling families that own and control the politicians for themselves. People tend to accuse you of what they most believe of themselves, and the real ‘demagogues’, are the frightened public servants who exist in part to ensure that, like Master Grillo, no real true voice emerges from the ranks of the people, that by and large, the politicians are there to play to, but otherwise, ignore. It would be highly unlikely that a man is picked for a task, unsuited to their nature. If he is possessed of himself, that works, for what other type would be able to effectively move masses of others? We are grateful for the service of the self possessed, their work counts as well. Bravo Beppe !!!

The bin Laden- Bush tag team show is at it again. Great timing to coincide the anticipated Petraeus

Congressional testimony with promised new footage of Osama. Whoever is orchestrating this bullshit has to be given credit for his programming sensibility. It’s just that it stinks to high heaven.

‘A brotherhood’, has 2 hands, the one you never see, being used by the one you do. If you ask me, both gentlemen are being used by criminal masters of but one organism, seemingly divided into 2 , to pull more ‘wizard of oz- etry’ over our fearful, quaking eyes. The troops will stay in Iraq, until it is clear that we own them ,lock , stocks and oil revenues. If we fabricate a reason to go into Iran, it will be for the same reason , to control their reserves, while using the occupation to increase our presence in an area already totally compromised by British map makers. The Anglo alliance, the old Nazi’s under a re-branded banner, have a great deal to answer for, and a waterfall of blood on their hands.

I hate going down memory lane, there are always muggers waiting there.

I have had my eyes and ears trained on Ani DiFranco since the early 90’s. She has been a great inspiration to my business head. Since my struggles with the state began, and I urged by my ambition to go independent at the earliest possible convenience, Miss thing has been a step ahead, and a real pioneer. As I was ‘itching’ to do it, and be responsible for my own scene, she was already,” Been there, done that”. Thanx !

‘Til Death do us party !

It is with excitement that I continue drawing out the initial stages of this thing called ‘ POST MILLINNIUM ROCK’, this bastard child of the music that have nourished and tempted my soul towards compiling it into a ‘goulash’ , suitable for consumption. It is a great privilege to not have someone hovering over my head and bugging me about what ‘radio’ is looking for ( and then they would never take it to radio anyway), or what 2 guys named ‘ Moe’ were hoping to hear. I know better for me, what shall come through me, and what will keep me interested in my own breathing.

We don’t really know how much time we have, and I as of yet have no idea when making good music independently will be classified as a ‘terrorist’ threat, to our ‘terrorist’ establishment. Of course, once I commence recording, usually all manner of ‘Vampires’ jump out of the woodwork to distract me. These are our days, can you just repeat that, when necessary?

Working with a trio also allows me the space to deduce, what to reduce, and what the essentials are. These sessions are dedicated to delivering, not ‘productions’ ,but instead, ‘recordings’, and with whatever guile we may edge our presentation forward, we hope in the name of a good spirit to proceed.

Popular music owes a tremendous debt to maestro Brian Wilson. He freed production, as Dylan freed the words. He also composed melodies so achingly sweet, as to promote humility in the spirit of the listener, and questions of worthiness as to whether one deserved something so sublime. Though I have no forensic evidence, Beethoven would have loved him, as does any composer worth the price of a beer, anywhere from here to Timbuktu. Congratulations on his Kennedy Center Honour. He , our Master Wilson, is an American, and world landmark.

A really small plant can fit in this space !

I am still, even after all of these years, digesting what I have learned from Brian Wilson.

I learned a few things from the ladies, as a single man, but it took getting married before discovering in more depth and detail, a woman’s extraordinary attraction to ‘creams’. Pretty much for men, outside of a dependable hand cream, the only creams that matter to a man are on the inside of a donut, but for the ladies, life and it’s manifold secrets are inside different jars, and bottles of creams. Promise her anything, but the right bottle of cream will get a man as close to her moon as an astronaut. It is all about creams, especially after they hit 30.

