Dedicated to all of my SUE PORTER'S:

Is Victoria's Secret lingerie THE SHAPE OF THONGS TO COME?



S.I.H.A.A.M.W.T.W.O.M.M (Sorry, I have Acronymphomania and must write this when off my meds). I am coming off of it gradually and will soon take up Acrobatics as a part of my therapy to ween me off of the Acronym's disease.


Respects and love to the great master Marvin Isley. The masters ISLEY were CRUCIAL to understanding the essence and heart of POST MILL ROCK. They were one of THE greatest groups, and of ANY genre, of all time. They were and remain visionaries. May Marvin's God and spirit treat him like the master he deserves to find himself revered as. The Bass guitar remains the most underrated instrument in all of rock and pop music. Sometimes the only difference between a track and a great track is the presence and movement of the bass.


As long as you can feel your feet beneath you, you always know where you are.


We never really heal the THING ITSELF, as much as we heal our judgments of the thing itself, or we do not really heal. If we hang on to the judgment of the thing, we hang onto the disease, as the judgment of the thing itself, IS the disease.


As a fan of sports (as well as a fan of dominance), sports parity is bullsheissen and totally SOCIALIST. A socialism that protects the interest of the owners, who sneer at any OTHER thing called socialism that doesn't protect their monies and teams from their own stupidity and sense of entitlement. It is only called socialist if it involves or includes the poor or middle class. I could care less about the number of pro teams, most of whom suck and are unwatchable. AND it spreads talent too thin. WE WANT TO SEE DOMINANCE and to hate those who have it when we ourselves do not. Parity is only there to protect the rich and their piece of the pie, and it is a form of ownership AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Again, our societies seem fine with affirmative action, as long as it predominately favors the right profiles. Teams would try harder and be more entertaining were their inclusion in the next season not a foregone conclusion. Teams should be relegated after the season, like in european calcio, if they suck. THAT is competitive. Not fielding so many hack teams with the same profile lame hack coaches and their old mentalities. And all of these teams DO NOT pit the best against the best, but against a schedule. I am a lifelong LAKERS fan and what MIAMI did was great for the league, period. All major sports should slow down all expansion and clean up the sloppiness and waste now engulfing the games. And we should stop pretending that anyone but the networks and the shoe companies control the game they buy to further their control of markets and it's peoples. Besides, let's be fair, ONLY ROCK STARS want to wind up in CLEVELAND, unless you were from there (the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located in this part of the great state of Ohio).


Where did the Nazi's go? Particularly wherever men of color are displaying their gifts and talents, they largely run the organizations which most profit from them. It is an uneasy alliance. It is not enough for them to be employed. They must also constantly be monitored and quickly admonished should they prove to be their own men, outside the small circles we have drawn like pens to keep them cloistered in. Whole industries exist to monitor and limit our access to the real world while using us to sell everything which can have a logo put on it. And under the guise of sports journalism, ESPN are regularly used to replicate the two faced relationship that the Nazi's and their well renumerated apologists have towards their own flagrant hypocrisy. We are used to sell major volumes of product while at the same time, being always held to a crucible of behavior that is restrictive and at times, unconstitutional. Watch for yourself how often the topic of any sports program revolves around the latest behavioral issue with almost always a black or latin player. Accompanied by the usual grumbling from the always predictable profiles and their house organs. Even a sports network cannot successfully conceal how great is still the race divide in the culture, though they do a great job exploiting it for ratings. Every day, the same angry white man and/or his proxy, going off about 'THESE OUT OF CONTROL ATHLETES'. Our culture has a long way to go concerning men of color and their power preferences and human prerogatives. They are also given less overall protection should they screw up, and every opportunity to have sentences reduced when suspended or fined. We are still obsessed with the issue of controlling them, and thereby what images they project to the masses. Even a hint of swagger or independent thought is met with the usual threshing blades, and the read between the lines 'smirk' that accompanies commentary concerning men of color. And some of the ownership structures DO behave like plantation owners, and especially the commissioners, especially master David Stern, who sometimes seems to think that he is in an episode of 'Beulah'. He is possessed of the notion that he must ALWAYS appear to be solidly in control of these very wealthy and virile men and he often overdoes it, though he has proven a great mind for the game overall. Whenever we inch even slightly ahead of perception, once again, the hammer falls and the rules change. And apparently since President Obama, there is a mandate to 'balance' the power shift by being even harder on the individual expression of the men in question. As if it is all just a little too much, these displays of new consciousness afoot in the larger world. The mandate is not just to win games, but to win games without offending the fan base or the sensibility which has been used to keep us 'in line' for eons. Nothing produces ratings like the old chestnut of a black male face and a bunch of complaints. And the same tired and predictable blowhards getting all red in the face and apoplectic as they pretend to 'discuss' it. Face it, mainly, it is just good TV. Taking us to task has become lucrative business. One day, with the eroding tax base as our excuse, we may even begin to televise executions.




