COUNTRY MUSIC has always been good at helping people through hard times and temporary tears. And remains largely the only music promoted which is allowed to address adult concerns, whereas, mainly now, all that ‘black music’ and rock are allowed to address can be counter weighed with the side of a cereal box panel and you wouldn’t notice much difference. Now ‘black music’ is dance music or it never gets out of the box and its poetry is mainly kept deliberately by the state and its apologists at nursery rhyme levels, that its audience also remain not much above it either, and this is wicked and evil, to deliberately stuff a culture into a shoebox, that it may suffocate on its own dreams.

The fundamental problem in working with lions is that they always assume in their minds, the lion’s share. Even zookeepers confirm that Lions don’t like working for peanuts, though certain monkeys will.

Bravo to the Chicago Police department for refusing to throw any more people out of their homes and into the street. Naturally it would take an emotional toll, they were not called for this. They were called to help PREVENT CRIME, NOT BE A PART OF IT.

Energy returns, or we fall too asleep and forget ourselves. We have also put many Iraqi families into the street, even though it has been accepted that those people had nought to do with our suffering on 9/11. Our karma will dramatically right itself once we pull out of our commitment to destroy Iraq’s culture and way of life and make her and her economy, our bitch. The same people stealing from them, are stealing from us.

Long after the sweat of my boxing youth has vaporised into powdered memory, merciless before a sudden gust, are the master Muhammed Ali’s philosophy, zen in power and design, FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY, STING LIKE A BEE. Only now, with and through words and music and most of all what graces I’ve earned from maturity, have I truly begun to grasp the significance of this small piece of eternal weight. I still at times approach songs from this perspective and still fight what fights still I must from this same stance.

I have what to my mind is called the BRITNEY INDEX. To wit, the degree to which the sweet young thing’s most recent travails are hauled before our attention span like a mute train wreck, her most salacious drama stretched taut against our eyes like Windex on a glass, the more I fear that there is much greater mischief being committed in dark senatorial halls somewhere. Like most of you, we are fond of the Miss Spears, we are not so amused by the way the state, her programmers, seem never in the least hesitant in using her to distract us from their latest shenanigans. While Dorothy is being made up for her close-up, the curtain is being pulled by the wizard and his ozzies over another, more dangerous backdrop. We deserve better than the financial terrorists bombing our economy while we were bade to look the other way at Arabs. Arabs who have taken not one dime from us while our ‘patriots’ sold our asses and assets straight down the Swanee river. Meanwhile, a black man, some ‘poor white trash’ is in jail for trying to steal 400 dollars from an Indian running a 7/11 in Anywhere U.S.A., while the ‘planners’ and the so called terrorist ‘network’ that they used to ‘boogyman’ us with are somewhere raising a toast to OSAMA BIN LADEN for being such a perfect poster boy for their elite organization worldwide, which knows in truth no national boundaries, they know only the fellowship of vast sums of wealth and their mutual disdain for those who do not control it. Our President’s business dealings seem incompatible with the office of the Presidency , though certainly not incompatible with his warmongering. War is very good for the family business, and we should be embarrassed at not seeing this coming and going. ‘HMMM, Mr. Prez is an Oil man and his business interests include weapons distribution and sales, and WAR IS A BOON TO ALL OF THOSE RELATED BUSINESS’. WE COULD USE A PRESIDENT FOR WHOM PEACE IS A GOOD INVESTMENT, that way we are more likely to see it. BUSH FAMILY LAW has not been kind to my sojourn upon this artifice called our ‘world’ and the families desire to push ‘globalization’ was already enough for me to suspect it as dangerous and unchristian, and THE NEW WORLD ORDER is not a man’s place to administer forth, it comes when it does and not an hour before, so I’ve few qualms in sharing my most fervent wish that we see fewer of them anywhere near banks, savings and loans, WALL STREET the White House, hell even a hospital because surely something in their presence would break, and its costs passed on to us, as usual. They have been terrible administrators and have in fact done much to ruin what small integrity was left in the REPUBLICAN house and tossed its carcass to the dogs. Only their few friends and lots of Saudi Arabians got rich and I’m sure they are somewhere in a cave counting their new poppy crop cash flow and laughing off their craven asses at how gullible we are. The TERRORISTS would have actually done us a favour by freeing US from OUR leaders, who have terrorized us even worse and with a tacky bedside manner to go along with their foaming spittle, passed off to us as domestic policy.

Am I the only one who sees THE SKIPPER AND GILLIGAN in the President and Vice? LOVIE AND THURSTON HOWELL 3rd as GHW Bush and Miss Barbara? ROVE was THE PROFESSER, and madame CONDOLEEZA was MARY JANE. And I have no idea who Ginger was, but Deep Throat for sure knows!

….OK, so sometimes I get confused and see the Pres as ALFALFA from THE LITTLE RASCALS, and Vice as SPARKY, who became bitter and took a wrong turn sometime after the series was cancelled……

Who do I have to sleep with at GOOGLE to break into the top 10?


O my GOD, GINGER was RUMSFELD! Ginger was the war!

We bicker among ourselves largely because we are bored. We too are waiting for the script to change and a newer model being put into production.

Crisis galvanizes the attention and sharpens focus.

The truth of any love is that it has got to hurt a little.

Dignity, Integrity are just words that denote the value that the soul holds for its existence and its uniqueness throughout space time. There are no 2 snowflakes as there are no 2 souls anywhere, even identical twins who are really more than but superficially ‘identical’. Our creator and his Angel staff are loathe to waste matter, and identical things waste matter.

True ‘spirituality’ is not in a mans mind but in his instincts. However he may dress and colour those instincts, Religion is a matter of the mind.

THE LAST MINERVA’S SCHEDULED FALL TOUR HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO INFIGHTING IN THE BAND. A member was actually heard to say that “that bitch has gotten on my last nerves!” So far, it has done nothing to slow sales of their most recent release, ‘THE PEN IS PUMPED!’.


