Dear you:

When you kill a man, you run the risk that his spirit may choose to become your ghost and use your body and mind as its host. Let's face it, killing another person tends to mightily piss off their soul and they will usually assume your life until that soul gets back its value. This is an 'eye for an eye' and a 'tooth for a tooth'. In short: most killers are possessed by the spirits whose body they kill. This is fair, isn't it ?


…and neither are soldiers excused. Unless killing for the immediate preservation of your own life, there is never an acceptable explanation to the Divine Mother as to why you thought your judgment of her creation was greater than her own. Creator is not given the keys to run an entire universe until such concepts as 'nationalism' are evolved beyond. War is but someone else's opinion of the value of the lives Creator plants on our planet for growth and restoration. Woe unto those who presume to know better.


If you have killed, you are not exempt from God's mercy. Expect however to spend some time in the hell you chose to subject another soul to. Expect also to serve the spirit whose life you chose to edit. It will make you stronger and wiser and much less inclined to kill again. What you kill in another you kill within yourself.


The usual result of murdering another is a mind which goes mad once faced with the horror of its actions. The tougher forgiveness to receive is not Gods but your own.


Only my ego cares if I push you away by saying these things, my eternal soul could care less, because I know you all anyway and you will thank me for reminding you of these things whether in a week or a thousand years (and a version of me will still be here in a thousand years waiting for you..) I only care that you are more awake to your choices and as a consequence more alive. I am simply reminding you that you (Yes YOU!) have the power to bless or curse your life according to the choices you choose to invest your faith in.


The erosion of culture always precedes great hostility.


A religious war is a race war in disguise.


There can never be wars for God, only wars against God's truth. That Creator would need a bullet or a landmine to alter the consciousness of whom he wishes to touch, is as blasphemous as it is absurd. To simply place a thought in a man's mind is more than enough. Ask the Apostle Paul.


The laws of physics are still but lower laws and can never supersede the will of Creator. The laws of physics are like unto a steady stream of smoke rising from a candle which lies beautifully undisturbed until you blow across it and see how easily and effortlessly its shape and direction change.



Children not allowed to express the real truth of their emotions become belligerent, dangerous and confused adults. A safer society is one in which the children are taught appropriate outlets of expression. And not told to tell the truth but heavily admonished and browbeaten when they do. Children soon learn our depths of hypocrisy and see that the truth we are asking them to obey has nothing to do with their idea and everything to do with someone else's.


Please tell me by what logic one can be against abortion but for war?


Religious wars bear an even greater karmic tax because its essence and justification is never not blasphemy. It also seeks to frame God for a murder we commit. A man without a soul (and only the soul-less can so wantonly destroy) is to evil spirits what a chalice is to wine. Hell is not a physical place but a state of witnessing the process of being consumed by angry and evil spirits.


Imagination is an extension of the fourth dimension.


Love and respects to 'The Roots' for their latest project. Well done and keep up the good work!


The donkey that won't budge sometimes needs to be kicked. 
If he kicks back, be encouraged, it's the beginning of movement.


No man has ever converted a gay man into a straight man, only a weak man into a liar. We must learn to respect the obviousness of what reveals itself to us. The wishing it to be otherwise is why we have less energy to create the magic in our lives we so truthfully desire. And by attacking what is obvious we punch holes in our own soul. By these holes our grace escapes and through these holes the hounds of hell pour in.

Being gay is still not an excuse for irresponsible sexual behaviour. We can never know and love ourselves if we give ourselves so freely away. To share love is an amazing gift. Yet to share love we must first know love and feel love. We cannot scratch for love, we must wait for love. The love that brings with it the highest possible regard. Meditate for a loving relationship, then do all that you can to preserve it and to be preserved by it.


I have many gay fans and appreciate the courage it must take to live through such hostility. The perversion is not in our lives but in how we see and judge our lives. We have all been cut our meditation and asked to live it by our Creator. The same energy it takes to hate could just as easily be assigned to understanding. Where a man's dick must go is simply him following the law of his own karma and brings with it more strength and grace should he responsibly live through his portion.


My definition of a brother is who recognizes themselves as my brother.


The more you awaken to yourself, the more you awaken to the others that are also you.


In the service of wisdom we are willing to suffer the truth.


Rather than seeing your wife as the last booty you'll ever have, see it as the first. All other booty had you.


The right have more power in America because they are clearer about who they are. When the left are as clear about who they are, the center will hold better and pull the nation together. Definition heals.


One 'ho can destabilize a whole 'hood.


A man who cannot control his own dick becomes an enemy to his own family.

There is no conventional wisdom, there is just make it through each day and make it count!




Doing what I think other people

think I should be doing
is not leading
it's misleading
it's following
and I wasn't born to follow
or tomorrow
the seeds of time get
by wounded
alpha-rated bats
in stone hats
that scratch the face
and the furrowed brow 
it borrows


It's not your fault
It's just your reality


Too many graves
have walked beside me
still births are still born
until the first horn
sounded out 
once its cradles are
rounded out 
and fades between
the edgy blades
of atoms as they 
whirl about
some are ghosts whom time won't spill
into a cup
that measures draughts
not with counterweight
but aftermaths
correction is its natural stir
he'll always find new ways to lust for her
though connected to a burning star
that carries in its 
endless blaze
a certainty to reach too far
for a doughnut
fit to glaze


Less ruth!
More truth!


or rather theft
As I saw it
My eyes are not crossed 
To take from the strong 
To serve a weak God 
As myopic as yourself 
And to think, the last time 
You stepped into a church
The priest himself, a Maitreya
Turned to birch and waited until you left
To branch out of the lurch
In woollen fabrics 
Though wolves hide in hidden sleeves
Barking at all who question 
Dividing the flag along the lines
And waving it in place of valentines
When congress is in session
A man walks into a bag of fists
When he's fighting his confession


Your time is fading on the clock
The second hand has now been replaced
By the middle finger until now
Suspended in disbelief
But knows that things are looking up
Go ahead and drink what's left in your cup
And as for the stains still left on your ties
We'll point arrows at them
That'll say: 'your son's blood here'
He died for a good cause
He helped us squeeze another point
We smoke Muslims


I praise the herb
What else is it
But the active verb
To be
To have your own
To mind your own
To be your own
And not be a slave 
To a lesser state
Which proposes ponds
Of many fishes
Even as it steals
Your bait


In Guadalajara 
I once saw Che Guevara
Kickin' it with some homies 
And a princess in an iced tiara
His pants were green with yellow stripes
And two of his crew were smoking pipes
U joints for the sink
I think 
They were
Monkeys were dancing
At the tall end of trees
All of a sudden I freeze
Not all at once
But by degrees


A boy's body 
Belongs to the wind
To the primal joys of life
To discovery !
And the languid drifting clouds
That like canvases of cotton
Paint the daylight hours 
With colours of delight
That brush a boy's memory
With the confidence
Of crowds