…and they are only called BAD BOYS because they will speak truth to power. Which benefits both power and the truth meant to serve it, and not only to serve under it, cowering like freezing piglets beneath the white knuckles of disgrace. Nothing moves me more than how few men I were blessed to have come across in my travels through the industry oasis. Many males there are. A few fine women. Precious little in the way of anything at all resembling MANHOOD.


…and last but not least, Bad Boys can be counted on (in the truth of their relative seasons), to put some serious DICK on whatever needs serious dick put into it…….


BTW, Your sister is such a 'ho, she put in her own bid to host the next Olympics….


…..and stop stealing from me without referencing, it is not cool karma to have and we are not as understanding as we once were. Be well. These writings courtesy of our new friend, added to the ZOOATHALON, an old hunting buddy of Luther Means, SERIOUS DICK.


The swastika has always been a universal symbol of consciousness, before uncle Adolf and his Nazi review spoiled it for everybody else. When I see one, we still think of the Hindu's, Buddhists and others for whom it is sacred. I could give a fuck whether or not someone else uses it in ignorance. It certainly DOES NOT intimidate me upon seeing one. Quite the opposite. I was here before the nazi's and shall be here long after them. The best way is to appropriate for your own usage, those symbols that scare you. ADOPT THEM AND MAKE THEM YOURS, and thereby remove the sting from the tail of the image. The way those of our darker skinned brethren took back 'nigger' and made it a source of pride instead of shame. Stop being pussies and fearing symbols. Push on past them and claim the land, the higher ground that is yours.


We are all one in spirit. That should be known. We are NOT all one on the mind levels, where we are each individuals and that should be respected or it risks killing the spirit that connects us to the all that is and can be. Wrong conformity is deadly to a living soul. We do not want our horses tamed. We just want to know where the bathroom is.


Unless you pride yourself on being a total idiot, it is best to avoid those obsessed with controlling your manifestations. And there is an ARMY of these zombies, for whom just THE IDEA of others living their own notions of freedom compels them to act out or plot against it. There is always afoot the human vice to keep the boot upon the necks of those who would think and be free. They come at you hard, they come at you softly whispering, but boy, do they come! And with 'all the views that fits the pricks'.


I am mindful that despite the good that goes along with it, technology is inviting us all to be a bunch of spies. It is enough that we ourselves are already far more spied on than our governments have the balls to acknowledge, even with the very convenient 'terrorist' catchall excuse at their disposal. Every single movement and scratch of our asses recorded and documented. Other things of amusement or distraction will be thrown at us as we are brought deeper and deeper into the net. By the time we realize that it has gone too far, it has already become the 'norm', and YOU the troublemaker for noticing. Evil, like rust NEVER sleeps. A word to the wise and diligent. BTW, many artist's forums are easily infiltrated by spies and their networks to control what flow of information and enthusiasm is disseminated about them. Maintaining control of the mind is EVERYTHING to intelligence networks and by whatever means necessary. Usually, just enough disinformation to steer the boat into a lesser current and off of its main course. And ALL successful disinformation campaigns MUST contain just enough truth, to make the lie appear more valid and real. And, some of your favorite HOLLYWOOD actors are spies. Information gatherers, and diplomats at large who are paid handsomely for representing their nation's propaganda and business plan. Including those who would spy even on their fellow actors and artist's. Btw, are you allowed to make an 'American' film without a Brit in it? They don't even have to be explained anymore. You just expect EVERY SINGLE FILM PRODUCTION from America to have members of the loyal British establishment reminding us that hype is hype, we are still England's bitch. Perhaps the fear is that we will forget about the vaunted 'special relationship' and leave them to defend themselves and provide the backing for their own mischief, which is still as active in the affairs of the world as ever. Some things DO NOT CHANGE. They only APPEAR to change as tactics are switched. Once we wake up to the one hand slapping us, they change hands.


A Santa Clarification: I am a Santa Claustrophobic. Every time I see Santa, I want to punch him. It is bigger than me.


Next on my immigration proposal are CANADIAN GEESE. Were they Mexican geese, they would have to have ALL KINDS OF PAPERWORK just to fly through on the way to a safer, less mean environment. Canadian Geese can even be found in NYC, acting as if they own the place. Problem with Mexican geese is that they LOOK Mexican and cannot successfully manage to impersonate our American Geese, though the Canadians get away with TONS of mischief because they have been known to imitate the Americans. This is grossly unfair. Starting immediately, we expect the President's administration to begin rounding up all Canadian Geese and sending them back to Canada and their better marijuana laws, where they belong. OR, ease the hunting restrictions on them. THAT will teach them to stay in their own country, while leaving more bird feed for our American Geese. If we MUST have foreign geese, THE FRENCH ones would be preferable, since they are already raised to be eaten with a wonderful pate and an apple brandy sauce with garlic.