She even buys me creams now. I wasn’t a cream guy before( a man tends to need a prescription, before he feels ok about a cream), but now (get this ), I HAVE 3 CREAMS TO CHOOSE FROM !

There should be an emergency meeting of the ‘Hetero Sapiens’ club to determine, the matter of the modern man, and the new challenge of creams. We got to get together, and get consensus on these things. I am not sure that this is a question that we can defer to those ‘Queer guys’.

It would also serve for purposes of clarification, the subtle differences between ‘ lotions’, and ‘creams’.

We look forward to the release of the new ‘CHEESES for JESUS project: ’O Lord, What’s that Smell?’. Available only on Mp3.

I am a fan of the work and talent of ‘Cesare Picco’. He is a fine musician, with some great ideas. Google his scene, and check out his ‘sito’.

The essence of ‘Post Millennium Rock’ is that it tells the truth, consequences be damned.

…or, consequences be blessed, you dig ?

A hall mark of the ‘confusionists’ is that you will always be offered more choices in direct proportion to how sure you are of your choice. The less sure you are, the fewer options, the more of your self you are sure, the more the devil offers to trade for it.

Peace does not come before the battles we fight to preserve space for it.

Who is willing to lay themselves upon their crucifix, overcomes it.

We do not bear the burden of our crosses alone, as often as not, our crosses bear us.

There is something for everyone brewed into the draught of ‘Post Millennium Rock’, but it will not come to you, you must come to it.

Only in recognizing the truth of our arrogance, can we honour the true depth of our ambition. Sure Icarus dive-bombed, but after all these years, we still remember him.

Heaven doesn’t wait, it can’t, so live now. It will be there when you get there, but it won’t wait for you.

Conflict is the mother of peace, and instability, the father of comfort.

Those at peace, have gathered many wits from those at war.

I am left wing when the right wing needs it, and right when the left requires. Mainly I sit in the middle, and try to monitor the passion of the participants in the game.

Nothing is life or death really, unless it all is. What it is ,is a game. One that you are invited to wake up to, and begin playing with new insight, and confidence. Which team you play on isn’t as important as the fact that you are playing for a team. Or solo, if that’s how it go. Big up and play, these are your times.

Meditate upon the difference in ‘earning’ money, and making it. It is easier to make it.

‘Earning’ money has emotional programming roots, so is a bit more complicated. Making money is free and clear of anything but the best instinctive intention, whatever has got to be done, will be done.

It is up to you whether your spiritual values be given more weight than your material ones. You are all spiritual beings (and great ones), you are all equally material, because I just saw you there picking your nose, and looking at it. You only honour your spirit more, by paying earnest attention to it’s material desires, and the miracles it lays down in it’s path, on the way to realizing them, not as the minds’ judgements, but as the spirits law, made manifest in time.

Every man has the wind at his back, when he favours his own opinion.

Trapped desires, judged, becomes disease.

We are never more mocked, than when denying ourselves who we really are.

The angry spiritual guru , is the one that never admitted to himself that he could have also been rich. The stingier a man is to himself, the more of life he will deny, then claim as victory, as validation of ‘spiritual’ strength. In fact ,only the weak in spirit deny themselves, what is true of their desires. You can dance with all the pretty girls, you can have all that you can fit into your imagination, spill over into your reckless and mobile life, which doesn’t have to be fixed, it can just be ‘etched’.

You kind of insult yourself looking for someone else to tell you who you are. That is the reason YOU are here, to hypnotise yourself into whatever hero you need to be, in order to get your fiction on , and your satisfaction with your fiction.


.. and never throw too much reverb at adverbs, or too much echo on syntax…

Ladies and Germans, ‘VELCRO BAND-AID’!

The only things really broken of us is our mirror, not ourselves.

A delicious mess sometimes our lives are, a delicate mess. It only matters that it is a productive mess, even a reductive one, and , indeed, all is well. All is well that leaves us with most of our teeth.

…and when , in due time , it is time to give up our teeth, still fight it down to the last tooth, a good tooth is worth a good dispute.

