Dearest ones,
Here is some more Grace 
from my heart to yours 
I wish you bliss! 

Your eternal friend 
Sananda Maitreya

I have been accused by some recording executives as being 'too musical'.
It goes a long way towards explaining why these same men have driven their businesses into the dead end they are now trying to find their way out of, and why without remixers and 'covers' of songs that were already previous hits, they'd already be back in the 'vaults' desperately searching for some previously unreleased Sinatra or Beach Boys, both of whom incidentally were also accused of this while they were making the very music now keeping these companies afloat.

I have found my own distribution network which plugs me in straight to the source, the point of contact.
By the grace of God all of the middle men have been removed from my process and all of the politics that go along with supplicating the vanity of weakminded men who operate under the illusion that their unimaginative and dullminded view of you should take precedence over God's inspiration. 

If I speak the truth I am deeply grateful to be free of them, most of them are mean, petty and resentful of anyone who refuses to reduce themselves to a stereotype and they are the reason people are buying fewer and fewer records. 
We are now available (Wildcard! – The Jokers' Edition) via for 15 Euro, at the concerts for 11 Euro, and by September/October in stores near you. I am grateful beyond words for all the 'beatdowns' I endured (and they were many) to arrive at this point. Sananda Records is real!

There can now be no other man on earth who operates under the impression that I work for him. I work for Sananda and Sananda alone and business is good!!
Thank you deeply for your support and encouragement over the years. 
This is what happens when you hold to your grapes: 
they become wine. 

I support Michael Jackson and his loyal fan base! He is still the boy wonder of my generation, and he speaks many truths concerning Sony.

The way to peace is self acceptance.
Jerking yourself around on a chain to meet an idea of yourself that conflicts with your essential nature will only breed powerful self resentment and sabotage your dreams.
Abraham Lincoln reminded us that "a house divided against itself could not stand" and until you cease being a slave to an ideal which opposes the truth of who you are you will fall for a lot of unnecessary bullshit that consistently thwarts the true desires of your heart. 
True maturity comes when we accept that we are who we are and it is what it is and from this point of realisation more clarity enters and your life takes off into the true direction of your fulfillment. 
As long as we are willing to abandon our truth, our real feeling of who we are to meet someone elses ideal (whoever or whatever it be) we deserve to be slaves and treated no higher than such. 
A word to the wise is sufficient.


Money that sits, attracts. 
Money that's constantly agitated with demands placed upon it weakens itself and calls for more replenishment. 
I have learned over time the hard way to appreciate even more what I have and to keep other people's desires away from it as far as can be made necessary. I have also learned the hard way to not flagrantly grant charity, for charity given to the uncharitable is not seen as Grace but as obligation and they will quickly spoil your purse. I have also learned not to trust my money to strangers. It never ceases to amaze me how many of us Artists and Actors will begin making money and just give its administration over to a complete set of strangers simply because they have a nice office and a nice ring to their name. 
Unless someone is blessed with an honest heart they are bound to concoct ways to siphon from your purse more than they are obliged to for they are sitting much closer to your money than you are and before you realize it the dynamic has shifted and you are working for them. 

Grace to Bruce Springsteen and his cool new record. 

I can also appreciate my generosity even more now that it can not be as easily manipulated as it once was. 
Allowing others to manipulate your guilt does a disservice to both you and them and does not come from the heart but from the wound that they instinctively exploited and you instinctively resented.
Give when it inspires you, otherwise it's guilt money and you are being robbed with your willing participation. 


Hate is fear not faced.
Face your fears before you grow to hate them and yourself.
Facing them is never as hard as you imagine.


I love performing service for others for I am a Maitreya and we are all about service, albeit service as required, not as demanded.


The most poignant part of a soul's evolution is when it realizes that it is the thing that it is most afraid of.


How can a man fail to love a God who would favour us with Debussy? On these grounds alone I will favour him with my eternal and unyielding gratitude for all the days of my life and beyond.


A man who believes that his sight must be as powerful as his vision in order for him to trust his vision will always remain shortsighted. 
Sight is dependent on vision but vision is not dependent on sight . There is far more to life that can possibly meet the eye but the inner eye sees the movie within the movie and recognizes subplots and foreshadowing and sees ladders where others see walls. 
Do not consult too often with 'the blind' they will weaken your vision and resolve. 


Grace to Lauryn Hill and her latest testimony!

Because many do not feel worthy of the powerful and awe inspiring gift of sexuality we assume that it's God's judgement upon us that promotes our feelings of unworthiness. It isn't. It is instead our judgement of God's love. We assume he has conditions simply because we have so many. Love yourself and trust yourself and keep other people's opinions out of the experience of your sexuality unless you have invited them. 
This is intended for adults and not children. 


In the final analysis true freedom comes from joy and not from position or status.
Whether married or unmarried, rich or poor, known or unknown, the joyful are content with what they have and yet do not doubt their capacity to receive more.


Simplicity rewards itself.


Each man owes it to himself to find the virtue in being who he is, for self approval is the most powerful fuel source a man can posess and if he has this he has the key to fulfilling the desires of his heart and if he knows this he is already ahead of the game, a game meant for you to win despite your fear of it. 


We must trust the Grace that we are for doubt is the author of all obstacles. 


Criticism that isn't positive can't be constructive. 
Negative criticism cannot grow what it touches but positive energy, synonimous with Grace, raises and expands all that feel its glow. 
Let your praise be your karma and what you reap is praise. 


Life holds those dearest who are most interested in their lives.
For when you lose interest in your life, life lets go out of respect for your wish to be left alone.


Make no mistake, Music is very important and has the power to cut through all bullshit and heal minds and move hearts.
After all there is a reason the man is called 'the pied piper' and not 'the pied plumber'.


Heaven has no desire nor need to punish humanity. 
Our opinion of ourselves is its own punishment.


It is through your desires that you know the will of God for you, for where else would the blueprint of your life be placed if not in your heart? If you cannot feel it, you will not find it, but if you feel it, it's yours announcing itself. Go towards it! 


Be assured, what is important to your heart is important to heaven. 
Support it and you will receive support.


When you doubt your power you only doubt it because you fear it.
Release it and ride the magic carpet! 


With all of your heart trust the desires of your soul, it is the will of God speaking to you. 


One of the most compelling things about humanity, is that we lust for most, that which we already have.


I have always loved Europe. 
Europeans are much more lenient with themselves in what they consider to be vices, for many vices are obligations and calls to self compassion.


Only by facing our dragons can we transform them, 
Only by facing them can they transform us. 
Face them, for they are the fear that you are more powerful than you have been led to believe, wearing masks that reflect our damnation of ourselves. 


Honour your responsibilities and your responsibilities will bestow you with honour.


There is no outer space more outer space than this is! 


Suppression of our feelings are the wellspring of anxiety.


Sometimes I am relieved when things are not going as I planned, 
It means a better plan is in effect.



2002, AUG 15TH