We acknowledge that these writings have not as of yet met with the new ANTI-DOPING requirements. Neither has my music. We DO know that what with ALL of the FAR MORE egregious and criminal things going on in this world, the FEDS GOING AFTER MASTER LANCE ARMSTRONG is a waste of what monies you send them in taxes. Men of the cloth, in great positions of authority are still stealing the sweet breath of youth from young boy's loins. We stand by as any excuse for fundamentalism treat women like shitty afterthoughts. We harass men for buying drugs which we ourselves place in their communities as a trap to bust and control them. We take the measure of human desire, then penalize those whom we tempt with it. We make tons of money this way and at every turn. Selling them the stuff, locking them up for having what we have sold them to increase the building of jails by private investment companies to cynically house them. And yet, with millions out of work, out of housing and increasingly going out of their minds, WE PICK ON MASTER ARMSTRONG. Honey, athletes have been 'doping' ever since man saw the wisdom of not facing lions in front of Christians without a 'little help'. The problem wasn't that he doped. It was that all of the OTHER assholes who doped DIDN'T FUCKING WIN 7 TIMES IN A ROW. We are such pussies that sometimes it really sickens me. As if there were not greater dangers in this deeply hypocritical world we inhabit. Within reason, professional athletes should be left alone to attend to their machines, their bodies as THEY see fit and those who successfully train them. WE WILL NOT ABOLISH DRUGS ENTIRELY. And it has always been in man's greater interest to push his own boundaries of human evolution, which is up to us as individuals, NOT as little Nazi committees. OF COURSE THEY ARE ALL DOPING YOU SILLY RABBITS! We should turn our attentions instead to making them safe. THEN modifying them so that even 50 year old sportswriters can feel younger and fitter and more active as THEY safely choose. It were meant for our human and psychological evolution, ANABOLICS, and HGH, used with regard to their awesome power to transform. AND , it is the height of hypocrisy that a man can take a pill to increase his stamina in SEX, though not in any other activity whereby he may be induced to sweat.


Can you imagine how godawful silly JONAH must have felt upon realizing that the WHALE was just an inflatable?


Neither could DAVID have foreseen that once dispatched of GOLIATH, he would earn the eternal enmity of his 4 older brothers, Eenie, Meenie, Miny, and Moses. They vowed a blood oath that if it were the last thing they did, at least one of them would avenge the death of their 'little' brother. The loss of income from their circus act alone was devastating to their economy. And these were some mean midget mofo's. Among his security, David took precautions and removed all midgets from his bodyguard detail. It were never satisfactorily explained to King David how Goliath could have come from a family of undersized people, but the giant he felled was adopted. Still to this day there is an uneasy alliance between observant Jews and people under 4 feet tall…….


Our advice to all young and new artists is TO GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN 
(but DO NOT look back, if you cannot).


I idolize the human mind. This is why we often experience so much frustration at how much effort is spent by companies and governments neutralizing it. And to see so many of my peers make such lazy and inconsequential use of it.


All fantasy outside the mind becomes our responsibility.


Note to author: don't forget to invite the Sea Monkeys to join the Zooathalon.


So then Woody, now a woodpecker free as a bird, turns to his tree-mate, Late Night Nate, the owl he now had a band with, and asks: “So, what do you think of these lyrics for my new song: 
I was Kubla Khan
with his dress shoes on 
thumbing his nose
at his bishop's pawns 
and sweating the long game 
frozen in my long johns. 
She followed cocaine 
'til her money were gone 
and beat me hard 'cause she's 
a battle axe, 
I had to wear contacts 
because my cataracts 
otherwise counteract 
how I like to drive my 
A 'Seville', if you will, 
though, as long as I'm 
not pushing, the steering 
is all the same still. 
So like a cold beer bottle, 
I sweat, and haven't even gotten 
to her nipples yet. 
The bottle cap pops and 
I foam. 
I shake her before using 
then limp my way home. 
In a straight line 
more or less, 
unless I'm too stoned. 
Which leaves me with a 
headache, like a Bedouin 
who lies in bed awake 
riding paperback riddles 
until the cusp of dawn, 
after which
which helps me keep
my grip on. As thick as the 
earth's crust is my desire to 
reach beyond its' dust, 
and if I'm 
feeling Japanese, it helps me 
keep my Nippon.”

