Greetings and blessings to the recording artists coalition! Well done so far!

Don Henley is proving as eloquent and charismatic a spokesman as he is a songwriter.
I am proud of you all, it will make a difference!


By record industry accounting methods Bill Gates would look like Charlie Chaplin's 'the little tramp' or 'Fred Sanford'. 
Their accounting methods are deplorable and highly offensive to anyone utilizing more than the reptilian portion of the brain. Once they say that you are in debt, proving it to the contrary requires a small fortune and the guile of Kafka. Their methods are uncomfortably reminiscent of the company store mentality that sharecroppers and miners historically have had to deal with and is indentured servitude hiding behind postmodern propaganda.


All due respects to Jane Fonda, as true and noble a warrior of peace and reason that we have. All Americans should be proud of her for she exercises the freedoms and rights all Americans are guaranteed by the light of the inspired US constitution, to speak up loudly and clearly when there is a greivance to bear that otherwise threatens to split the community were one to remain silent. This moment in history offers a nation an opportunity to move beyond its last idea of itself and move into a more graduated form of expression, one that includes as its major weapon not aggression but compassion.


I am really grateful in not having to deal with major labels anymore, their greed is just too big and their vision just too small and it is this lack of vision that is comdemning them to a life of minimum returns. WHO DARES WINS!! 


Going against the tide ain't easy, but it makes you much stronger and more convinced of your ability to take on challenging tasks and succeeding. Besides, once the tide turns (and it always turns), you are already ahead of the pack and now its leader. 


All tension between men and women is just sexual energy in denial. As much as we may hate to admit this, is it ever not true? 


Depression is always the result of a conflict between the mind's idea of itself and the emotions. The heart weeps for a bigger canvas of expression while the mind clings to a smaller frame of confinement that enchaines it to a smaller view of itself that keeps it from moving into its next bold idea. 


Depression is life's way of saying that your idea of yourself is too small and no longer fits.
A man's greatest enemy is a small idea of himself and if he has a big heart he will have a big conflict.


Strive and aim ever upwards and do not be afraid to put your shoulder to the wheel, but if you see a shortcut take it, it only shows how smart you are, not how lazy. 


Go easy on yourselves as parents 
You don't have to be perfect 
You just have to be positive! 


If you lose faith in the process of government and treat it as if it didn't matter, you will get a government suspicious of its citizens and they will treat you as if you didn't matter, keep your ideals high and you keep your government on its toes and more respectful of its citizens and not on its heels which pushes it into instinctive mode, for once an organism has come into effect its first imperative is to survive even at the expense of its host. 


In whatever you strive to achieve, trust your process and surrender to it completely until it no longer feels right, for each process draws to itself exactly what it needs in order to fulfill itself. 


Every true warrior knows that every challenge is a call to greater self recognition, for the refining of the warrior is in the very process of the challenge itself. 


THE GARDEN OF EDEN is a state of existence whose roots are inside of your heart and it is your responsibility to weed your garden, lest it become overrun by weeds of bullshit that crowd out the roses of fulfillment. The more sincere you are in your effort, the more Angels you draw in to the process. God bless you! 


All desires for gratification are an opportunity to increase your sense appreciation for life and your humanity. Denying them leads inevitably to further judgement (Damnation) and stagnation. Allowing them leads to healing, liberation and much greater compassion for your humanity. 


People only have the power over you that your fear gives them!
Your belief in their power over you is the power you give them to use against you.


We cannot hate anyone we are not attracted to, so in essence hate is a lie, it's love twisted into a knot and fighting itself. 


We are more afraid of our anger when we aren't sure whether it is for us or against us. When we are certain that it is not against us we are more capable of using it as the raw matter of new possibilities, for this is what alchemists do, they take what there is and make the best of it. When we are certain that our anger is against us, there is always a palpable sense of danger in the air we breathe.


Karma is just resistance to Grace, 
for in essence Karma is the friction created by fighting the will of God,
which can only feel like Karma until you go with the flow.


If a man has but two things: Love and Confidence, he can inherit the World. 
For he is of the meek who trust that Love will guide them and that their confidence will drive them.


I love the Angel I live with 
I am her teacher 
She is my healer 


There is no greater priviledge for a man this side of heaven than to be in a position to bear withness to a beautiful young lady in the process of becoming a woman. 
Take this for granted and you are already dead and in need of resurrection. 


The Love of God and the love of women alone will keep a man endlessly inspired and endlessly occupied, may he not be corrupted by the misers of culture who masquarade as its moral guardians but who are in fact removed from themselves and suspicious of all joy.


Even the blossoming of a rose withers next to the glory of the blossoming of a woman.
What a breast is to a baby it is to all man, the promise of life and its sweetness. 


You have succeeded the moment you come to realize the value of the situation you are in, whatever its outcome, whatever the score. If you have figured out the reason it was offered to you as a grace, game's over you've won! 


Follow the seasons of your life
Go with the flow of it 
Fighting it ages you 
And is all to no avail 
Move with it and you 
Travel at God's speed.


Death is but a huge sigh of relief!


Death is a specific energy field that collects all raw matter back into itself.
And then re-presents it as whatever it wishes to be, wherever it wishes to be.
After clearing what it no longer wishes to continue on with.


The fear of death amounts to in essence the fear of not having lived, Live your life to the fullest of your passions and death comes not as punishement but as reward, not as taxation but as graduation Besides I don't know any man in his right mind who wants to live forever.


A man who wishes to live forever hasn't yet figured out why he is here.


We are all but expressions of the void 
life is but the inside of the glove
the fingers pressed against it 
are God, 
the glove itself the Universe 
God expresses itself in 


To be beyond duality is not to be above it 
but beyond judgement of it 
for you are neither the light nor the shadow
but the priviledged observer of the necessity 
of both.


a man abandoned as a child will develop a tendency to lust for most what does not wish to be loved by him and it will reinforce his sense that he is not worthy of the love that moves him, there are solutions of course, but the shortcut is prayer and forgiveness. 


The suppressed dreams of one generation comes out as the driving force of the next.

SEPT 25TH 2002