We are grateful for the presence of grace in our life, to have steered us away from our sure destruction.

We thank Margherita from our press office, for her dedication and service. ‘Grazie’!

It is not enough to believe in God, and draw miracles. You must also know that God believes in you, then notice all the cards start to turn in your favour.

You cannot ‘idolize’ God alone, and get the best from him. You must also rough him up a little, give him a good slap up from time to time, or he loses a little respect for you. Too much reverence, weakens the spirit. God is your father, know when to stand up to him.

Angels hear their own call, or they hear madness, there is no middle ground.

What Angels gain by graft, Vampires gain by blood.

Maybe they are schizophrenics, or maybe they are just busy.

Levels of corruption will always be highest, where levels of sleep are.

We are not alone in our dark spaces. We are simply in our dark spaces, feeling alone.

Demand better entertainment, and you will receive it.

You have more than enough artists willing to accept the challenge. Challenge the system to produce more that meets your mind.

….and don’t leave your idea of your mind, in someone else’s hands.

….something along the lines of ‘ pearls before swine’.

All music is ‘world music’, when it is aimed at the world.

All music is good news, that helps you bear your pain less heavy.

I have great and abiding respect for comedians , comedy professionals, and the just plain funny. Laughter is great medicine indeed and the older we get, the more laughs we earn. I learned to be funny, in order to escape beat downs, until I got bigger, and tough enough to fight back. A sense of humour is among our greatest friends, and a survival buddy, to the bitter end.

Do not worry a heavy heart. Just be with it. A heavy heart is a deep heart, and bears good fruit in time. Depression is incubation, new thoughts for tomorrow.

Born under the banner of our nation, there are those who bear it’s stars, and those who bear it’s stripes. The glory may come through it’s stars, but the blood flows through it’s stripes.

Those who hate children simply recognize that they are the little monsters who will become us.

There were plenty of mistakes made and blame to go around, but politics is what killed the music, the rest is spin.

I grew weary unto my death of the people holding me back in my last life, and bleeding him like a chicken. What was worse was losing my identity to identity thieves , who then had a greater , more vested interest in my name than I did. Just to get to my own thoughts and emotions required me to step lightly past guard dogs guarding my emotions and vibrations unless it upset others and their plans for MY energies. I am embarrassed now, that I waited so long to really fight back, and those people and their families and organizations, ought to be ashamed for their wickedness, and evil. The great drought of our industry is certainly, I can assure you, no coincidence.

This current life most frustrates those who would desperately love to control, and continue bleeding it for their own purposes. I am grateful to God, and all of her 8 billion names, for the chance for a new lease on life, and the freedom not to have to serve people whose greed outstrips their common sense, and with such foul and contemptible race attitudes. These people can make their own money , and find young, stupid niggers to serve them. I too, was once a young stupid nigger. (but I isn’t anymore).

I do not care that I am ‘polarizing’. I care that I am real. Who feels, feels. Who don’t can blow it out of their blog.

‘Q’ ratings are mind control tools to keep public and popular performers under control. Only idiots would take it seriously.

The people maddest at him for dying, were the same ones that killed him. Life is a bitch, and then they spell your name wrong in the obituary.

Greed is neither good or bad, ultimately it is useful, or Pandora would not have carried it in her purse. Excessive greed is the bane of our world. We require nothing more than the best that life has to offer. We require more, and more again, when we don’t have the best. Certain that you deserve it, life will speed to your life, tidings and offerings worthy of your self regard, and no more than you can comfortably digest, in any given life span.

Really greedy people give off a desperate stench, which one can actually smell. I love money. I just happen to love other things at least as much, if not more. Money will never be my master, she instead, is MY bitch.

In essence, our parents can’t fully become adults until we, their children have. We raise each other, and not just the one way only.

Working for positive greed can enhance your project. Negative greed destroys pretty much whatever it touches, and will mock it in the bargain. Whatever cannot directly and immediately be turned into coin, will be despised and discouraged by negative greed and it’s agents and ‘confusionists’. Most art falls into this last category.