THR GREAT MARC BOLAN (of T-Rex), was rock’s JOHN LEE HOOKER without all of the salad dressing and stuffing. His grooves and hooks were totally sexy and without trying to dazzle you with ‘programming’ and effects, his technique was dirt simple , make butts rock, push rough bottoms into motion until inertia again claims its post and settles back down into boredom and the monkey go round in our minds. He was also as fresh and inventive a poet as anyone in his field, lines that could cut both deep and silly at the same time, no mean feat. Among my faves would include this great killer line- I HAVE CORKSCREW HAIR ‘CAUSE I DON’T CARE (a lot of his ‘braggadocio’ style, tongue in cheek, was adopted by myself as well as most of the rappers worth their salt content in hip hop) and my all time favourite line, worthy of the French symbolists and their requisite cheekiness, I DRIVE A ROLLS ROYCE BECAUSE IT IS GOOD FOR MY VOICE! That is absolutely killer and I would die to write something as succinct and awesome as that. Just that one line alone tells me a lot about the poet Bolan and his sense of Promethean like entitlement, his God like civility and sense of humour all at once upon a time.

Memo to manhood- We do not shoot other men in the face. Nor do we shoot men in the back, but for sure a man does not shoot another man in the face, it doesn’t speak well of us as men, nor as hybrids. Nor as Sons of God.

‘If’ will kill you.

‘If’, just 2 little letters, holds most of us hostage most of the time, that one little itty bitty spellbinding word.

…And while turning over in his grave (the new music will do that to you), BACH thought, “Man, if ‘composing’ was tough, DECOMPOSING is even tougher!”


A FAIR TRADE WITH CHINA PACT! Send every eligible black man of working age (‘mixed race’ men need not apply, we already receive slightly less jail time on average), 2 CHINESE MALE IMMIGRANTS! These would be to assist a brother in getting his life on, and with an agreed upon ‘stipend’ to pay Chinese wages. Imagine a brother with his own collie and another to go get his stuff and help him like a man Friday around his home, his workplace. Although this may sound a bit like slavery, technically it ain’t , so we won’t worry about it. This could go a long way towards ‘reparations’ and free bothers to offer more creative services to the country. To appease those of our full white brothers who may feel slighted by this overdue reparations program, we offer the idea of a similar type program, though with only one immigrant as they do statistically receive shorter jail sentences than the rest of us, a RENT A MEXICAN program, 2 DAYS FREE SERVICE A WEEK! Just think about it PTB (powers that be), a 2 CHINAMEN TRADE DEAL, naturally for registered voters only.

A KLANSMAN, fresh out of jail, where he’d been held for close to 30 years, was being driven by his cousin back to his own homestead. While passing a bridge, he saw a young black man bungee jumping off of it. He then turns and says to his cousin, DAMN, LOOKS LIKE THEY GAVE THAT NIGGER TOO MUCH ROPE!

Some of our ‘COUNTRY FIRST-ERS’ OUGHT TO KNOW THAT SOME OF THEIR ICONS have done anything but put our county first and they can’t strike deals fast enough to make a profit from selling our ass down the river. Beware of wolves who come in patriots clothes blotted with the stains of a patriots blood but which upon closer inspection reveals itself to be just more of their usual red ink, used for emotional effect. Your genuine love for your country (I grew up among ‘rednecks’ and know how sincere they can be) is being exploited and your racial meditations disturbed while we are being sold off to China, Saudi Arabia and whoever else has the cash to strike a deal for what is left of our natural resources, including increasingly, our man labour. AND IF THEY ARE RESURRECTING OJ SAGAS, then for sure these ‘mothers’ are up to their usual sleight of hand bullshit.

THE BROTHEL BUNNIES scheduled December release will be postponed while their lawyers argue with the government that their ‘studio’ isn’t a house just because the band and their pets were living in it and because it was a 4 bedroom ranch style home at the end of a cul de sac. The stresses have caused the band to ask for another release date, we have obliged and will in future announce the new release date.

Once you’ve had enough if someone else’s reality, it is easier to walk away. When someone proposes that their reality takes precedence over your own, you are walking into a game of DOMINANCE. Power can look you in the face, even as it steals from you, while dominance hides and sneaks up on you, then robs you, often accompanied by tears.

BATMAN ON A BUDGET has been dropped by their label Parc/Dyslexic for failing to turn in their long awaited album project, which were to be titled, ‘LET THEM DRINK SAKE’. Label head Leo Thayer was said to be affronted by the bands bar bills and odd recording hours.

While jogging one morning, I were drawn to a direction that I don’t usually go and I wound up in a beautiful courtyard, a Catholic teaching school and at its center were a lovely statue of the blessed Virgin holding the infant Christ. I genuflected and knelt before her to pay my respects and I heard in the inner ear, OM MANI CHRISTUM. Upon hearing it, I knew it were her, DIVINA, granting me some fresh helping of spirit to be of use to our cause, our way through and we were also sure that after testing it ourselves for its veracity, we could pass it on at this crucial time in the reclaiming of our faith and spirits from the realms of the dead whose policy’s held us breathless and hostage. OUR GAUNTANAMO IS THE BANK. As you would a mantra, a chant, take these simple words if you are drawn to them, pronounced ‘om as in home’, ‘mani’ as in ‘show me the ‘mani’ and ‘christum’ as CHRIS-TOOM. This is a Christian mantra, it is for all who would find themselves closer to the peace of their Angels, provided as provenance to the souls of all of the children of a living God, whose existence we are constantly asked to doubt, naturally by the agents of the same state which would blind us, so as to more easily rob us blind. OM MANI CHRISTUM.
Using the rosary or the like count, say it 6 times a week each morning 110 times, and before bed, the simple purity and power of the LORD’S PRAYER will once again prove the genius and mercy central to its design. The OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN routine. Our remedies, believe it or not, have already been programmed. We are not be alarmed, we are simply to take the alarm we hear and walk our way back to our simple faith in God. I am also a believer, naïve or not that saying grace before a meal reduces the chances of food poisoning and raises the vibration of the food, whatever the state of your palate.

We can ask our lord for simple things. You can take useful medications for your digestion, or you can simply ask your Lord to help you with your digestion issues. A man should be able to drink milk and lactose intolerance is an emotional ‘worthiness’ issue, as there is no earthly reason why a man shouldn’t be able to drink whatever the hell he wants, whenever he wants. Our fear for our world has penetrated our food and our fear in digesting it, food grown in the same world we are all now having a hard time swallowing…..