Late night Nate let out an approving Who (but pronounced, 'woh') and gave the woodpecker a keen high five. 'I think we could definitely use that one Woody', said the owl. 'That one might even get us babes, or at least a few starlings'. Both the good friends laughed and went about their next business of making a set list for their upcoming gig. They were playing at a farewell party for the German Shepherds, who were being deported back to Germany after being voted out of the forest in a TV promotion. It was a natural for TV. 'Who Gets Voted Out Of The Forest?' Even a cynic could see the fetching possibilities in such a made for TV event. It's a made for TV world, wrapped inside a made for TV universe, wrapped inside of a conundrum. None of it mattered much to Woody. If his captivity and humiliation taught him anything, it was this; better THAT mofo, than me. Because a woodpecker WILL survive. So as far as Woody was concerned, he had spent his time in hell and would be content to let others do what time was their due to do. In their due time, of course. Nate couldn't be bothered either way. Owls were always strict about minding their own business and tending to their own law. Deep as the still night blanket which upon its indigo temples rest, it's serrated columns anchored into a darkness, too hallowed to be disturbed, too amber to be ignored. Anyway, as it happens, the rest of the forest had become nervous of the German Shepherds. Sure, they got major respects, but since having been abandoned by their keepers, the old forest marshals, they had become increasingly isolated and could not adapt to new, more relaxed tempos. They were suspected of still being spies connected to the old network and were making the other forest dwellers uncomfortable. For many, the loyal, faithful breed would always remain symbols of their oppression. Of their time spent in what should have been their paradise, struck dumb with fear beneath the iron glazed knuckles of tension straining to release itself, while daring you to call it anything but what it is. A madness which engulfs to the degree that it becomes the majority stain, and therefore has the mass, to call what goodness is left, abnormal. Besides, by habit, the German Shepherds would always manage to dig up the 'wrong' plants. The plants which you do NOT wish for canines to dig up and disturb the correct timing of. But that is what these dogs, by training, were taught to do and were still in the habit of doing. Which disturbed the forest's peace from time to time no great end. It would not have come as a surprise that these forlorn furry flea finders would be voted from the forest. There is talk of a second TV show. The early word is that the Monitor Lizards are the next to get the boot. It is a matter of bad timing. After the police state that the forest is now rid of, its denizens now finding their feet again, their beaks skyward pointing, the other forest animals are more than certain that they could use a lot less monitoring. And a whole lot more privacy. As it were once in the memory of the older forest dwellers, before it all got crazy and scalps started flying.


Sometimes, you have to go overboard to save the ship.


We were so poor growing up, if we wanted to burn incense, we had to drink cool-aid and fart. While lighting a match.


Radiation warfare can be launched without bombs and can be modulated via satellite.


I am personally a major fan of the Hollywood producer BUD NOREN. Although his path in Tinseltown and on Broadway have not been easy, it has been eventful and newsworthy. This was after all the man who had the vision to stage an all black cast for his musical remake of TV's GREEN ACRES. He dubbed it 'Plantation Follies and Jollies'. It was a big, if controversial success. Then he had the foresight to see the rise of China years ago when he staged 'SLOWBOAT TO CHINA' with an all Asian cast, turning the chestnut SHOWBOAT into something the Chinese could sink their teeth into. His literary pretensions aside, he had a harder time trying to sell his production of 'ALL ABOUT EVELYN', a play written about Evelyn Waugh and his writer's block. He had a big hit with 'THE WATKINS', a comedy drama that was about politicians in the future only being electable IF they could come up with their own dance. The most popular dance won! Tory Watkins was sent to congress as a Senator because he came up with the most imaginative yet accessible dance, THE WATKINS! A film was even made of it. He fell afoul of Hollywood however with his brilliant, little seen film, 'THE LEECH', about a noted film actor, CORY LEECH, who's grave gambling debts lead him into a scheme whereby he has to host a telethon for sick children, but who's real purpose is to raise the money to pay off his gambling debts, OR ELSE. Some of the money would go to whichever cripples he could con, while most went to him and to those to whom he owed the large sums of money owed. He was an entertainer, so had little in the way of scruples. He had hit on a golden idea, which could EVERY YEAR help him ease his addiction to accumulating huge losses and becoming a self loathing machine. A few kiddies wheeled out at the right time, some nice photo ops, and MICKEY SHINE would never bother nor harass him again. 
Twice independent financing was procured. Twice it fell apart mysteriously at the very last moment. 
From that point onwards, Hollywood never trusted his vision. His Broadway productions however continue. After all, who else could sell the theatre on a silent film remake of the ODD COUPLE, called THE 'HARANGUE-U-TANGS', with two orangutans playing Oscar and Felix, with subtitles in 4 languages playing above head on a screen? For the record, NEVER make the mistake of tossing an ORANGE at an orangutan. It may sound cute, but for reasons known only to linguists and nature, the two do not go together very well. It is presumptuous to assume they would. And only time will tell whether the public is ready for his next planned venture, a musical called GLEN. It is about a black Superhero (Glen stands for 'good luck nigger') who, upon rubbing his head, grants you your favorite wish, or goes after your designated villain. The NAACP has stated that it will first wait and see the play before casting aspersions on it. Conservative groups are also waiting to see if it is true that according to the basic storyline, if you also rub GLEN's member, you become a fairy!