I no longer care to be liked by everyone, in fact there is something distinctly un- masculine about wanting so desperately to be liked. It is not everyone’s karma to be ‘the likable guy’. Just, at all costs be real, and try not to be too big of an asshole in the process, and all should be well. There is no greater and more useless burden, than trying to maintain a high ‘likeability’ rating. In truth , people respect you more, if you just mind your own way, and leave others to theirs. The rest is just monkey training.

When ‘artists’ stop working for the ‘man’, and start working for the music, revival will begin, and a great one.

…. And yet, if I hear that someone that I like, likes me, I am like an overgrown child, giddy with spring and it’s constant threat of new love, and new friends. We are nothing at all , if not a huge contradiction that works. To paraphrase Master Walt Whitman, the American Moses; “If I contradict myself, then I contradict myself “. His mentor, the great Master R. E. Emerson said;” a foolish consistency, is the hobgoblin (ghosts) of little minds”. He also advised that we give each day, the rights of the day, and to adjust our thoughts, accordingly. If yesterday contradicts today, so what? Honour the rights (and the rites) of each day, and it’s octave, and vocabulary. Our morals are there mainly until we can figure out our next move.

Don’t just be that ‘spiritual’ person, be stealth as well, and yes Virginia, it’s OK if you are also ‘hornier’ than most. ‘Spiritual’ people probably are much hornier than others, but are mainly in denial about it. Make no mistake, a good responsible fuck, is about as heavenly as it can get in these fields.

A woman can only belong to you if you belong to yourself. Otherwise, she is on loan to you.

Marriage is a meditation the equal of anything a man can undertake.

…and it matters not how well you and your partner get along, or how compatible, it is still a call to awakening, and is still a process that requires your full and complete attention. For me, the key was
waiting until my fairy princess showed, who yet still understood that my first wife will always be the music, and her muses. Otherwise, a jealous woman, will tear your love apart.

Why is war necessary, when you can just buy stock in a country, and control it that way ?

They say that there is a fool for every person. Good. If you are the type of fool to send me a check for exactly 1770 euros a month for 3 years, then I would really appreciate it. In return, you get that special feeling of ‘satisfaction’.

A short poem.

It ought to be a law against profiting, while in office, from a war that you are conducting. But maybe that just makes too much sense.

…not to mention, a steady stream of dollars.

My ‘spiritual’ philosophy has evolved to a simple paradigm; Survive.

…and survive at all costs.

We are not moved by our challenges, as much as our challenges, and challengers are moved by us. A challenge is only a burden to the confused, to an awakened soul, a challenge is a call to a new law.

Just be mindful to accept your challenges and not others. We were designed to survive our travails, we were not designed necessarily to survive the mindset of others. A mind (yours), is a terrible thing to waste. Only the angels, and heartfelt prayer can replace a mind that has been destroyed by crime.

A new mind is a new life. Our brains we are born with, our minds we are given.

Who gives you your mind, controls it.

To accept responsibility for your own mind , is to accept responsibility for miracles.

Miracles draw closer to an open and fresh mind.

Who sees nature with a clear and open mind sees only spring, in all 4 seasons.

Commercial music has been robbed of all substance and light, so as to be used only as a ticket to ride for advertisers, and the trucks they sell. The irony is that better music would sell more trucks.

The economy was great around the Beatles and everything they touched, because the music was great. When the music suffers, and lies bleeding and in chains, it holds other parts of the economy hostage, until it gets better. Music is a spirit, a real living active energy field, most beloved of the angels, and when she is tortured, it would be powerfully naïve not to accept that there are avenging angels who love her dearly, and take full aim at her captors and killers. Music and it’s heart and purpose in the universe, is no small matter, and it’s importance to our spirits are as vital as water to our bodies, and the small, greedy minds who actually believe that they can control it are out of their minds, and the music that they pass off as music clearly reflects the depths of their ignorance and confusion. I support Mp3, because the angels told me to, Mp3 is (as my friend Enea pointed out ) the revenge of the spirit of music, and it’s all inclusive prerogatives.