…and we have lost confidence that our food matters to those who now feed us as it seems clear that in pursuit of more profits and most of all more social control (the secret drive of most shareholders), will allow damn near anything that can be gotten politically away with to be placed within reach of our food. Washington is now so thick with lobbyists that we cannot even digest and absorb our own system anymore, and truth be told, we haven’t taken a good shit in eons, we are constipated, consternated, have degenerated, and pretty much assured that with no money for sensible systems worthy of them, our grandchildren will be communists. It wouldn’t therefore be surprising that more are experiencing digestive anxieties, as instinct would find it hard to swallow so very much of the blatant lies we are, were fed in order to conceal that THE NEW WORLD ORDER, was just another plot to shock and awe us from our senses while our world was being stripped of its carpet beneath us, a carpet you were raising your babies on and dreaming new worlds on. With the mentality of this gang, even growing your own vegetables will become a criminal offence, as will pretty much doing anything manly and for yourself.

I am a big fan of the lovely super goddess NAOMI CAMPBELL she is a slice of Heaven on tour and with each year, my appreciation for what she has achieved, and the strength, determination and resolve it took to break through the barriers which accosted her and which she subsequently hurdled with a pioneer’s aplomb, and witnessed in the process by those incredibly sexy legs and THAT BUTT which should have its own insurance. She was always never less than kind, and as super fine as she is, I were always drawn more to her as a younger sister I was proud of than as a ‘player’. She can be explosively funny, insightful and knows ALL OF THE APPROPRIATE GOSSIP as this girl knows everybody! She is also the kind of girl who will always try to set you up with her friends, only some of the world’s most beautiful women, she has a real generosity of heart and the temper of a woman who helped establish a new paradigm for her tribe, and she brought her country Great Britain back into the international stakes in a major way. She inspired some wonderful anecdotes, one of which was, she told me that a great and timeless blues master received her and her entourage backstage and she asked the wizened master, then about in his late 60’s, how he kept his powerful voice so strong and pliant, particularly at that age. She says that , with a small twinkle in his eyeline, he leaned towards her ear and gently replied, ‘I EAT A LOT OF PUSSY’. She told me that she burst out in laughter and thereafter saw the old master in a new light (which is why we assume the ‘old master’ threw that light on her). Irony being what it is, my wife told me that one of her first big ‘jobs’ were with Naomi, shortly before we met and that the goddess, apparently notorious with ‘other girls’, was as cordial and nice to her as could be imagined and that she left the set thinking highly of her. We are both fans of the Icon and brand, Naomi.

As often as not, complexity falters, but simplicity always finds its way.

BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE someone else’s house to throw a party in!

Should there be a President Obama, his ARUGULA REIGN will replace the current ALFALFA ERA.

My adorable spouse, Franci, asked me the other day if I felt a little hypocritical that I only issued my music now Mp3, but am still willing to go out and BUY CD’s from my fave artists. Of course not, Mp3 was ‘Harriet Tubman’ and her underground railroad for me. Others who the industry did not try to hurt and convert didn’t have to run into my hassles and I do not hold it against them, we all have our particular karmic crosses to bear and besides, I don’t even own an iPod, as most of the music I hear has always been in my head anyway and when my own ideas are not threatening to keep me awake at night, I hardly wish to pour more music in my head. Since I seldom purchase or desire to purchase music anymore, I am still glad when I can buy and support the image of the artists I respect. Besides I am not afraid to be a contradiction, most creative spirits are, though often for the sake of ‘image’ we pretend to be more together than we really are or need to be. I have most recently had the privilege to obtain via the convenience of plastic mercantilism: RANDY NEWMAN- HARPS AND ANGELS, OTIS REDDING LIVE IN LONDON AND PARIS, BB KING-ONE KIND FAVOUR, THE CLASH- THE SINGLES, BOB DYLAN- TELL TALE SIGNS, THELONIUS MONK-SOLO MONK, AC/DC-BLACK ICE, METTALICA- DEATH MAGNETIC, and the recent collaboration with masters WILLIE NELSON and WYNTON MARSALIS. I have not yet bought any of their goods and services but I think that I like THE HOLD STEADY, who seem like a positive development in space time and with the right attitude, and may they outgrow the current hype. Being ‘the next’ anything is a giant pain in the ass.

We will be a little more available through my FORUM, and MySpace during the upcoming days. We have other matters going on at this moment while also securing equally relevant matters with the left hand and do not always have the ‘extra’ time to present to these type communications. We are ever more grateful with the passing days that we followed the voice of our spirit and went, came this way, which means all the world to my peace of mind and creative vision. An ant has the right to dream just as much as the bear. The size of the dreamer is not the issue, it is the size of their thought bubble. The only thing small about us are is our idea of ourselves. When my energy dictates and opportunity swells, I do enjoy the interaction between our souls. I exist to address man’s soul, not his numbers.

I recently read an opinion that now would be a good time to reread the immense American man of arts and letters, the prophet RALPH WALDO EMERSON. His views concerning the nature of SELF-RELIANCE and the value it has as discipline for the mind and nature is indispensible and influenced my own development at a crucial time during my galloping, copious youth. One does feel the presence of a divine spirit informing his philosophy. He was for me not really a ‘philosopher’, as phillies speculate, ponder, but more a scientist, a science that does not speculate but sees and knows, comes to GNOSIS. Master Emerson had A REALLY HIP GNOSIS!

…AND THE MAESTRO NEWMAN IS ONE OF our greatest ever songsmiths and I have long admired his vision and work ethic. Bravo to a timeless master for even still giving a shit and pressing on. Who otherwise needs this ‘tsuris’?

Growing up in school being usually rejected by the girls who went for the usual jock suspects, I learned early to appreciate the cerebral sexiness of ‘smart’, and ‘funny’ girls. FUNNY GIRLS ARE INHERENTLY SEXY, and are usually better and more fun in the sack. Most ‘jock chicks’ burn out early and get fat anyway. The less that a girl has to give from her personality, the more pressure she has to place on her appearance. The more pressure she places on the value of her looks, the less time she is likely to spend developing an INNER WORLD. It is the gift of the Inner world that takes over the production of a woman’s beauty, after the physical karma of their youth fades. To wit: WOMEN WHO ARE BEAUTIFUL AFTER THEIR YOUTH FADES are only still lovely because their INNER BEAUTY has had the chance to take over and project themselves into the world from there. Women who hang on to their beauty know this. Beauty is produced by an inner fire, an eternal flame, claimed, framed, trained and treated as what it truly is, the very fountain of youth itself. Some women even grow more lovely as they age, perpetual blossoms of surrender to surprise. And the cultivation of a beautiful spirit grows all flowers and blossoms a little closer to the hand of the gardener.

