Dear Wunderkinds, Warlocks, 
Peacelocks, Dreadlocks, 
Goldilocks and Bobbysocks:

Greetings and respect to you, 
your family, your tribe and your God!


The highest respects to mister Rogers, may he R.I.P.
I belonged to his neighborhood, I still do!
He was the model of a man devoid of cynicism.


Affection draws promises
Love isn’t love until
It draws blood


Loving a fool is steady work!


When we invest ourselves in increments we receive our share in increments.
Go full blast and receive the full blessing as you live it! Do not wait for heaven,
it is already full of delayed expectations and promises waiting to be fulfilled.


If you stop listening to your heart (your inner voice) your heart stops listening to you and
you forget your connection to the flow of manifestation and are then left at the mercy of 
your mind, which heartless, disintegrates into lonliness and despair and which 
Governments go to war over to maintain control of.



Just B natural and you will C sharp!



There is only self forgiveness for having judged your karma.



For astropsychoanalytical knobheads –



NEPTUNE is higher emotional perspective
URANUS is higher intellectual perspective
PLUTO is higher instinctive perspective
And relates symbolically to the King of Clubs




Our demons are there to purify us
By surrendering to them
They lead us through
Our dark places
Showing us where
The love is needed
Where the wound
Needs to be rubbed
And caressed
They lead us
Further into the light
Which darkness
Is the father of



Love is most moving when it is shining or bleeding



Time is what you get when you push play!



Love is the most powerful seed of revolution,
For revolution is just evolution amped and hyped
And ready to tango with time.



The path to peaceful revolution (for revolution is resolution in transit)
Is found when what we have already is invested with more enthusiasm and appreciation
And this raises its value.






Time always gives back what you put into it



Among other things, women are geniuses of subtext



Charisma is God’s light unchallenged by feelings of unworthiness.
Take this to heart and let your light shine!



Governments are not the only leaders of their Nations.
All participants who speak up and add their voice to the song 
are also leaders and we need as many singers as can be encouraged 
to raise the volumn of this debate, for to be silent is to be consensual.
While mother’s babies, most still more milk than memories, are sent off 
to affect share prices.



Governments reaching for more power will always try to intimidate the citizens 
from opposing it. Bullies do tend to be bolder behind badges.



Faith in who you are and recognition for the value of others builds Charisma, 
It also builds character.



Fortune follows fun!



Sometimes the fatherless are blessed
Much more than they know



It is the answer itself that produces the question
If the question plagues you : relax, it is the answer
Holding you until it is ready to reveal itself.




Zen question of the day:
If a cow undergoes reincarnation,
Does it ‘reveal’ itself?



Each man’s truth was cut to its own fingerprint
For what is objectively true can only be objectively
True for you. All other truth is subjective to its own
Law and not yours. Bet always on what is true for you
And you will roll more sevens!



….and be willing to respect what is true for another man and you will 
roll more elevens as well.



I nominate Eddie Kendricks ‘People Hold On’ as one of the great classic 
Unsung CDs. Order it, it’s worth it!



In a battle between what should be and what is, 
What is, is always closer to the goal line.



Let us now christen the age of individualism, in which a man may follow his own
Path to peace and wellness, and his own path to his own God and not be considered 
an enemy of the State in the process.



Crises is the womb of new birth



The body is an instrument of expression and when you hold back your expression 
you block the flow of energy in your body as well and this tension over time 
builds to become disease.



We have all been warriors of our own self-conflict, fighting an enemy too close to avoid 
and seemingly too distant to love, ourselves.
In this case to slay the enemy is to slay the ally and what’s the point of that?
The point of war is to win, so let yourself win and simply stop fighting.



It takes no less guts to be a pacifist, especially when the people who desire war 
always seem a little closer to the weapons.



You cannot always choose the picture 
but you can choose the frame.



….in other words it is not about the thing itself 
but rather how we choose to see the thing itself 
that determines the impact of the thing itself 
on how we choose to see ourselves.



Having fun is really great medicine!



Thank you Dr Deepak Chopra for reminding us that 
‘the things we fear most have already happened to us’ 
thank you also for your consistent and relevant service.



Lately I’ve been taking in a lot of an old highschool favourite, SUPERTRAMP’s 
‘Breakfast in America’. It is a great chill out CD. Check it out and be de-stressed!



If you are into deeply joyful and uplifting soulful reggae music than check out 
‘the best of the Gladiators’ and be lifted! I believe Virgin frontline Classic 
have a great edition for sale. Order it, it’s worth it!



