Greetings Earthlings, We are here. Where are you? Grabbing a spot of summer I should hope, and enjoying life, as and where you can. I have never been big on vacations, I would rather stay home and work at my leisure. Being left alone is my idea of vacation, but the Mrs. Maitreya is Italian, and they treat their vacations with great deliberation and respect, so here I am, having agreed to accompany her and our son Francesco Mingus to a quiet place in the sun, where they might indulge in their favorite activity, swimming. I will not say where we are, so as not to embarrass our host country, though I will say that my wife speaks their language, studied and got her architectural degree in one of their great cosmopolitan cities, modeled there (to put herself through school), and has more than a few friends imbedded in their nation. I respect them and their culture, though I honestly find them a most pretentious group of arrogant 'poseurs', and cannot wait to get back to Italia, where the people are a whole lot less preposterous, and even less fond of them than I am. But once exiled from one's own home country, one must sometimes take what they can manage to squeeze out of life from wherever one finds themselves ensconced, and I am very lucky to have found a home in a most beautiful and soulful country. Perhaps in some future lifetime, I might be able to live in my birth nation and participate according to the range of my intentions and not be ostracized the manner in which I was for this life. Thank you for your response to our last chapter of music, SEX & INSANITY SELLS. It always makes a big difference to continuance, and in one's confidence moving forward. For these are the years of my lifespan where I MUST follow my drive to the rainbow's end. I am not absolutely certain that I will find a pot of gold, I would be more than happy to settle for just some pot. What would I do anyway with a pot of gold, but use it to pay lawyers to keep the government from laying claim to it? There will be more writings in the short weeks to come, and we will more than likely have more music before the end of the year. I think this current project MAY be 4 chapters deep before presenting itself as the finished RETURN TO ZOOATHALON. I would push it even closer but the Mrs. Maitreya is expecting our second son in the middle to end of October, and I wish not to place too many other elements of possible distraction in the way of this most blessed event for our fortunate young family. I shall name the second son, if all goes well and spirit is willing; FEDERICO ELVIS MAITREYA, in order that fate might anoint us with both a Mingus and an Elvis. After which, BASTA, no more babies for me, it might destroy my figure! I will raise them both to honor their mother's great Italian heritage, while teaching them what precious little I know about my Celtic, Spanish, African, and Native American ancestry ( Navajo, and Cherokee. Though I have no Arapaho blood, I DO know someone from the 'SLAPAHO' tribe, naturally they weren't very popular with feminists amongst the Indian nations). My connection to my favorite Americans is why I grew up rooting for the Seminoles of Florida State and not the Gators of Florida, or the Hurricanes of Miami, (though I root for the other two as long as they are not playing the Seminoles). I also keep an eye out for Bethune Cookman College in the town of my brief childhood idyll, Daytona Beach, whose main rival, FAMU, is also located in the state capitol of Tallahasse, where the Seminoles are. Anyway it is already fascinating witnessing my son Francesco growing up in his Milanese culture as if it were created for him to roll around in like a wet chicken in flour. I am most grateful that so far, he really seems to love his life, as well as people. I am told by the old timers that I was a wonderful people person before getting the shit kicked out of me by the system (and trust me, it started earlier than any child should have to deal with, but that is a subject for a most explosive book, once I am ready to sit down and regurgitate a horrid and volatile past). Now, sometimes, I have to be reminded that people are not all bad, whereas, once I loved them enough to die for them, I am now as likely to tell them to go and fuck themselves. But if I might protect my son's love of people (while teaching him how not to get screwed in the butt by them), it is my job as papa to do so, that he might profit by his love of humanity. Anyway, I love him so much, that it scares me and is a fear that I am finding it hard to circumvent with spiritual 'mumbo jumbo' and assorted philosophical excursions. It would seem to be a cross that all parents who love, must bear. I bear it with what grace I might muster forth in any given moment and hope for more. Especially when I am not yelling while he discovers among my things, what is breakable and what is not.



I have been asked by several of the cheeky among you whether or not I have made a deal with the devil. Of course I have. And the deal I made was this; If He Stayed Out Of My Way, I Would Stay Out Of His. The deal includes the understanding that if he makes trouble for me, I will gladly and with zeal fight him all the way back down to hell (or to Washington, D.C., whichever one is closer). And I have never been one to do deals where I lose more than I gain, which I regard as counter-evolutionary, and I have never been easy to bully. He always did favor the short cut, which is often where much evil lies. He HAS tricked me once or twice before, but I hadn't yet regained my cosmic senses, I was still quite young, dumb, and full of Cumberland. And trust me when I tell you that 'THE DEVIL', is the author of all things over regulated and analyzed. Which is but another subtle form of bondage. And he especially loves to hide behind the treacherous mask of GOOD INTENTIONS. He keeps a winter home in Hollywood California.