A shout out to THE ROOTS, keep it going. The master VERNON REID has also not yet received his just desserts for the major contribution he has made, group or solo with his singular visionary efforts.

We are not mad at how much money the Republicans (or Dems) spend on making their candidates look good. We think that our politicians (witnessed by not just us now but the whole world) ought to look like they represent a great and stylish nation, not over the top but an appropriate frame for a candidates persona. Both Barack and Sarah are great wearers of clothes and ought to stand out as they are already standout Americans. I like how the maestra Michelle throws it together as well, though J-Mac could use a little Italian styling were you to ask me, not a lot, just a little.

We acknowledge that we have teachers, we do not have masters. A master needn’t be a flamboyant claim. It is simply someone not looking for other masters. Most ‘masters’ usually leave other people the hell alone and let them figure it out for themselves as time was provided for each to figure out how to take his ‘daemons’ and put them to work for him. For the ancient and wise (if buttfucking) Greeks, ones ‘daemons’ were the equivalent of one’s ‘muses’, the spirits that ‘drove’ one. Demons I can tell you are very real, some take human lives, most just haunt him from their base in the 4th dimension (they cannot penetrate the 5th dimension as the 5th is reserved for the frequency we know as JOY), and drive him to distraction. A master does not necessarily seek to banish their demons as they find them, though most do wind up banishing the boring and lazy ones, but first examine them with a view towards establishing dominance once he finds which ones are worth keeping and putting to work. So many were sent to me as a child (I often had to attend services where demons were being ‘exorcised’ by the ministers), that, we were taught in time by Maitreya how to take these sons of bitches and command them, how to get and hold their attention and show them who they were working for. Often others believe that they are sending to you destruction when in fact, by Gods design, you are being sent instruction, you are being sent the raw matter of your way through. AFTER THE HURRICANE, AFTER THE DELUGE, these same materials are then taken up by spirit and made over into a village of new law, accompanied by a more glacial peace, surrounded by less menacing circumferences. Check this out, the army sent to kill me is now in my command. Now, some of the same ‘demons’ which tried to choke me in the past, would now choke you for thinking of choking me! Now, some of these same demons are willing to fly anywhere in space time to be of assistance to the Lord’s will, or any part of his program. DEMONS DO RESPECT LOVE AFTER ALL, BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO SHOW IT TO THEM. And that is how you convert your dragons from negative raw data into positive spiritual matter. These same dragons then help you pursue your dreams, just as the fairy tales foretold that they would.

It is not that you cannot convert your demons, in truth they only come to us to be converted, and we are up to the challenge or we are not, but those who are, inherit their own strength and the beginnings of their own empire and the lustre which always flirts and dances with the brave.

The point is this- YOU CAN GET YOUR MONSTERS TOGETHER! And send some of them after those crooks who stole all of your money, that will give them enough to do right there for awhile…

Told by these pages before, I will still retell a joke, an ‘existentialist’ one which were popular at the time of my mortal youth spent in Germany. HANSEL AND GRETEL ARE WALKING BLISSFULLY HAND IN HAND THROUGH THE WOODS. Suddenly startled by a sound, Gretel lets go of Hansel’s hand and lets out a little shriek. To reassure her, he looks around to discover what it was, and then laughingly, he says to his Gretel, “Liebschen, it was just a rabbit”. At hearing this, the rabbit turns back around and accosts Hansel, ”HEY, PUNK, WHAT DO MEAN, ‘JUST’ A RABBIT?”

Our spirits move at the speed of lightning, even as our mind is still trying to board the train. So often, what we view as ‘mistakes’ are simply God’s and our spirits way of moving us on. At times, the spirit accepts that it is attached to so slow a processing vehicle as the mind, but works with it patiently when it must, though otherwise, it overrides it and moves the conversation to the next sentence. We do not really make mistakes, though we do at times err, we make decisions that grant us to know when it is time to switch to another plan, or simply renew the belief we have in our faith.

Our spirit works with and not against itself, as a horse whisperer works to transform a palomino not into an Arabian, but into itself, unchained.


A jewel useful to those at this time of crisis who are willing to trust and invest is AQUAMARINE. Whether as a ring, pendant, bracelet, necklace, or dildo, this material is quite useful for these transitions from one state of flight to another.

…. And do not forget that the price you are willing to pay for a thing is the value you are willing to give it. Value which as you give it, returns.

Dr. LECHERBALL accepted that had he had better connections, he would have dazzled the scientific community instead of his arch rival, Dr. Frankenstein. In retrospect, maybe making his monster black was too hasty a decision and the ‘investment’ may have paid off a little more had the monster lived even a few days longer but Lecherball was a bit more into aesthetics than his erstwhile nemesis, though he soon found out that even amongst monsters there were no equality. And while never receiving proper credit for his advances in science, he is now a very rich and contented man after noticing that for all intents and purposes, men would always wander the streets in search of love and Lecherball’s ‘ladies’ were known to be the crème de la crème. The old science community now shuns the good and inventive doctor, at least those who have not retired and now living themselves with their very own ‘Lecherball Lady’, known to post no complaints. They are also collectible.

The 6th sense is usually opened as a result of trauma. Otherwise 5 full senses is more than enough, problem is, most of us are operating with at best 2 senses open, our society tends to encourage as little sense recognition as possible, as MORE DESIRES CAN BE MANIPULATED WHEN THE SENSES ARE NOT FULLY OPERATIONAL. So we’ll buy more burgers, iPods, phones, with fewer questions as to what is controlling it.

Visionaries usually develop their ‘Vision sense’ as a means of seeing beyond terrifying circumstances, it is a survival mechanism enhancement, otherwise, like most safe sensible people, they’d be primarily focussed on the life before them here and now and feeling comfortable within it.

Being in the present would have been inappropriate for my youth and its survival, I were always bade to stay at least one half step ahead of my would be as well as real oppressors, and the past never held too much consolation, so we were al most always in the future, dreaming. Even while we slept.


So tell us, How much do you know and for how long have you known it? LECHERBALL’S answer would have to wait, after they revived him. He thought that they were going to ‘waterboard’ him, and he passed out. They only asked him if he wanted a glass of mineral water or water from tap.