The more the emphasis on the technology and equipment, the less the emphasis on the music. Music doesn’t need a high tech face lift, or the world’s best makeup artist, she just needs a simple red dress.

I no longer desire to be ‘produced’. I just want to be recorded.

A short Facebook profile could fit in here.

There are not really too many things that are bad, but there is much that is evil.

In fact you can co-exist with evil, if you choose and it is in some manner profitable for you. Just be clear that it is evil. Evil can be worked with but it cannot be changed.

The only way to check evil is to clearly see it for what it is. It is less evil in the face of truth, still, it was designed to be evil, and you were designed to be you. Walk completely away from all useless evil.

I once heard it said that the thing about dancing with a bear, is that you can’t stop when YOU get tired. It is much the same with evil, if you dance with it, make sure that the evil you dance with is no bigger than the evil you recognize within yourself.

The way children are used to exploit family law, and what is left of men’s rights within it’s realm borders on pornographic. When they are used as weapons, it kills a portion of their spirits for life.

It is easier to dance with evil, when the band is playing your tune.

If we have democracy at all, it is because we also have guns.

I once criticized the NRA, I think that they apologize for far too much stupidity, and thereby hurt their own cause. It should never be easy for anyone, but especially a probable idiot, to purchase a weapon of mass destruction, as guns also are. Yet, I am also willing to concede that with our government’s extreme distrust of it’s own citizenry, the only reason that Darth Vader and his ‘confusionistas’ haven’t found probable cause to treat us just like Asian street protesters is because they fear us, as well they should , as we have guns, and many irate and trigger happy citizens. We do not wish to be the servants of our government any more than the founding fathers wanted to be subjects of Britain, back in the day. We are our government and we know what we are like, and therefore we shall keep our guns, thank you very much. Guns do of course kill people, yet, bad policy kills far more.

The ‘appearance’ of things is the nature of ‘statecraft’.

The allegory of the Wizard of Oz, is all you need to know of ‘statecraft’. ‘Statecraft’ is all production, but no tune, or bigger , fresher production, but still the same old song. Generally it is thus, the bigger the production, the bigger the lie.

We are now living in the times that will rival the 60’s for impact, and excitedly tell our grandchildren, that we were there, and right in the thick of it.

I am not a dog person, but a dog admirer. No other beings teach unconditional love and support like they. You can be an atheist, an arms dealer, a drug dealer, a priest, a lesbian, you can even be a musician, or slightly worse, a mass murderer , and still, when you come home from a hard day of killing others, your dog is right there waiting for you, without judgements or commentary upon your person. A good dog will also help you worry, so as not to have to handle it all alone. Many dogs are sleeping angels, many cats are as well (a cat person, more I am ).

In the mornings, early, I can see 2 types of dog people, those who are walking their dogs, and those whose dogs are walking them. There is in particular a lady who I swear is led every morning by her dog to the coffee shop, while she sleepwalks. After they leave the bar, then she starts walking him.

The ‘machine’ that respects the laws of the ‘machine’, is much less of a ‘machine’ than the one that ignores them. We are more mechanical when we dismiss our mechanics, then when we claim them.

Dismiss nothing but your judgements.

Since most of us are in any event in a constant trance state (promoted by the state, and it’s various witch doctors), HYPNOTIZE YOURSELF ! Your responsibility is to keep your head space in the trance that most produces the results that you wish to see in your life.

Our parents generation were given the option to be a lover OR a fighter. We have no such choice available to us, in these greatly compressed times. We must therefore be both, lovers and their Yang kin, the fighters.

The problem with my Buddhist brethren in Myanmar isn’t the power of their prayers, or the effectiveness of their chants, but their visible lack of AK-47’s. We must be willing to fight for our peace, and even unto our deaths, or what are we? I will give up my will to live, before I surrender my will to pride. It is far better that my honour survives, if not my physical body.