What is this new Hollywood liberal bullshit whereby an A-LIST actress may now be given permission to have black babies, As Long As They Do Not Have Them With Black Men? And how transparent is that? Sort of like the actors who only ever seem to get married or divorced upon the time to promote a new film. Trust that Black Babies are prescient like a mofo, and see through deceptions often much sooner than other children. A word to the wise is sufficient. And their connection to magic means that you cannot easily fuck over them and get away with it. They can extract, if necessary, deeply serious karmic bounce-back. So be wary of using them as mere props for a more friendly demographic image, it just may backfire. If this offends you, then you are BUSTED! And yes, Virginia, there is both an interconnected Gay and Jewish mafia, only someone in deep denial (or fear) would fail to notice this. Hollywood has always functioned as another arm of United States policy. Then again, that is what most countries use their film industries for, to promote their agenda and way of life. But we must be careful, for to merely hint that you might be able to glean what the Jews are undertaking is to risk being automatically labeled, Anti-Semitic, whether you are or not. I acknowledge that I wish that my karma concerning them had been better. Such was not my luck. But you cannot have it all, where would you put it?



A much larger fear I have than dying is living a massive lie. I can afford to die and die again. I cannot afford to lie and lie again. Or I lose recognition of what and who I am, which is an even worse form of death. I have no ambition to march among the living dead. I work for evolution, always have and take my responsibilities damn seriously. I am also willing to work for a fat paycheck, when it doesn't interfere with my eternal goals on behalf of the human condition. There are and have always been armies of negative intentions, who have always been against the spiritual/emotional/psychological progress of man. They would much rather use man as vehicles for their own agendas, which in the eyes of my team, are counter-evolutionary. They are the same assholes who among other methods of degradation and bondage, go around trying to tell other people what their music is. Who controls your music controls your mind, who controls your mind owns your soul.



Should your Christ return and see what the church has made of his message of liberation for the soul, he would be on serious anti-depressants, until he came back to his senses and figured that it might be less effort to ignore the old church and start again. A man hardly wishes to be hindered by his own creation (just ask Dr. Frankenstein), which is why when you outgrow your philosophy, you change it. Or, better yet, create another to suit the needs of the day. It is not important that you have religion (which is entirely up to you). It IS important that you have faith, and do all that you can to keep it. God does not care through which lens you see him, for as long as you can see him and know that he/she/it, is there for you. And always will be.



All one needs to know about war, is that today's battlefield is tomorrows cornfield. Whatever we are conveniently told, war is primarily about the expansion of markets. Eat our bullets today, purchase our wheat tomorrow. There are Just Wars, which mainly consist in throwing off the yoke of oppression others would place around our necks, to make us their bitches and not our own. “And they call it wheat, cause that's what we eat”.



Society is run according to what is in the best interests of those that dominate and control us. Our belief systems given us are for the benefit of our governors and not for the we ourselves. We are given belief systems that facilitate greater ease of dominance by our captors and not according to what might be in OUR best interest to believe. Again, our belief systems are largely derived for the benefit of a very small and elite few governing us. We adopt beliefs for their sake and NOT our own. Any group or tribe with their own culture sustaining beliefs which get in the way of our dominance, are automatically labeled 'primitive', that we might excuse what carnage comes their way in converting them to OUR way of conditioned life. And where Christianity has aided this to the detriment of spirit, Christianity must pay. I assure you that I do not make the news, I am only a reporter, and I take the 'truth' very seriously. Clearly, our belief systems are inferior to us and failing us, or we would not collectively be so fucking miserable. But then again,most of the VAMPIRE EMPIRE and its industries, benefit enormously from our misery and grave uncertainty, after all, THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER PILL. They also benefit greatly from our sleep, which is aided by our fear of them attacking us and those things we hold dear.



Among other more useful reasons, the satellites in space are there largely to facilitate greater mind control. The real science of the world is MIND CONTROL. They also can easily influence the weather. I come from native tribes who also knew how to influence the weather, it really ain't no big deal. Whether GLOBAL WARMING is true or no, it does get some help from those massive and expensive satellites in space. After all, the clouds are even subject to our thought waves, as is most of the energy around us every day. The satellites are also there to grant even greater powers of surveillance to our captors. They can also shoot missiles if required and outfitted with the technology. You can believe that CAESAR gets his monies worth from those strangulating beasts floating ever vigilantly in our space fields. I might also use this moment of genuine paranoia to remind my enemies that I know exactly who they are, they cannot hide from me. It is not my body that controls my manifestations in any event, it is my spirit, which even your satellites cannot reach or effect. At some point you will have to confess, if you wish to be free of your pain. And I will forgive you. I do not care how others see me. I only care that I always see myself, as I were intended, and not the shape I was beaten into by the forces of evil around me. One day, when upon the time the book cometh, I will relate to you very true tales of the influence that NASA has exerted over my life like a shroud SINCE AS EARLY AS I CAN RECALL. Then again, WHO IS GOING TO GIVE THIS NIGGER A BOOK DEAL? And remember, just because you are paranoid doesn't excuse you from being followed.