We thank our fans in the INTEL community for what of restraint and decorum they have been willing to show.

Dr. LECHERBALL missed his home. Ever since alighting for Tahiti those several years ago, he came to see his prior time living in his homeland through a more amber tinted glow, the lens blurry around the edges though crisp when aimed at a sweeter memory. But the FBI were no laughing matter and ever since that Miami Dolphin football team shocked and astonished everyone by winning the Superbowl in that spectacular year, the authorities wanted to question Lecherballs relationship to the quarterback, who played but that one year, came from nowhere, then vanished again just as suddenly. He had never missed a down all season, seemed immune to injury, and annoyed the media by never taking off his helmet, even during press conferences. It were also he who’d initiated the team tradition of showering in their uniforms after winning, which he had also convinced them was ‘more green’. An FBI agent reportedly has testimony from a player from that team who swore that once during a last minute scoring drive downfield, that he witnessed the QB “pick his eye up off the ground and quickly put it back in as if it were no big deal”. Sources close to the team say that it is just another attempt by rivals to deny them their place in history as the only team to go 19-0 and win the Superbowl by more than 40 points.

Dr. LECHERBALL DID ADMIT TO representing the kid for a week during his contract negotiations while his ‘accredited’ agent was being ‘re-accredited’.

Rumour says that the reason THE BEATLES chose to play THOSE Epiphone guitars were only because they turned down FENDER guitars so as not to look too close to the SHADOWS who rocked pink Stratocasters at the time. It is hard to imagine the Beatles sound as anything other than those chimey golden toned Epiphones, which made almost every male child rejoice that instruments could sound this close to the voice of God. Whenever I play my Gibson Lucile, when I am not dreaming of being maestro B.B. I am remembering that the master George played a similar looking guitar and that alone is enough to continue playing it. And young players, don’t worry so much about your ‘sound’, or ‘technique’, just play. When I am not in the studio or rehearsals, I never ever play through an amp. It isn’t about the amp but about me and the guitar. After a while you will notice that your sound is in your playing and your joy and then whatever you choose to plug into only verifies that. Just play and the rest figures itself out and smoothes itself into the shapes which call most to it. Trying to find your ‘sound’ too early in the process may cost you your sound in the end. And your ‘tone’ comes from your heart.

NAOMI WOLF’S ‘SHOCK AND AWE’, might lend some lessons on what is happening with our current financial intrigues. This prophet was a fastball right down the strike zone’s middle.

… and while others were busy getting rich telling everyone to DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY, and that ALL OF YOUR SHIT IS YOUR FAULT, she was simply asking us to wake up to the latest scams of Babylon, so we wouldn’t be in so much pain later.

Besides, we do not work for wisdom as great as the respect that we have for her, but wisdom is our bitch. THERE IS NO GREAT AND GUIDING WISDOM, a lot of that is bullshit. There is simply waking up to who you are, who your father is, and calling your shots like a man and knowing through faith that your father and his pride will back it. Sometimes in truth, wisdom is even a pain in the ass……

WHO LIVES WELL BY INSTINCT would be wise to avoid wisdom and cross the street swiftly if you see it coming down the road.

Please stop spending so much of your time chasing NIRVANA. I went to school with her and she can be a bitch and she has grown accustomed to being chased. Like any other woman of significant vanity, if you stop looking for her, she will come looking for you. You will not be judged on whether you reached NIRVANA but on whether in the final analysis, you reached yourself.

Good COMMON SENSE trumps WISDOM and NIRVANA in any good card game. Trust this. Let these things, concepts come looking for you and in the meantime, live!

…and a lot of FEAR passes itself off as WISDOM, there is a difference.

Asked by his peers what would possess him to create a ‘NEGROID FRANKENSTEIN’, Dr. LECHERBALL answered, “Niche Marketing”.

From his underwater lair, in a warm active coral reef, SALMON DAVE dreamt of his day when he would leave the reef and earn himself that coveted recording contract, and he dreamt to meet his great hero, STEVE CROPPER, who he dreamt could possibly help him with his songs….

….and yes, he is the same Salmon Dave related by blood to his 3rd cousin ‘A-REEF-A’ FRANKLIN .

TWO exercises I used to do as a young boxer to increase my speed was to shut the door in the bathroom in the summer and try to snatch the flies out of the air, and growing up at that time in Florida, there were lots of flies, always. The other was to get into a pool of water with fish and to try to slap the fish. If you could wind up SLAPPING A FISH, your speed was ready. OK, THE FIRST EXAMPLE IS TRUE, and maybe I am hallucinating the fish exercise, but HEY, IT’S STILL A GOOD IDEA!

Waging a war abroad allows a nation to wage a more subtle one at home. The value of one includes that of the other.

In order to move forward and through restrictions in life, one has to develop the right ‘head’. To get a good head together and to keep a good head together is the main bulk of a person’s meditation towards success and fulfilment. It goes likewise as pertains to culture, if a culture cannot get and maintain a good head, it will find it hard to move on and will tend to circle itself overhead, afraid to land while it remains mired and rooted in its past. We have cultural gatekeepers who have greatly assisted in holding their tribes back due to the precision by which once a ‘head’ enters the cultural conversation and adds to it, spices it to nudge it a bit in to a brighter, clearer future, THEY GET RUBBED OUT BEFORE THE NEW ENERGY TAKES HOLD IN THE COMMUNITY. Whether it be music, or any engaging intellectual or spiritual idea, one with probable currency, a threat to awaken new trains of thought, they are summarily dismissed as the greater fear of all are we men AWAKENING TO OUR POWER and our ability to compel our own forward. This is why keeping our community rooted in nostalgia has been the way and cancelling out any new wave vibrations that tempt our minds to new and advancing levels. IT IS IN FACT STATE POLICY and I ran up against its wall constantly.

Your day time meadows make the night
Shadows real, and what of what of truth
The night conceals, will by break of twilight
Congeal and convince the swifts that
A stork cannot grant birth, to what would
Strangle it by numbers while stealing from the earth
Stamping out the phoenix’s fire while whittling down his worth.

And would those barrons who 
Have raped us and girded us 
With tenderloin affection savaged from 
The ‘smiths’ ‘outwording’ us, the we 
Who would wait for programming, 
New red ink tattoos, fancy monogramming 
But whistling Dixie just the same, these carpetbaggers 
Stole our lots while binding us in a numbers game.