The first woman President of the USA will not be Hillary. It will be Chelsea. Trust this. The Clinton dynasty is not finished. Service is service and it is in her genes. I could care less about the basic distinction between Dems and Repubs. They are both clueless and in search of a plot at this point. 
The democrats anyway are only on our side for as long as we do not slap them. Republicans have at least always been more honest about their vision of America and that it should look and act as much like them as possible. Not everyone is an American as they are, even if born in America. But they have been consistent at least. The Democrats don't know as much who they are and are quite confused about money. Unlike the republicans, who can readily admit to greed, the democrats want wealth just the same as every other asshole, while pretending that it isn't about money at all. As a consequence, it seems that the Democrats have always been somewhat jealous of the rich and or those who don't mind hustling for their bread. They are always a people in search of a 'program' to tie you up in, and are loathe to cut the red tape that allows for easier access to the fruits of ingenuity. As long as the democrats can take pride in GIVING THINGS AWAY, you are safe, but if your ambition is obvious and to NOT be on the rolls of their largesse, you are envied and opposed. They claim to be for us it seems, for as long as we are beggars. Otherwise, THE DEMOCRATS are just as much the enemies of free men as the communists. Republican player haters are more visible and obvious. The democrats hide and fuck you up from the inside. They pretend far too much for my taste. Here are most people's true politics: to make the money to secure their lives and to be left alone to appreciate what freedom means to them in action, and not only in rhetoric. There needs to be a third party if the new millennium will take us seriously. Two parties for a people so vast and inventive is bullshit and INSURES that little of consequence can or will be allowed to happen by our keepers.


I am tired of hearing about all of madame PARIS HILTON'S 'possession' issues. I am clear on this, if nothing else: LEGALIZE PARIS HILTON! I am sure that she would agree that it would be a cooler world, with fewer hassles if we did.


The first meeting of Neurotics Anonymous wasn't too sociable. Being neurotics, no one really knew why they were compelled to be there, they just HAD to be there. There wasn't even anything wrong with most of them, except that they were paranoid that other groups had ANONYMOUS affiliations, yet they did not. At least that is better than the 12 step program for former spies and intelligence workers, ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS.


Next, new music from Art/ Hip Hop crew, ANONYMOUS MOUSE, featuring lead rapper, ANONYMOUS BOSH (yes, he spells it like this and not BOSCH).


One man's miracle worker is another man's troublemaker.


Double standards are like catnip to my consciousness. I enjoy ignoring them upon seeing what I want.


Was not master WARHOL as much a prophet of our modern era as master McCLUHAN, MARSHALL? But he was edited. The longer famous phrase was, in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes (how could this man have foreseen the Kardashian's?). Then he said THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID JAIL IN THE FUTURE WILL BE TO HAVE YOUR OWN TV SHOW! 
Naturally THAT was the part edited out.


Most of the earth's true royal blood have been hunted down to extinction. But a tiny, tiny few remain and most of them carefully watched by the pretenders to those thrones.


There is still enough space left in the sky for you to write your dreams on.


As far as I can explain it, here is the basic difference between what is the LAW OF KARMA and that called THE LAW OF GRACE. Our Karma is that we have only one asshole. Grace is that we have been given 10 fingers to find it with.


…and where there is smoke, there is usually a smoker….


Next new music by Raging Hardmore and the Loch Ness Ministers. Grunge Rap/Country has never been more fun!


What begins in a closet usually ends with a broom…..


One of the keys to walking upon the waters is wooden or inflatable shoes.


Looking back in too much anger spoils our vision of the past and what of it we may bring up to date in our present lives. If we are present to them.


And then there was the woman who insisted on having ANGIOPLASTY. Until realizing that it would still bring her no closer to looking like ANGIE JOLIE.


And now new music from our fabulous singing and dancing CHEESE SISTERS. We are proud of them both, APISA and her equally lovely sister, ALOTTA. 
Produced by KAY KAZZO.


Even Luther Means had to laugh at the MOLES latest attempt at increasing their power. To build many 'snow' moles and register them as an endangered species with a very short life span in order to inherit the numbers once aboard the ship and without those registered snow moles taking up much, if any space at all. They argued that just because they only lasted for a few days in the right cold temperatures, they were still entitled to representation. But really, it was so that the Moles, once aboard, could stretch out and claim more room for their own kind. The rule for passage was clear, if a species could not be broken down into genetic matter, they were denied passage. And what was a snow mole after it became but a glass of cold water? By contrast, THE SEA MONKEYS were invited and all they needed to come to life was a glass of water. The same glass that would otherwise be taken up by trying to extend the life of a snowman for political purposes. Master Means thought to himself, 'they just got on the boat and are already trying to RE-ZONE it'.


And this enlightened word from renowned porn actor, Dick Justin: “Race? My race is property owner!”


Racism is entirely political. Without political convenience, racism would have very little instinctive support. CLASS is the more natural barrier to travail.


If freedom were actually free, it could not hold its value through struggle. And it is through struggle that it becomes freedom and not privilege.


The mainstream only exists while you are looking at it (as with most illusions). Turn away from it and it diminishes if not disappear outright. The true mainstream is where your mind is. Focus feeds into that being projected. The mainstream is where YOU say it is. And to this mind, the mainstream is always where my attention is, if I’m not interested, which stream it came in on or through is of no consequence to me. I hardly allow any other fool but this one writing to announce to me where it is to be found. In any event, it is harder to see the mainstream due to all of the billboards clogging up the enjoyment of the view.