We apologize for the last Large Penis Support Group meetings being postponed until further notice. We were being heavily picketed by the irascible DEEP BOTTOMS ALLIANCE for so far failing to recognize them as a sister organization. Negotiations are ongoing. We, the board of the LPSG are dedicated to what is best for our 'members', and have been since 1969, when we were founded by our leaders Richard Nixon and Sammy Davis Jr.



If the living is easy, the dying is easy. If life is hard, death is also. Then again, real death ONLY comes to those who believe that death, and not love, is the final word. And real death can always be undone. What we blindly believe death to be is mainly but a temporary sleep, and for many, a well deserved rest.



We no longer really have a choice of what we read, only where we might read it. The freedom of the press lie is most depressing to the press itself, among whose numbers you will find some of the planet's most disillusioned idealists. But things ARE changing, as they must needs be in this age of transparency.



Once we kill the oceans, we kill our children. If God is our father, the seas are our mothers. Who can kill mother and live in peace? And there is no real image of God, so as not to confuse us and politicize his existence while we obliterate our own to please those in power and comply with their demands for fear of them using the 'terrorists' to attack us and discombobulate our faculties. Designations of LEFT or RIGHT are useless. Both are but the arms which belong to the ONE MIND behind the wheel, steering the car in the direction the one mind wants it to go in. What we see as choice, is largely but the appearance of choice. NO ONE can get to us who hasn't already been vetted and chosen BY our captors. Their most important qualities are not their beliefs, for they are paid to believe what they are told to believe, but for how marketable their hair is. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A GOOD HAIRCUT.



Who profits most from our ignorance and shame pays a lot of money to governments to keep it so. We would be a lot smarter and wiser were our captors not so damned greedy. Greed is human. Greed without measure is evil, not to mention destabilizing for systems of checks and balances.



Ever notice how, we the people get blamed for OVER CONSUMPTION, but industry is never blamed for OVER PRODUCTION? Kind of silly, don't you think? We only buy more because we are induced to buy more. WE don't make all of that crap. But we do get assigned all of the guilt.



There is no essential need for POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, just plain old fashioned common sense and good manners, which they used to teach us in school. PC is the current fascist form of implanting programming and mind control. Soon even words and phrases will be off limits to us, should we continue to remain asleep. The point is to deprive us of speaking in tongues of courage and to bully us into compliance like simpering bitches. Like cute little harmless puppies begging for milk while whimpering. One World Government? Centralized Control? No thanks! Unified markets? This seems like a much better idea for government and industry than it does for the WE THE PEOPLE vibe that wishes to invest in its own best interest. The government was meant to be a horse we ride into town. Instead the horse is riding us AND charging US for the ride. Might you live as long as to find a better example of HUBRIS.



We only ever deserve what we have earned and are willing to fight for, and nothing more.



What makes a great painter is not technique (though it doesn't hurt), but powers of observation. The same thing that marks the difference between opinion and philosophy.



Send your checks and donations to THE OVERMOTHERED P.O.Box 1333 Las Vegas Nevada. Should you run into the Overmothered, please be gentle and kind. The Overmothered are very sensitive and easily discouraged. They are not to be confused with their native rivals, the UNDERWHELMED.



Great Master Elton John is the closest thing Pop music has had to Schubert. And master Schubert never had a lyricist as breathtaking, groundbreaking as Bernie Taupin. We kill our pop masters, because largely we are idiots enslaved. And because the old guard fears music MADE BY MASTERS such as John, who open minds and spirits and leads us on and through. They also raise intelligence, the LAST thing corruption likes dealing with.



The first great Pop songwriter was SHAKESPEARE. Do not forget that those amazing Sonnets were written as songs to be sung, which were, by the troubadours. And the chicks dug them because nobody could write a love song like the great 'Willy Wigglestick' (one of my pet names for the grand master of the written and sung word). Only the stunningly magnificent Smokey Robinson could lay claim to relative equality. I idolize the ground that John Lennon walked and lay down upon, but for the facts, he was trying his best to be the English Smokey Robinson. And came as close as any man had the right to. Detroit Family Robinson returned the favor. Once, comfortably stoned, and surrounded by the sensuous smells of a Thai restaurant, I heard a version of the Beatles, 'And I Love Her', that sounded as if Smokey had written it for some Greek Goddess atop Mount Olympus. It floored me, it was THAT beautiful and enlightening.



