Dearest Angels and other Astronauts of inner Space,

When we share, we multiply


Exercise stimulates activity in your life

We are never heavier than when we lose our faith

Be warned, cocaine is not a black man's medicine and is for them as alcohol is to the native Americans, Poison! Different tribes correspond to different remedies and a wise 
self-loving brother of African genetics would avoid it like the plague.
It does not harmonize well with our wave form.

Intelligence is creative initiative 

Give us this day, our daily bread 
And forgive us for expecting more
Than we need to meet THIS days's Grace


During their hibernating months many bears act as spirit guides for human beings.
they are quite active in their dream time and eager to participate in the raising of
our humanity





Emphasis on the middle syllables, SAH as in 'sausage', MAH as in 'mama', TREE as in 'tree of life', DA as in 'father', YA as in 'you' (yes you!)


When the pirates control the press 
Theft looks like statesmanship 

In praising the mother, we raise the father 

Real men do not whine, they sing the blues instead 

All women know what it's like to be black 

I've always loved Switzerland, a beautiful, inspiring and peaceful country and I have always leaned towards the Swiss with great regard for their basic and unassuming commitment to Christian values. Their Protestants and Catholics have never fought and 
Their four official languages attests to their willingness to absorb the different reflections of themselves that they see around them. They are always willing to consider balanced immigration quotas and are a lot more culturally diverse than many might think. 
The fabric of their social system is not based on the degradation of humans for increased 
corporate shares. Because of their humanistic approach to their citizens, Providence shall continue to bless them. They wear their commitment to the cross on their flag as opposed to wrapping their flag around one. 

Read Robert Frost 's


and you'll know how I feel about you and my commitment to your Grace


Ethiopia has many veiled secrets she lies waiting to reveal 
She is very holy land and much more will come to light about 
her role in the rise of civilization as we currently know it. 
They are a special people!

Service is the key to sacrifice
And sacrifice is the key to Grace

The wheat that reaches towards the sun is the wheat that is harvested.
What hides from the sun goes back to the soil 

…in the final analysis were not the bullets that struck down Dr Martin Luther King and President John F. Kennedy also weapons of mass destruction?

the internet is the people's network! 

Blessings and respects to Jim Farber of the 'Sunday Daily News' in NY for his encouragement, it's much appreciated!

My life has been greatly enriched by the music of 'Deep Purple'. 
For me they combine all the hybrid elements that excite THIS hybrid.
(we are all hybrids of a sort)
they were funky, bluesy, understood arrangement, wrote great songs 
and some really cool riffs! Jon Lord played organ like a rhythm guitar 
player to Richie Blackmore's groovy and melodic guitar. My personal
favourites are the CDs 'Stormbringer', 'Machine Head' and 'Burn'. 
Check them out! They just might take your life!

A word to the hardworking R V's connected to the great State of Virginia,
do not be alarmed I've changed location, the hyper space coordinates 
have shifted. I'll be back 'on line' in a few days.

File sharing is not what is killing CD sales, bullshit music with no fire or soul 
set to corporately approved rhythms and bludgeoned out of all personality is 
what is keeping the people away in droves, not to mention the high price for
such lack of inspiration offered. When Bands and Artists reclaim the balls and
the heart the Muses give us and stop catering to the industry and start playing 
once again for the people, then sales will go back up. Also pirates invite pirates 
and since the industry has built its Crumbling Empire on theft, it is ironic for them
to expect to receive consideration they've not been willing to give. It's simple, 
you steal from us, others steal back from you. 

I am proud that my music is a reflection not only of my inspiration but also of the many
People who enjoy it!

A musician's instrument is an extension of her psyche 

Thanks once again to the M6 Broadcasting group in France

A shout out of respect to three of my co-conspirators on 'WILDCARD! – THE JOKERS' EDITION'
The mixer Martin Kloiber, who started out and still works with Dieter Maier of Yello and whose nature is to tell you in thick teutonic tones that it can't be done right before he does it, Carmen Rizzo, a studio miracle worker with a wife much better than he deserves and a dog, Rango, who had the worst breath of any dog this side of Cerberus to go with his easy temperament and who always barked when I hit the right Groove! And Mike Bradford, 
straight outta Detroit, a very kind and easy going man and wonderful father to his children,
who played with both Miles and Marley and who pushed me to play more bass on the record than I had originally planned. An Austrian, an Italian-American and an African- American and all completely out of their minds!! I will also like to thank again the record executiva Christine Belden, who was the Godmother of the project. 

If you live in Florida, update your hurricane coverage!

Much Applause and appreciation to COMPENDIA MUSIC, SANANDA RECORDS 
Distributor in America for their wonderful set up work for+
'WILDCARD! – THE JOKERS' EDITION', thanx Walt, Mike and Judy!


The name of my new publishing company is 'TREEHOUSE PUBLISHING'

These two songs are for you! On the 30th of June, for the first time (contrary to past perceptions) I shall step in to my manhood by taking Francesca Francone to be my 
Mrs Maitreya. Both of these songs I dedicate to her and all the women who have ever taken a chance that their love could salvage a man from his own disaster. They are also
Dedicated to both of our mothers Frances and Daniela and to our Divine Mother whose children we all are.


Words and music: Sananda

At random glancing within your eyes 
They hypnotize me deeply 
The faded sunset explains to me 
The sympathy of Angels

The still silence that spirits wear 
I see you there inside it 
The sparkles dancing above your head
Is skin you've shed now Sacred

Outside of time our Love is so Sacred

The cool september that I once knew 
I see in you completely 
We belong together like space and time 
Like beats and rhyme 
It's Sacred


Engineered by Mike Bradford
Keyboards, Bass, Atmospherics and Vocals: Sananda


Words and music: Sananda

Hail Mary full of Grace 
I will surrender to you
Love has me in my place 
Patiently waiting for you

Even if I'm wrong
I have learned that faith
Can bring me power 
And I have grown strong
Standing in the stillness
Of the hour
'cause my heart
is your heart

Soul Mama full of light
I am indebted to you
Your wisdom gives me sight
Patiently waiting for you

Every little thing 
That I've ever learned
Has kept me going 
And that is why I cling
To the song I sing 
And the peace of knowing
That my heart
Is your heart

Hail Mary full of Grace 
I am enraptured by you
Stay with me as I run my race
Patiently standing by me

Hail Mary full of Grace
I will surrender to you
Love has me in my place
Patiently waiting for you


Engineered by Mike Bradford
Mixed by Dave Way
Programmed by Mike who also played Bass and Keyboards
Guitar: Louis Metoyer
Sananda: Harmonium, Keyboards, Percussion and Vocals