Catnip is just like ‘catnip’ to kittens.


Space Invaders are real. Much of the morning meditation involves getting those sneaky energies out of your head space. They are usually people you know and may be close to. Gardens must be weeded or choked and overgrown with doubts.

BROTHERS PARANOIA- You knew that as soon as a brother got close to the Oval office, they’d start fucking with ‘rates’. We seem only allowed, if at all, to inherit the ‘colonial model’, “OK, YOU CAN HAVE IT, but only after we tear it up first, and extract all of our money out”. You’d have to have spent time in a brothers world to understand the very close relationship we have to our paranoia. We simply have seen all too often that if they can turn the tables on us and make it more seemingly unreachable, expect that they will, and always will. Nothing on earth upends ‘tradition’ more certainly and quickly than one of us steeping onto their field of dreams.

And to be fair to our Mp3 generation, you too are seeing the karmic consequences of a great deal of the theft that some of us have been regularly engaged in. One must support an economy that it wishes to be supported by, it’s the simple law of consequences. We are responsible for ourselves in the final analysis and we too have been thieves, getting away with murder. Whether we are on the level of stealing people’s savings is cause for conjecture, unless you consider the money that we ourselves took out of the economy which supported other families and their way of life. I do not lose sleep over who steals from me, but the law of karma says that THEY WILL. Take what is given and pay for what is not, and the law of balance returns to our future, now.


Stop stealing and watch love return. When we steal from others, we steal from our future selves, and the future is never exactly where you think you will find it.

At some point, AN ECONOMY BUILT ON THEFT will begin to leak and embarrass itself. If we are a Christian culture then even our money falls beneath the laws of our Christian guilt. We got into bed with thieves who stole the income we thought that they were going to steal for us, and we kind of deserve it. Children of a lesser God bases their economy on lower values, as children of a major deity, we are expected to show the value we hold for ourselves as the basis of our way of doing business, our way of life, or we forfeit the blood we’ve earned.

We went from a nation of people MAKING money, to those types which go LOOKING for it. To go looking, to ‘create’ money inevitably has its limits, whereas MAKING money includes the old fashioned idea that everything has VALUE and that it is that same value which creates stable wealth. OUR WEALTH COMES FROM OUR VALUES, and not the other way around. Our system has gotten too cute and tricky and needs to be re-tethered to a more consistent notion of reality. When it has gotten too difficult for an honest man to make an honest dime, then you know its time.

The REPUBLICANS ONCE WERE GUIDED BY A SPIRIT, though those days are long past, now they are guided by a PATHOLOGY, and it has sickened and accosted our world. They will retire to villas in DUBAI and laugh at us, they who own the DECIMAL POINTS and the trajectory of its wicked arch.

WHEN YOU LOCK GOD OUT OF HIS OWN WORLD, this kind of shit happens…..

When you make best sellers of books which constantly deny the existence of your father, IT MAY NOT BE A COINCIDENCE THAT THINGS GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT. If a book can talk you out of your birthright, a bully can beat you out of your bank….

What is more corrupting than to encourage your doubt of the fathers existence?


I DON’T GET TOO OFFENDED IF SOMEONE INSULTS MY GOD, my God is a big enough boy and can look out for herself. I care far more if someone insults me, as I am known to be more sensitive than my ‘God’, and more prone to seek revenge if my nature insists on having its honour avenged. I am STOIC as appropriate and EPICUREAN as time and circumstance allow and see no reason to turn a cheek I must hide my game face behind, when it may in fact be better for both of our processes if I turn your cheek instead. We are called to contain the truth of our spirits, that we are LIONS AS WELL AS LAMBS. When times are ‘roaring’ we can in our lambs lay, when things get ‘baaaaad’, then we wear our Lion furs and scratch and claw the infernal beasts of night.


….so own your victory line, and cross it as often as you need to, to remind yourself that you are a winner. OUTCOMES DO NOT DESIGNATE WHO WINS, ‘Perceptions’ do.

At some point, we may have to strap up and regain upon ourselves the right to grow food and whatever else helps us mind our own and not our neighbour’s business. Left to INDUSTRY we would be stripped of all rights to self maintenance and survival and be like unto our lives, those frightening black birds that gathered on the monkey bars, silently scorching, while Tippi Hedren tried to ease her way out of the playground, before inevitably they attacked, in the great master HITCHCOCK’S ‘THE BIRDS’. There were birds on the high wire too.

Even as a child I understood that the maestro ALFRED HITCHCOCK was operatically great. His sense of storytelling and sense of visual wit and genius was matched by WELLES, Orson, but his focus and stamina were amazing and he seemed possessed of a ‘parallel’ sense which allowed his films to be witnessed as multi dimensional layers of a lasting truth, he seemed always to be holding open a door to the psyche, and even the horrors of having exposed the psyche to much of ‘therapy’ and too much introspection. In his films the mind examines itself and we get to watch the journey the mind takes from its horrors to its point of eventual release. Certainly he had ‘issues’, masters get bored without them (and run out of ‘material’ faster).

When all is said and did, it must be said that all in all, both of these gentlemen have been exemplary examples of bold and proud AMERICANS. For my own reasons, I am a fan of both and will in any event be ‘spiritually’ available for the cause of moving our country past this negative karma regardless of which man is granted the seat of power. We are certain that both men are stars and leaders and a better nation we are for being that country which can contain them both.

We are not a panderer, we say it as we mean it, or we keep it shut.

On the other side of all ‘bad money’ are threats.

And the good news is this, there are developments beyond our worries. Sometimes, ‘worry’ is the shield that hides the good things in preparation, which as often as not, if we knew of, we would with impatience, disturb.

Above our dark clouds of worry, are our Angels with their lightning bolts.

Though we may be born in America, to become an ‘American’ is a process. It has taken me so far these 46 years to understand what it is to be an ‘American’, and how hard it is. It is far easier to fake it. What I assume of my rights as an artist, as a man, I assume as what I believe it means to be an American in this world and what flames that I may stoke from what fires I start but do not steal.

Many never take the journey, they just take the passport instead but to become an AMERICAN is a journey straddling the crossroads between the land of ideals and the soft shoulders of pragmatism.

Your father is so dumb, they wouldn’t even let him wear OXFORD SHOES.