Lack of attention from the ones they love spoil a child’s psychology 
the same as to bully them into shapes that do not fit them. 
To be attentive and positive bestows a crown upon them that will bear 
its own sweet fruit in their life. Spoil them ripe and you invest in your 
Own family fortune.



…spoil them rotten and you weaken the fruit that falls from the family tree 
and another seedwill have to bear this pain in order that it be healed and the 
family branch can stretch and grow towards new vistas and fresh horizons. 
It’s up to you..



Love your child as you most wanted your parents to love you 
and you heal three generation in the process, in one fell swoop.



Some days ago me and my girlie went and got matching his and her bikes. 
I give her an old players’ salute for having found a way to domesticate my 
Beast, which fought valiently and died hard, though it died in soft arms.
Besides in truth old players never die, they just change their game to favour 
The home court advantage.



The fire that kills
Is not the fire that burns
But the one
That is denied
The fire that burns
Does not destroy
It saves



Blessings and respects to the fans, retailers and radio in Spain, Portugal and the UK for 
the great reception accorded my ‘WILDCARD’, I am grateful and will see you all again 
soon. Also expect me more in dreamland where I can spend more personal time with 
the curious!



Life is best taken as it comes for to treat it otherwise is to make of yourself a shield and 
Life, in a greater effort to reach you, a battering ram.



OR OF EXTREMES! They are the balance of complementeries.



The advantage of being thought an idiot is that you are usually given a lot more space to 
play with and a lot less pressure to produce, this combination courts inspiration!



Go ahead, defy category!



War is a symptom of the very disease it purports to clear. 
We are naïve if we believe that the energy being stirred up in such an 
explosive way will neatly contain itself to Iraq. It is inevitable that it will 
spread. In orden to win support for the war an administration tends to sell it 
with a ribbon but once the ribbon falls off a lot more hair untangles. 
In the weeks to come expect to be convinced of the necessity for escalation 
and why tax monies will need to be expenditured to meet this demand, 
expect also ‘Homeland Securities to take a much greater interest in affairs. 
Let us hope that the effort to ‘Liberate’ Iraq does not come at the expense 
of the liberty of the liberators.



The Nazis too, lest we forget, were convinced of the intellectual and moral superiority 
of their political system and saw it also as their duty to educate and liberate the rest of the 
world accordingly although it was noticed that the countries they were most interested in 
sharing their ideals with were countries who had a lot of stuff they wanted.



In lieu of the fact that there are only two Beatles left, from this point on any 
Beatle or Rolling Stone gets a much deeper bow of respect from me than they 
would have already gotten. These men are among the priests of my religion 
otherwise known as humanitarianism, a church of nature, full of rabble-rousers 
of the public faith, full of philosophers leading no one but themselves out of the 
darkness of a suffocating mindset, full of poets who praise wild and breathless 
things,full of speculators who don’t know anything and love themselves anyway. 
Full of women in full possession of their own senses, full of fools who know when 
to shut up and dance. Full of people curious about other people and who wish to 
Pass a Good Feeling on. Full of those who tiptoe through tulips for fear of disturbing 
the wheat as well as those who tear into their meat with an almost savage intensity. 
It includes those who sniff the lightly scented air for reference to higher faculties 
and those who smoke like a burning, twitching forest. It includes those who have 
spent most of their time in prison, it includes shining examples of virtue and it 
includes messy and confused whores. It includes those who hold the name of their 
God pressed close to the damp of their skin as well as those who could give a fuck 
about Gods at all. It includes the maverick, the derelict and the bolshevik. 
It even includes former employees of Sony! 
John Lennon was my Moses, James Brown my Abraham, James Baldwin and Gore
Vidal my deacons, Maya Angelou and Edna St.Vincent Millay as priestesses 
Jimi Hendrix my Solomon, and too many more of golden persuasion to name in this
particular assembly of words. The rest is too divisive and disharmonic and always 
an excuse for people to further divide themselves. Very often it is but totalitarianism 
wearing the suspect mask of moral superiority.



We are certain if we observe attentively that life regards us as we regard ourselves.
Life is a full length 360° degree interactive mirror, a hologram reflecting the views 
you hold about yourself and others. Think big, what could it possibly hurt?



All ‘evil’ is the result of inertia.
Too much energy circulating, not enough outlet.



There are few things more potentially dangerous than a bored genius 
or a well intentioned fool.




ode to Valentina:


she left my heart
with a trail of blood
so she could
find her way
back home
she left my eyes
smothered in tears
so that she would
look larger
than life



MILAN – 8th APRIL 2003