All great civilizations, bar none, have been bastards at the root. Greece was far more 'multi-cultural' than historians like to acknowledge, as it challenges the theories of race which has made it easier to allow the continued rape of Africa's resources, who are never ever given the credit they deserve for being the cradle of humanity before they passed it on to who eventually became the Greeks. Yes the Greeks rocked but they had fathers. African fathers, like it or not. Rome was also a bastardized culture, as was Egypt before it. These epochs have always as today, drawn the best and brightest from all over the world to serve it. And intermarriages are nothing at all new. Many of today's races were created by these intermarriages and political arrangements. White supremacy and its twisted ethos have stolen much from the world mind. The idea that the genius of white culture stemmed completely from white law is total and complete bullshit. As the LAST of God's great and proud developments, his white children had much in the way of help from his older African and Asian brothers, sisters and cousins. Every amoeba has a mother. As the 'baby' of the group, naturally it were the will of God that his white babies be given EVERY POSSIBLE CHANCE TO SUCCEED AND SEE THEMSELVES LIKEWISE. I was there, when the white man were on the drawing table. He has been getting much attention since BECAUSE PSYCHOLOGICALLY HE NEEDS IT, to grow him as it were intended by Heaven to grow him. Though from time to time, like it or not, he needs to be spanked for his short memory and lack of gratitude to the history and kindness of his forbearers, which to listen to him tell it, only looks like he finds himself in the mirror. The white tribe is almost at full adult range, relative to his age in contrast to the Africans and Asians. We shall be expecting more from him and his many talents in the future, OR NONE OF US SHALL SURVIVE, though it must be said that the blacks have managed to survive on whatever planet God has asked them to serve on. As for me, I keep a spacecraft parked on the dark side of the moon, just in case this shit gets a little too nuclear for my taste.


Ignorance produces arrogance from the grapes of shame, due to lack of knowledge.


It's a class war Harold. I have class and you don't.


This above all as regards our personal meditations: Observe what is and love it. 
A mind is what it is. Who is meant to be perfect was meant to be bored.




It were less of a problem for the very popular new female superhero HELGA NINJA, that she were both a woman as well as German. She was tough and knew it. The problem were that she had become a prime target for her latest nemesis, THE FOOT SNIFFERS. Superman and Kryptonite? 
Whatever. Among her loyal and growing following, it were known that if she had any weaknesses, it were her soft spot for those same nemesis. After a hard day of the logistics of 'superheroing', was it too hard to see why a beautiful young super heroine might not want to relax and blow off a little steam having her feet sniffed? Super heroes too have needs. Though there was the fear from her nation's intelligence services that this would render her too susceptible to kidnap and torture by foot fetishists.


It must have come as both great surprise and relief when the master COLUMBUS told the natives that they were living in America. Imagine prior to that how confusing it must have been to the natives, when they were filling out the census forms. NOW, when asked what country they were from on the questionnaires, they could finally, after all of that time, take their fountain pens and write, AMERICA!


As for me, I am always there in spirit to greet ANY man who believes that he is discovering MY shit.


THERE IS NO WORK (if instead there is the joy in life being shared)!


Global warming IS connected (as some of you have already surmised) to the horrible deeply evil HAARP PROJECT, which is some total Nazi shit (whoever else has monies invested). And both sides of the debate profit from this sinister and deadly game. A word to the wise. The point isn't whose 'scientific' evidence is more correct, it is that the more evidence there is, one way or another, the more confused we become, and this confusion produces the lethargy of surrender. This is the latest in a long line of games being run on us to produce more and more fear and to increase more and more profit from that same fear. THE GLOBAL WARMERS CAN ALL GO AND FUCK THEMSELVES. No more of your psychic blackmail. Become foot sniffers instead, it is less harmful to the environment. The real catastrophe IS NOT global warming. It is the degree to which these desperados are willing to go to rob and steal us blind. Turning every conceivable group against the other in order to maintain the distractions meant to keep us from figuring out who our real enemies are. Besides the earth has cycles that produce what we are falsely selling as global warming. And this is what happens when you keep knowledge out of the mix. If we knew the earth better, we would know who her real enemies were. We fell asleep and now we awaken to find out the latest trick by the pirates to take our world from us while presenting us with the latest dogma to entrap the latest generations, with new rules and endless regulations. And with moral opprobrium thrown into the pot for good measure.


The last section sponsored by the FAHRENHEIT ANGELS.


As grand master poet/philosopher GIL SCOTT-HERON said: “The revolution will not be televised”, but IT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON Mp3! 
While supplies last.


I cannot help it, I have always had an instinct for ORCHESTRATION, musical or otherwise. I have always felt confident in my capacity to sniff out any and all orchestrated events. And Global warming, BEETHOVEN himself would have admired the orchestration behind it. And NO, we do not fear these deeply disturbed asswipes. And THEY ARE NOT going to be allowed to ride this thing into even more global power. They are instead about to become embarrassed.