Peace is like a field, which must be diligently cleared of weeds and deterrents to it’s autonomy, if that field is to produce yield. The one most at peace is he who has fought hard for it, and thereby understands it’s true value.

In any event, whatever a man’s religion, it is too faggy to wish only for peace. May a real man also ask to be furnished with good hard fights, and even a dusty brawl or two, to stay sharp, and ultimately, more neutral.

Knowing what to love, and what to fight is most of the purpose of our meditation. In the meantime, we usually cut our teeth fighting most what we love.

Were this war about peace, it would be one thing, but this war is only about a bigger ‘piece’.

A more pragmatic question is; why should the people support a war or foreign invasion if they are not being cut into the deal?

I don’t get sex with other men, but apparently some do. If the good Senators of the United States can just put together something good for the children, and their health, then they can have all the sex in airport bathrooms with other men that they want. Although I cannot imagine any other civilized white nation setting up silly stings like that (how common, base and intrusive), the Republicans bring it upon themselves by being so holier than thou and with all of their family soft glow bullshit. They are OVERWHELMINGLY homophobic, because there are far more of them supporting their ranks than we are allowed to know, and in fact look for ‘closeted’ gay men and women to support, so as to be able to tightly control them and the agenda, that they are hired to represent. Many of their marriages are for show and marketing, just as in faggot ass Hollywood. What appears, is not necessarily what is.

Only pirates fear pirates.

Whoever you believe is the greatest musician in the world, can only be the 2cd best. ‘Space’ is the best musician known to us. What to leave out, becomes as much a point of pride for a mature musician as what to put in.

I gratefully announce chapter 1 of ‘NIGOR MORTIS’:A Critical Mass, entitled (there they go with those entitlements again); “ DYING IS EASY, IT IS CONVINCING YOUR CREDITORS THAT YOU ARE DEAD THAT IS HARD”. Songs are: ‘If I Just Stay with You’, ‘These Stones’, ‘The Lost Highway’ ‘A Wife Knows’, and ‘Cowboys and Injuries’. We hope you enjoy our presentation, no harm at all was intended, and no industry executives were hurt, maimed, tortured or injured during the recording process. All instruments are real, and all time is relative, as life herself is.

Between Rigor Mortis and ‘Vigor’ mortis lies ‘Nigor Mortis’. I know what it is like, when death arrives, the hammer comes down, and ‘Nigor Mortis’ sets in.

I would like to thank, and profusely (rhymes with Bruce Lee), ‘Il Conte’, Enea Bardi, and Matteo ‘Liam’ Sandri, for their assistance and good vibes during the recording of Chapter 1. May your Gods and spirits bless and keep you.

This is a buffering wall, separating Jews from the Palestinians.

All songs were written, produced, arranged and performed by me and Sananda, and was engineered by Matteo Sandri and Enea Bardi, and was mixed by the 3 of us, as well as the ‘fish’. We were grateful for the presence and participation of the ‘Fish’. I would like to dedicate these recordings to you and to Saint Gabriel, a real good friend of the music and its cause.

The future of recording is in Italy. Mock this at your peril.

When ‘organized crime’ ran the music business, the music was better. Now that ‘clean organized crime’ runs it (i.e. the corporates), it sucks completely.

When ‘the Mob’ ran the biz, at least it had more heart.

‘Hostile Takeaway’!

Over a billion Chinese! That’s a lot of takeaway meals.

Apparently, an Indian takeaway is big in China.

Get involved with absorbing ‘BEN’S BROTHER’, a great young singer – songwriter who, despite being an Englishman, is actually a wonderful talent. His songs have also been covered by others. What are you , mean?

The great blessing of England , are it’s Celts.

…which is naturally why the Brits have dominated them forever, they are the true lifeblood of those isles. Here’s to the Welsh, the Scots, and my kin blooded Irish, who are the soul and salt of whatever floats there that is not total B.S.