For those of you who yet ask, we have done our time on Maggie’s Farm, and anyway she wasn’t too nice. We owe our efforts now to time and her scroll and not to image makers and binders. Nostalgia is not heavier than pain and besides, there is no THERE to return to anymore, THERE has up and shifted. If you miss me now, as you say, it is because you missed me then also. I am here now, and you know where to find me should you wish to renew and maintain an acquaintance. What difference does it make what ‘stream’ I stand in, mainstream or otherwise, my stream is now here, and planted like my faith, by the rivers of waters. This is my portion of THE AMERICAN WAY (as it factors into my interpretation of the American dream).


Saint and Sanity share the same letters, Y? Because only the sane can see God, the rest are just poets on the wrong medication.


Who looks loses, who has themselves has nothing to find.

But it is also silly to think that God can be ‘seen’. When we all know that he hates being seen, especially now with all of these new cameras…


At Pimlico 
I saw her stain 
As she stood inside 
A weathered face 
Stretched by withered 
Glances glazed by gain, 
While neon afterthoughts 
‘buzzed’ off and on. 
A cauldron she used 
For a hat, a bat beneath 
Her shoulder, and for a purse, 
The skull of her money lender. 
It were hard to tell the gender 
But (worse), you could tell by its startled 
Cracked head, that they’d disagreed 
On terms of surrender.

‘CONSENSUS’, is just another gang with an opinion, take it as seriously or as lightly as you wish.

If you are not a ‘consensus’ warrior, remain aloof from it, or it may destroy your sensibility.

Who remains aloof from their sensibility draws instability and ‘confusionista’s’.

When the signs of the times point one way, Babylon starts pointing in the other, a sleight of hand patented by them since even before the olden yore days of Egypt. They are always at the ready to drown out your drum-roll with percussionists of their own.

Whether you be from Hip Hop nation, a ‘Hillbilly’, young, old, there is no reason to not take these 3 masters, BACH, MOZART, BEETHOVEN, and not iPod their works and keep them handy. One doesn’t need to ‘understand’ this music and it is called ‘classical’ simply because it is timeless. One doesn’t need to understand syrup to know that it is sweet. These masters music are like unto mantras compressed and coddled by sound waves specific to it, and eases the soul of the listener into assurances of grace, these men were Angels from the house of Gabriel and Raphael and in whose works were already coded vibrational remedies for our DNA. To hear the second movement of Mozart’s 2cd Piano Concerto is to hear the mother of God explain to her children that she feels their doubts and grieves to bear. To hear SARASTRO’S aria/prayer to his priests in THE MAGIC FLUTE is to hear, as a critic of the time reported, “The very voice of God himself speaking to his Angels”. To listen to Beethoven is to hear a man take all of the beat downs of life, all of its indignities, and turn his process into the sound of the waves that crash against the foundations of Heaven, crying out to be let in and ever flooding with invention and surprise. It is said that Bach represented the new foundations of God the father, Mozart as God the son and the mother, and Beethoven the volatile unpredictability of THE HOLY SPIRIT. The presence of the Holy spirit is alive in the music of all 3 of these Buddha’s of culture. Get with the program, it is program music for the soul. The master Beethoven’s ‘CLAIR DE LUNE’, even has the power to stop a desperate man from taking his own life.

Echoing the biblical ‘parable of the talents’, know that there is a difference between using your talents to see what you can ‘get’ with it, and using them to see what you may ‘achieve’ with the same talents.

We at LOL Records proudly announce that we have signed the sizzling new punk band SPERM BANK DRIBBLE and will be distributing their debut, ‘….AND WHAT OF IT?’ In stores by Christmas!

We at LOL Records also regret to announce that we will have to drop pioneering Country/Thrash band, THE TWITCHY BITCHES, in order to pay for the marketing and promotion of our exciting new band, SPERM BANK DRIBBLE!

Can I ask the good and fair English this question? What is the purpose of all of those LORD titles, and those creaky manors and musty pelts, if MICK JONES doesn’t have one? He should be given a manor, call it CLASH MANOR (or Clash Minor just to baffle heads), and generally treated like what he is, THE GUY WHO MADE GUITAR MATTER AGAIN! Ok, sure, another shipbuilder another dodgy industrialist, whatever, but WHY NOT MICK JONES? What have you against the man who anchored the MOST IMPORTANT BAND OF THEIR ERA, and maybe still of this one.

As much as for any other reason I play a LES PAUL guitar, it is because MICK JONES played one too, and made it fucking count.

MICK JONES helped to change the molecular structure of the earth, isn’t that worth a LORDSHIP?

It must be said in disclosure that as I were making my way through the early days of my London experience, THE CLASH and their ‘organization’ helped to make a way through for me and I have never forgotten their kindness to what was then our cause. They were gods to me then, they are immortals to me now. This group were the REMBRANDTS OF RABBLE. A crew born of what distilled spirits were poured with prayers upon the graves of Morrison and the poets of PERE LA CHAISE, rose from what moisture was left in bones, assailed a few ghosts and plugged in.

… and anyway, with all due respect, the great master Clapton was never God, LES PAUL IS GOD!

… AND PAUL WELLER’S early interest opened a lot of doors that would have otherwise have remained closed. The last time I saw him, in the mid 90’s, I was later embarrassed that I’d forgotten, and we were both startled to see one another unexpectedly, but he is a good sort, not to mention a stellar talent with immense stamina and the worthy of his status as one of the all time greats and WHAT A GREAT SONG CATALOGUE! It were he that arranged a ‘showcase’ event for me through his promotion company in 1986 that then led to CBS (pre-Sony), to finally take me seriously and things snowballed from there. And I HADN’T EVEN MET THE MAN!

We would like to acknowledge these things as we return somewhat to those memories now wash cleaner than yesterday they were. THANK’S PAUL W! Google his scene, it is a worthy scene!

I LOVE MILAN, it has nurtured me, we are thankful for it.

Our psyches rest, like a pendulum, largely between the ‘truth’ and the ‘law’. God rest all who aim to sail safely in between.

God bless you all, that even one exterior witness, was present to my life, and was still far more than I deserved.

Worse being worse, it is better to be caught without money, than to be caught without irony.

…and when you get bored, don’t hesitate to check out LOUIS METOYER’S music. He served with me during the ‘wars’, and I am most grateful for not only his service, but for his support as a friend. He were also a great and wonderful example of a brilliant dad to his sons and a steadfast friend. And we thank what we know of God for him!