…Then again, Motown owed a greater debt to both Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson than they have ever acknowledged. The soul and energy of Jackie Wilson provided the template and initial inspiration for Motown, and we conveniently forget that Sam Cooke was one of the essential architects of what we now consider the Pop song. And he wrote the book that Motown's geniuses appropriated and took to the next logical conclusion, and dominated the world with it. Master Cooke also changed the way artists did business for themselves, one fair reason why he was sent home to his Jesus so soon in his ascendency. Master Otis of the Redding clan also figured out the game too early in the program for the comfort of the man and his bullshit. And we wonder why so many niggers play dumb. And why it pays so well to play the clown.



Forget dead politicians, put the faces of Sam and Jackie and Sinatra on the money, and we would gladly spend more. In Europe they put great cultural figures on their currency and not just former Presidents. We need some new exciting figures to jazz up the dollars and cents. This only makes sense if you like to holler at a dollar and not study it like a scholar, holding it too tight by the collar, avoiding a life of squalor.



(Wait a second, what's that smell? Is it coming from me or you? O my God, I think I'm going to throw up).



The model for ideal government has already been given. It is called Jury Duty. If the government as spelled out by our founding fathers, Of, By, and For the people is to be realized, then WE THE PEOPLE, and not 'They The Candidates' (who are already vetted and chosen by the corporations before WE get to choose from among the already chosen), would take our turns serving in 2 year increments. Not enough time to get rich, but enough time to produce forward motion according to what is best for our communities. We then go back to our families and lives having done our part to make more real and substantive, the vision we have for our lives and the neighborhoods that give shape to them. As long as we allow others to be responsible for us, we cannot complain about the shitty deals we get handed by the same companies, over and over again. Politicians,bless their malleable hearts can pretty much always be counted on to do what is in their own best interest and that of their paymasters. We need to relieve these simpletons of this burden they clearly stumble beneath. Show me a genuinely happy politician and I will show you an Oscar worthy performer. Let us stop pretending that we have not seen the end of this movie over and over and over and over again. The great master Einstein, of the Albert variety, has already reminded us that; MADNESS IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND AGAIN, AND EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT. And once safely out of office, to protect our 'national interests', they all conveniently seem to wind up with ALZHEIMERS, forgetting damn near every evil and larceny they were used to commit on behalf of multinational companies and the military's that support them. BTW, Albert's greater contribution to our humanity was not his work with the laws of physics, which were but his hobby so to speak, and how he earned his living. His greater contribution were his Mind Opening Philosophies, but being a philosopher doesn't pay for shit and will only get you laid, if you have a thing for librarians.



I proudly served in the Military, the United States Army. I was kicked out for insubordination. Still glad and grateful to have served for the 2 years and 9 months I served before a good lawyer (thank you Mr. Joel Cohen) got me a general as opposed to dishonorable discharge. Yet, be wary when on all programs, they start to overemphasize military worship,as it tends to presage preparation for more military control. I greatly honor our soldiers, and ALWAYS WILL HONOR WARRIORS. From my native American blood, I descend from warriors. But this cloying over exposure of soldiers at sports events (SOME, by all means, but it is getting redundant and a bit too obvious NOT TO MENTION OVERWEENING) seems like an emotional indoctrination into a new way of life about to be introduced as necessary for our 'future'. If we really wanted to honor our soldiers, WE WOULD PAY THEM MORE. AND, we would provide much better outpatient services for those driven mad by the ghastly realities we ask them to take part in, mainly for the expansion of markets for corporations which go through our government, to lease the services of the PENTAGON and its particular expertise. As a man living as awake as I can, I've absolutely NO FAITH WHATSOVER in the FUTURE. My total and complete faith always rests in THIS PRESENT MOMENT NOW, which is less susceptible to manipulation psychologically than is the amorphous shady promise called the 'future'. It seems cheaper to parade our soldiers at sporting events and to wheel them out in wheelchairs than to really serve the interests of those who serve our own, or the companies that use them to advance their own agendas. We DO NOT NEED MORE DRONES and warships TO CORRUPT OUR LIVING, instead PAY OUR SOLDIERS MORE and treat them to lifetime health services, which they have bravely earned. Whenever we get cheap and stingy, we like clockwork, blame the economy. It were not the 'economy' which lost billions in people's savings. It was outright theft. The economy was but the scapegoat. AND, furthermore, the soldiers AND their children should be able to go to universities on the governments dime. Of course we have the money, money is printed after all and no longer dug out of the ground as when backed by gold. We have just become really mean and stingy bastards, and you know that I am not speaking with forked tongue. On the other hand, should our soldiers ever sell their services taught by our military for the benefit of other foreign forces, they should be swiftly and without mercy, executed. When we export terror, as said by great master Malcolm X, those chickens come home to roost. Period. And without exception. Otherwise, TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY, BITCHES!