And DISNEY must not forget that they ARE an angel company (those companies founded in order that upon necessity, the higher forms can teach and remind us of our heritage) and are called to a higher standard. Or they forfeit this right. They need to get their mind back together and stop stealing so much. Far and wide corporate or national, COLONIALISM IS SPIRIT THEFT, and the taxes upon such is massive. We expect much more good to come from/through Disney, or THEY SHALL RAPIDLY BECOME AN AFTERTHOUGHT in the NEW WORLD ORDER, the one that the Angels, with our diligence shall deliver at the correct time. Imperfect as he was meant to be, the great grand master WALT DISNEY was an Angel of the Lord's. And a great one.


….and that 'mouse' is GANESHA'S mouse, let us not forget.


I also remind Hollywood that its evil can be EASILY returned to it. EVERYTHING is known and seen and no stray prayer or foul wish goes uncounted. And we are certain that your games are legion and that it has already contributed to the law of diminishing returns. It can still get a whole lot worse. THE COMPANY CAN ONLY HELP YOU SO MUCH, get out now while you can.


Good to see THE PRISONER back again. That and the 'Truman Show' have always reminded me of my life. I know the life of NUMBER 6!


I have been in corporate/government quarantine for so long, I've redecorated my cell and made it into an airtight home. What was meant to lock me up and out has instead given me a structure from which to create the world according to her curve lines which appeal to me. Where YOU place a man is less important than where that same man places his mind. My quarantine has only focused me more. Thank you racism and the various other 'isms' that have kept me from a version of my world we were sent to serve, it has given me more to give back to the work and has galvanized my existence. If one version of the world is denied to me, I remember that she is an onion with many other worlds layered atop the other and we serve where we find the space to do so and failing that, we sit back, wait and let those worlds find us. This is not arrogance, but knowing who you are and what you were sent to serve. There is pure magic in faith and patience.


Having a son is awesome. He is two months and has already spoken his first word. He said 'Ciao' loud and clear, although he may have at least twice said to me either, 
'feed me', or 'eat me', I wasn't too sure.


With our ever evolving prejudices, we have made FAT people, the new niggers. We have an appallingly poor relationship to our own self images if we are so obsessed with theirs. Never you mind what you think will kill someone else. Attitude kills far more. is also, the height of bad manners to even comment upon someone else's size, or how they got there. Truth is, the fat have always been jealous of the thin and the thin even more envious of those who wear their size with pride and the least concern for what some other asshole thinks. And we have become those assholes. 
The weight that they should concentrate on losing is us and our rude judgments which passeth itself off as CONCERN. And nothing is more oppressive than other people's 'concern' for us. Naturally we are encouraged in our prejudice by the 'weight loss' industry which needs the prejudice to exist in order to extract monies through guilt, those evil, disruptive bastards. We first justify ripping other people off by demonizing them. We have become truly ugly racists as it regards those who do not fit ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCTS of size and all of that portentous bull we are duped to believe is 'science'. Money CANNOT BUY MIRACLES, though it CAN afford all of the science in the world which hovers near the miraculous seeking to disprove it.


There is THE LAW OF INTERVALS. Look it up. Master Tiger Woods is currently coming through one now. We all go through them golfers or dentists. It is understood best by relating to the musical scales, each of which has normally 2 sometimes 3 'intervals' between the whole notes and the half notes of the key of the scale in question. We've absolutely NO doubt that his demise has been greatly and prematurely exaggerated. He was meant to change the game and has. He needed this 'break' to recalibrate and he got it. Tiger the boy wonder is no more. Next, BEHOLD TIGER, THE MAN! Me and my son were both born in the year of the Tiger, so we have always had an affinity for the young athlete master Woods. And just so that you know, the Lion is NOT the king of the big cats. A Tiger would take a Lion, ANY TIME OF DAY, ANYWHERE. A Lion, as great as they are, can be induced to back down, and live to fight another day. Tigers fight to the death, or you are wasting their time.


Most of what I know of comedy, I learned from the great maestra JOAN RIVERS. I found her hilarious as a young blade. I still do. She were every bit, if not the equal of her greatest peers, THEIR superior. More life and love to her.


I acknowledge that I too am a racist. Being raised in America would make it almost impossible not to be. We are all tainted by it, one way or another. It is just that my race is determined not by sight, but by vision and feel. I know who my race is upon encountering their true spirits, regardless of what skin uniform spirit has asked them to serve in and through. My people are not and simply cannot be contained in one tribe. They are spread out, to cover all corners of the globe and to fight the good fight from all angles available. For me, racism does not become racism until it is against someone else feeling the same pride in their assignment as you do in yours. A white man has all the reason in the world to claim pride in his tribal affiliation. What he doesn't have, nor has been given the rights to, is the right to suppress other tribes gratitude for their affiliations. None of us are free, unless all of us are free. I would that all of my friends are satisfied with their assignments. If they cannot see or feel beyond their colors, they are either dead, or not looking deep enough.


