Dear: you and the one sitting next to you!

Fresh fish
sizzling on an open flame 
if by a slip of habit
it was them, instead of rabbit

Our turtles have become us
and our feet have gone roosting
our corals have all been gabled 
and our garbos gone to seed
but for just 55 million 
I could make all of this go away
and become a Brazilian.

You are not losing your looks 
you are gaining your face
once locked behind the gates 
of mascara'd indifference 
and metal plates.

Now I enter the summer of my 
corn fed youth 
no longer a spring chicken 
but still quite finger lickin'

the thing our fathers have taught us 
is to never bow down to another man's will
after the home leaving flips the switch 
no other men will ride us now
that would only make us their bitch

'We shall overcome'! 
This said through clenched teeth 
and checkered bubblegum 
fists which faint 
for too much restraint 
over the concrete that grows 
where the grasses ain't

I left my heart in San Francisco
but my ass is still in LA 
trying to explain to the traffic cops 
that speed is relative 
to how hard one rocks.

In school we were taught 
adjectives, verbs and adverbs 
but never reverb….
which was when I decided school sucked !
if I cannot study movement without echo 
then narcissus and his apologist 
repeat their lives in slow- mo

I once surged up out of the sea 
urged on by songs of sirens
and unrelenting will
the wind kisses sunlight
but their shadows haunt me still
this is too much pain (I feel)
to carry a load that chases back the moon
for whom, once in our mildew years
caused Luna's blush to swoon 
even giving her a head start
by quite a few paces, 
threw Spanish eyelashes at the races 
and spit sand back on the dunes
and even as midlife crisis
is splattered from the many barrels
of an angry Isis (always questioning the prices)
and collects sermons from the bile that rises
to reconnect his sword
otherwise, the lava contracts 
and men get bored.

I am thinking of writing a poem
in which the 'idealist' takes a bow 
right before he walks into the street
and gets hit by that reality truck

Unfulfilled desires increase the capacity for the body to hold fat.
The more our unfulfilled desires increase, the wall around us also increases to protect us from further disappointment.

Never argue with an idiot, it'll only make you doubt yourself.

Follow the day, not the plan.

Your mother told you of the certain types of people to avoid. Include this: confusing people. There are people who seem to be nothing more than manifestations of clouds of confusion and if you suffer them too long they will pass on the 'jinxes'! Next thing you know, you are less certain and more full of doubt and your mojo becomes slow-mo or no-go …. When you see these people, unless they are immensely entertaining, bless them and keep on your way.

Tolerance is merely the understanding that since extremes exist in the world, its balancing point is necessary to insure that society remains balanced and in better relationship to itself.

We think too much of numbers and not enough of faith.
This is why our numbers are dwindling, because our faith has.

We never do things because we are stupid but because on a higher level we are much smarter than we think.

All objects of beauty are portions of heaven's love, not yet fully digested.

A thing no matter how well done or well considered can ever be called great unless it aims to lift the spirit. Raw or polished, rough or smooth, if it lifts the spirit and causes it to feel its wings, it's Great !

We dream our bodies and the larger our bodies get (out of proportion with our desire) the smaller our faith in our dream.

Every number above the number 3 is still just 3 realizing more of its options. The one explains the necessity of one and two the purpose of two. Then 3, responsible for the birth of all living matter before it and there after.

3 is a nuclear number, 3 is the active feminine manifestation principle born from light and using light which it is also the mother of to continue the necessary shapes for existence.

Open arms are an open heart.

Totalitarianism most threatens when we have become displaced from ourselves and our values and our fears of our liberty and of the 'others' we assume have become a threat to our peace. 
And our 'shepherds', fearing our displacement call upon us a deeper law which in turn beckons to a deeper meditation.


A government official (who works for the will of the shepherds, not the sheep) can never give you liberty. True and lasting liberty can only be found within and only you can give yourself the full allowance to live your birthright. 

The 'shepherds' create the wolves necessary to move the sheep in the direction the shepherds would have them go. 
A word to the wise is sufficient.

The freedom we fear becomes the totalitarianism we crave.

We often find ourselves awakening in the midst of our greatest fears being realized. Once realized, they can only shift from there.

The model for your hero is to be found in the mirror,
And nothing is more heroic than realizing this.