A natural consequence of our vast and inexcusable unemployment numbers is how many people the military forces will inherit as a result of those unable to get good jobs elsewhere to feed their families. This is becoming predictably transparent, as well as their expansion into domestic law. Our military has no place in domestic affairs, neither do we need our local law enforcement turned into paramilitary outfits, thank you very much. We might also want to look at paying our police force the monies they have bravely earned. And an enlightened culture would pay their teachers a real living wage. We might also consider making the 'tipping' of teachers legal and tax deductible.



I will share more the next time we meet online again, though it will not all be heavy. I had a few full moon bones to pick with our captors. You gotta mix the rough with the smooth. To quote my great teacher and master, WALT WHITMAN; 'Listen, I Do Not Offer the Old Smooth Prizes, but Rough New Prizes'. Hallelujah and Amen. Until we meet again. Your brother, apologist, antagonist and friend, SANANDA FRANCESCO MAITREYA (of the Milano Maitreya clan in full effect). May your God bless and keep you. Should MY God get in your way, feel free to punch him in his overreaching face and tell him to mind his own business. Trust that Gods admire those who stand up to them, unafraid. We are after all the descendents of Mount Olympus and the God that created the Gods who created us (with a little bit of light magic thrown in for good measure). Speaking of which, we might want to cut the GREEKS some slack. They have made a vast enough contribution to our civilizations and their growth already. So what is a few euro's among friends? And who are the German's to be demanding anything of anyone? After all, I do not go around hassling the Germans about the monies they still owe to me. But I have learned this from my time in the cages of the SONY zoo; it is better to keep them in my debt! And I will collect when I am ready. What's the rush?



I subscribe to NETFLIX. An irresistible title available (though violent), is the brilliantly titled: NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS. Even Milton would kill for so brilliant a title. And I would consider killing master Milton, to get to it.



These writings dedicated to my beloved Native American tribal nations, who I honor with all of my vascular heart. Dedicated as well to my Celtic Redneck Hillbilly blood from where I get my funk. Also dedicated to my Betty's and to my Veronica's. You know I love you, so stop tripping and making a spectacle of yourself. Save the spectacles for your eyes. And let me bring you my big surprise. What is your chance? The poet/philosopher already said; I GOT ANTS IN MY PANTS AND I NEED TO DANCE. OK, gotta go now, it is the middle hour of the day and I could use a good whiskey sour. It matters not what time it is, since when on vacation, Greenwich Mean Time is quite negotiable……..(then first, some James Brown, loud enough to annoy my foreign neighbors, then some Prince, then some Crosby, Stills, and Nash, after which, once our boy is asleep, I will try to tempt my wife into a lap dance). Peace, and Audi 5000 my bitches! Also dedicated to the eternal flames of my masters and mentors, the legendary MILES DAVIS and J. KRISHNAMURTI. I am far from the world's most perfect Christian, but dammit, a Christian still I am, with many spots and quite a few wrinkles.



P.S. MAITREYA is NOT against 'Big Pharma', he is against shitty stingy little pills which deprive us of our logic and sensibility. BIG PILLS, BIG MIND! And we will be on the same page. After all, the true spiritual sponsors of your industry are grand masters MERCURY and my dear friend DIONYSUS. Let them in, so we can all be free and happy, as we deserve to be. We are not nothing, we are Sons of a Living God. Remember this and EVERYBODY WINS! And legalize the smoke, and get out of the way of consciousness. There is nothing more criminal than getting in the way of a man's connection with the earth which gave birth to him. Our spirit belongs to God, our everything else, belongs to Mother Earth and the Seas which gave life to her. Final BTW, a shout out of respects to great champion Mike Tyson. The last Heavyweight Boxing Genius to manage Broadway was Grandmaster JACK JOHNSON and he was portrayed brilliantly by the tremendous talent of the immense JAMES EARL JONES, another hero of mine since youth happened upon us and left its enduring stamp.


MILANO 6th JULY 2012




*Somewhere in the Mediterranean cursing NASA for the shitty weather.