WE create the ‘market’ for crime by observing what people are like in their natural human environment, their proclivities and tastes, and then criminalizing them. This is deeply cynical and a trap which increases the state’s power and profits while alienating and confusing the now demonized people. Find out what a tribe prefers and make it illegal and watch anger, frustration and a sense of unfairness and hopelessness create the very criminal class whose culture has been swiped from them and is now being used to defeat and mock their own will. A culture that thanks to our laws, they can never fully have nor fulfill as their soul and mind breaks into fragments to be treated with drugs they are not allowed to have, looking for a respite which will elude them at every turn. This is fascism. We NEVER draw the line AROUND people. We always draw it THROUGH them. This splits the mind into two opposing forces. One constantly hungering for primal experience, for confirmation of individuality and the various substances of fire, the other taunting itself according to its programming, that it can never have it. Hell is created by other men, we being those who like dogs being housebroken, are told when to sit up, when to bark and when to roll over. The hell with that. The new republic is about you respecting the rights of others not to be censured unless bringing direct anxiety to those same others. Kill me, but stop messing with my freedom because while I am living, I live and breathe it MY WAY or you get run over on my highway. Purposely, CRIME IS PRESERVED by too many laws. Stopping crime is as simple as making fewer things criminal.


I could never consent to being a Muslim martyr as I would have to have my 72 virgins entertain me BEFORE I blew some shit up. Besides, if you look closely at the fine print in the belief system, it doesn’t actually promise 72 virgins. Look again. It promises the rarity of 72 YEAR OLD virgins. And that’s a bit different, if still quite attractive to some. I was raised by record companies, so I NEVER trust waiting until afterwards to get paid. PAY ME NOW. And at least half of these virgins should be PLAYBOY BUNNY certified, with at least 3 of them holding golden bags of weed or some good Nepalese.


Sometimes JOY spreads itself thin, because it can.


Sometimes JOY stuns even itself, so happy is it to be alive and having found new spaces to roam.


A fond farewell to the GREAT grand master and enduring icon, WALTER HAWKINS. One of our all time and vivid teachers and a wonderful public servant. 
As a musician, songwriter and arranger, the master Walter was unparalleled. May his God wrap him up, bless and keep him, henceforth, now and forever. 


…and remember, it no longer counts unless there is footage.


THIS IS A CODED MESSAGE (for our code enthusiasts and friends): 
Both the Fog and the Frog, swallowed My DOG. 
And the last I Heard, he was a Fire log.


She took me for everything, he told his best friend over drinks. ‘She’s got me by the balls, so now I’m taking the company pubic’. 
And then of course there was the guy so proud of the size of his ‘member’, that he would always insist on counting to 11.


The grand master extraordinaire Jackie Wilson was SO great, that master Elvis made a fortune and a whole career emulating whatever Of Wilson’s he could get away with (even down to the famous lip quiver and sneer). And he got away with so much, that it prematurely killed BOTH masters Elvis and Jackie. They were both heartbroken by their lives turn of events. Master Elvis was great. Plain fact. But master Wilson was his daddy. Much as Africa was Greece’s daddy, if we care even a little bit for the truth.


JOHNNY RAY! Now THAT is a true AMERICAN original. It mattered little how many ‘hits’ he had. His visionary prowess STILL echoes heavily with the reverberations his brief presence placed into our cultural mix. Both black and white singer/artists were touched and haunted by the beauty, power and fragility of his contribution. HIS CORPORATE MIMIC was the late great Frankie Laine, though NOBODY was the master Ray, nobody! Nor since. Check him out, he will move your spirit.


I feel it is my duty to announce to you (since we are not taught this in schools), that the ORIGINAL glue was ‘sperm’. Think about it.


Thank you very much madame Sheryl Crow. You know that I have always been a fan of your pedigree in your field, your work ethic, stamina and brilliant talent. Plus you’re still very much a ‘hottie’. Accolades should rain on her, she deserves it.


I dedicate these scribblings to the ORSOLINE nuns of Milano and Portofino/Rapallo. I am VERY FAR from the world's best Christian and have the paperwork to prove it. But I AM a Christian product and as such appreciate the work that these nuns have done, continue to do, as well as the hospitality shown to my wife, who they helped to raise and educate, as well as their kindness and empathy towards myself. May their God continue to bless and keep them. And may they forgive me for my corruption of a few Catholic school girls in my relative rambling youth…….


BTW: Soon we shall have a page dedicated to the full extent so far of my attempts at what the academics stingily call, POETRY. It should be up in a while, though there is no great rush. It will appear as and when it does, with the help of our web dominatrix, LILY. We shall also be preparing some more good concert footage and will let you know how soon as it announces itself to us. Upcoming shows also to be announced. We are also preparing the next chapter of THE SPHINX, which we hope to have ready before too long. Finally a shout out of respects to the Black Rock Coalition and to dedicated pediatricians worldwide. See ‘ya!


We wish we had more time to devote to the Black Rock Coalition. It’s just that my time is already so taken up what with my commitments to the LPSG! Who have my time’s priority. And our charitable work is very important to all of us in the Large Penis Support Group. Accepting new applications now!


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