… and despite all of their gargantuan achievements, the ‘GORGONS’ of ancient GREEK myth, would never, despite their insistence, receive full credit for GORGONZOLA cheese.

THE SIZE OF A MAN’S COCK WILL NEVER BE AS IMPORTANT TO A WOMAN AS THE SIZE OF HIS HEART AND COMMITMENT! (Though in an independent study elsewhere, 3 out of 5 women said that heart and commitment might have been a bit over rated).

Started, suggested by the ‘NUDGE NUDGE’, I support the ‘RESPECT THE ‘MULLET’ movement!


ONE day, during our maiden ‘tour’, a group of ‘promoter’s’ agents were trying to negatively seduce the NUDGE and SANANDA using the old template, the old ‘profile’ and laughing out loud, ‘IL CONTE’ remarked that one of the ‘speakers’ couldn’t be taken too seriously as he sported a McGYVER ‘mullet’. He cried out in defiance of any deviance to our program, ‘RESPECT THE MULLET!’, afterwhich a normally reticent Nik Taccori, ‘The Sticks’ and myself, burst out laughing, causing the offending party to retreat into the shell she otherwise hides behind to destroy spirits in formation, and the guy with her, an ‘executive’ to sputter paroxyisms. THUS WAS BORN to the mind of NUDGEFIELD, the ‘RESPECT THE MULLET’ movement, which we bless with our sincerity and irony, which take the wrinkles out of subtlety.

Were it not for (‘Google’ who you are ignorant of) my childhood Chicago Cubs hero FERGIE JENKINS, OSCAR PETERSON, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell, we should have annexed CANADA and made her our bitch years ago. Were it not for THE BAND we should have sold her to the MEXICANS.

….OTHERWISE WHAT IS CANADA exactly but a more expansive, flatulent dream of MINNESOTA’S?

…..and GORDON LIGHTFOOT, WE THANK our Canadian friends form him, and ANNE MURRAY.

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s truest voice in American song was the great master HANK WILLIAMS . And he was the voice of ‘nigger Joe’. That’s deep.

Whenever other singers are mentioned in conjunction with my ‘influences’, inevitably, only male singers are named. Although there are 3 singers in particular, inclusive of my master/mentors Sam Cooke and Frank Sinatra, the influence of my mother, Frances and ARETHA FRANKLIN were huge. Frances always sang straight from her heart, she would have been raised in an era where she would have fallen under the sway of the immense maestra MAHALIA JACKSON, and she taught passion as well as the appropriate ‘reading’ of a song’s delivery and her impact is still being felt today. Besides, Frances was an original, she sang like no one else, and from her I were taught, it doesn’t matter what shape your voice is in, when called, JUST SING and WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. A lot of the range in my voice came from dreaming of singing like Aretha, who absolutely soars when she sings and I wanted that too! I knew sensibly that a male were not made to sing like a woman in her range but for me hearing her was no different than another guitarist listening to HENDRIX and being turned on. Another woman singer from whom I absorbed essential lessons were the tremendous and electrifying Rev. SHIRLEY CEASER, WHO ALONG WITH THE GREAT Mavis Staples, has a deep heartfelt country funk that will rock you every time. 
I am also much indebted to PATSY CLINE, from whom I learned a thing or two about ‘phrasing’, and she sang with as much soul as any woman in any other time or place.

….and no one, male or female could hear DIONNE WARWICK, and not be mesmerized by her mastery of subtlety and lithe lyrical sophistication. She painted words in gilded clovers.

After WHITNEY pretty much all chicks had to sound like her, she set a whole new template. 
Even the best of the modern singers are wonderful but still not her. A great example of a singer who came in the wake after her, yet is vibrant, gifted, strong timbred and moving is an Italian woman who goes by the name of GIORGIA. She’s a fine little thing, and has a voice the size of a church bell. She sings mainly in her Italian tongue which is still like listening to modern opera, so it is enjoyable even if you do not understand the words, as if understand TURANDOT anyway. Her vocals and musicality are magic in that mainstream, “a girl has got to make a living type way”. Check her scene out, it’s worth it, a daughter of Whitney who has gone beyond mimicry and into her own artistry. The world always has space and time for little women who have a big song in their heart and an even bigger desire to shout it out and be heard as more than but a blip amongst the stars. GIORGIA!

….I’VE HEARD A LOT OF THE WORLD’S TALENT and GIORGIA’s is as good as it gets, anytime, anywhere.

Synchronicity being what it is, whilst in the Army (that’s THIS MAN’S ARMY to you), a mutual friend wanted to set me up with a date with a local ‘airwoman’ that he knew. I were at the time stationed in Fort Sill Oklahoma, and the Air Force had a base also somewhere in the area. On a blind date we met and she was quite a pretty tribute to our military. As I recall, she were still wearing her light blue Airwoman’s uniform on our date, which I didn’t mind at all. We hit it off, and learned that we both had the same ‘eclectic’ taste in music and later, when I’d go to her apartment, we’d listen to the GO GO’S, which she were digging at the time. Driving me home one night, she told me that she and her family were from the Oakland Cali area and that many of her family were musicians. She then told me of her uncle who had played with the great master SANTANA. “ME- O Shazzam, PETE ESCOVEDO is your people?” “She- Yeah, the Escovedo’s are my cousins.” Me- ‘Cool’! Years later, upon meeting the great, bad ass, SHEILA E (for Escovedo, duh), I related to her that I’d dated her cousin STACEY, while we were both serving Uncle Sam, and we both thought the coincidence less coincidence and simply the way of ‘negroni’s’ like us. At the time, I just thought of Stacey as a fine Puerto Rican honey, what did I know? Master Pete is the young maestra Sheila’s father. Otherwise, OUR LIPS ARE SEALED!

Master Santana, of the Carlos vibe, has spoken of METATRON. Metatron is an arch angel, otherwise known as the ARCHITECT Angels, and the legend of Metatron who acts as the ‘coordinating’ angel, in effect the secretary of all the others, is that he is the only Archie who were not initially created to be an angel, but earned it, so moved was God by his service during his series of lifetimes on earth. He had been the prophet ELIJAH and after that life, he were taken up by God and rewarded with full ‘Archie’ status. Since he were a man himself, he knows greater compassion towards us and is known to be a good friend and guide to people the world over, an