My new young soul is not yet mature enough as new growth , to come back into England. The memories of my last rites there are still too vivid and fresh, my chastisement too horrific. I literally get physically sick, whenever I have been forced by the law to attend another political ‘spanking’, to satisfy the British lust to contain anything non-Anglo with power, which it does not control outright. She has been a brutal beast of a bitch to me, and I see no reason to subject this life to the bruises and battle scars of the last. TTD gave his sincere life and ‘schtick’ to those people, who then, as soon as he rose from life, sentenced him to death, and their own peculiar form of mockery. Life is far too short, and Europe far too fair, that I should step back into a heckling sea of resentment , for having survived my crucifixion, got wise, and moved to higher ground. Life for me here in Milano, is a far simpler proposition, than it ever was for me in the 2 main Anglo conclaves of Britain and America. Artists here, even in the age where America and Britain control much of European exchange, is more rewarding, because the culture itself values all art, as a fundamental part of how they know and feel themselves, and as a cornerstone of great and lasting culture. In America, they shoot spit balls at you , and tax you out of the wazoo. In Britain , the media is used to assassinate you. Plus, to top it all off, the food here is the envy of the rest of the world, and serving it is still considered as noble an art form as any. I am deeply grateful to have found a home here, despite certain figures in the American power base asking their ‘business’ allies to make sure that I did not come here and raise energy. I only came here to use my small pension (what of it which was not stolen), and make the music that the Angels themselves assigned to me. If I make additional monies, I am happy. If I can but discharge my responsibilities to Heaven’s music department, I am equally happy. All I have ever wanted was the chance to prove my work the equal of any one’s , on it’s own Solar terms, and without a deafening Greek chorus thumping my balls.

As much as simple and inexplicable stupidity, racism and it’s Anglo fathers killed music.

….but, Mp3 is helping to usher it back in. And we praise Shiva for his tender mercies, many real people need and cherish real music.

London is full of more evil than the rest of England combined.

Fans of Senator Barack Obama might wish to take a look at his sporting doppelganger, JUVE’S great David Trezeguet.

So far, my wife is backing Obama, and I am leaning slightly more towards Madame Hills. Either one would be historic. Maybe they will team up , on behalf of the greater good. There is no way that I would like to see the first non- white president follow this current White House, hell no. The next term, is booby trapped, and Madame Hills, at least has the requisite political connections to handle all of the crap that the Republicans, and their politics of meanness, will throw at the next occupant. I would prefer to see the young, vibrant Senator serve some V.P. time, get some experience, and place himself in a position to inherit much of the valuable capital he would, should he tuck his pride and purpose under the Clinton ‘brand’.

…a doodle doo! 
If I can 
Just find my way 
Out of all of this, 
I’m sure that I’ll be fine!

I hope that this pipe doesn’t start leaking!

With all due and lasting affection and respects to Smokey Robinson, and Bob Dylan, America’s greatest songwriter is the immense Hank Williams. Once his songs get into your spirit, they don’t leave, but linger and dwell. Whatever our judgements of his life, like Sam Cooke, ‘ol Hank was an Angel of mercy, sent to share his songs with the world. Like Bob Marley, Williams was bigger than a musical genre, and all over the world, even in Africa, and India, wise fools know the songs (or two ) of the grandmaster of American ‘songsmanship’, and a genius beyond his time, Maestro Hank Williams.

Of course Jim Morrison had to die. He was a bona-fide liberator, and to the establishment, all real liberators, are ‘nigors’ of the highest rank, whatever colour uniform heaven, asks them to wear, skin-wise. A tremendous and original poet was he (though I do hear McClure a little), and one of the most riveting singers of all time, with one of the world’s memories coolest voices.

He was also a genuine ‘shamen’ who really moved energy. There were at least 2 bona-fide geniuses in ‘THE DOORS’. And at least 2 other truly great musicians.

You could even hear Maestro Sinatra’s influence on Morriso