Greetings fellow Mutineers against the pinstriped pirates of rock & roll, 
I remind you that downloading our music will not see your 71 year-old grand father or your 12 year-old daughter prosecuted. We invite you to take our music as you wish and as we offer it, in the spirit of charity and goodwill towards a very stressed out people. 
Goodwill returns, it's the law!

Each of our tribal distinctions are a priviledge to bear, an assignment to blend an ideal 
Into the great fabric of time and to weave a blanket whereby all of us feel warmth and 
not hostility. Each thread is a fiber necessary to the cloth or it simply wouldn't exist.
We all suffer to the degree that we are afraid to glimpse other faces of God and the 
vast subtlety of her creation. 

The need to feel superior to another is evidence that you haven't felt yourself enough.


Being around other tribes gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we fear within ourselves as well as the chance to appreciate what is unique about us.


There is only NOW …..and reflection


Even on the asphalt 
I always take the blame
though far removed from my 
stomping ground 
I shake the tree and 
the beat comes down


There is no form of arrogance more deadly than low self-esteem.


Dogma is always a block, whether or not it is a building block is up to you.


Come to this view –
  The planets are but marbles 
That time threw out 
To place 
Markers in space 
And relax the pace 
And the veins 
That connect them, 
Are ours 
To trace


Henry Miller's work represents the quintessential proud and liberated American spirit.
His wisdom was in the service of humanity as we live it and not as we ought to live it.
Among his heroes were Walt Whitman, America's Abraham, and J. Krishnamurti.
Above all he was his own man, as every man is invited to be.


Were Edna St Vincent Millay a man, 
She would have easily been ranked 
Alongside Rilke and Yeats as the Great 
Lyric Poets of the age they sprikled with their
Genius. In any event she was a poet of the first
rank and deserves much closer scrutiny and 


Nothing fills me with a greater lack of enthusiasm than helping people label my work.
We claim enough labels as it is, to the point where it's hard to find free space.
The more labels, the more social and political fragmentation and I believe
Music should gather, and not further scatter.


Nothing squeezes the air out of the creative process more completely than being confined to a label. To artists who recognize themselves as vessels for Divine Light (otherwise called INSPIRATION) Labels are a first step through the door of the law of diminishing returns.


In order to sucker him deeper into the game.


The destabilization of a region, no matter how painful, is always its pre-birth.


Repetition is good for the soul 
Spontaneity is good for the spirit 
Repose from both is good the mind 
Which lives itself out as the body.


Chasing numbers alone soon finds numbers chasing you!


Never forget that your worst day 
is ….another man's birthday!


The quest for the Holy Grail is the search for spirit's blessing upon your life.
It will not pour upon those who quest, only for those who request.


Do not worry yourselves about consciousness nor any other idea you have to chase.
If the promise of it lies in the future, it lies. Only strive to be more aware and this draws consciousness to it as nothing excites her flapping wings like the flame of awareness and the forgiveness that softens its borders. 


And the one to listen to at any given moment is the one picking up the check!


Mad respects to Gregory Hines, I was a big fan of his art, but more of his dignity. 
RIP and save me a piece!


It is better to stand back and be aloof 
Than to turn back and be a fool!


Carrying our past forward is the biggest burden in our lives
Mine the past for what it's worth and let the rest be the compost 
For tomorrow's daisies.


Letting ourselves be loved is the salve at the root of salvation.


When we avoid unpleasant things we delay the Joys behind them.


The good thing about having a bad memory is that you can keep being surprised 
by the same thing!


Self contempt is at the root of all racism, classism, sexism, etc.
Self contempt mirrors lack of regard for worth and attemps to weigh
everything down to its own scale.


A shout out of respects to old friends Elvis Mitchell, David Wild and a young artist with yet 
A lot more to give, D'Angelo.


War is the ultimate form of pollution and its psychic damage takes generations to heal.


Light has no fixed speed just as consciousness has no fixed point. 
Light always shapes itself according to necessity. It is light that decides 
At which speed it shall travel or whether travel at all and just project itself.


When the selling of 'image' becomes disproportionately more important than the content of the music or the film, it encourages in the body politic the value of appearance over substance and in time, like a split hair, weakens the culture at the root.


A great recording engineer is to a producer as a great drummer to a band. 
They make ALL the difference! Here's to the unsung heros of all great records:
The Engineer!


If you don't like my brew 
Then sip it through a straw 
If its all right with you
I like to keep it raw


A person of faith knows that they are only required to dig the hole 
How big depending on how much rain they wish to collect 
They know that day or another the rains will come.
All they did was to displace the dirt that stood in the way and
The time they put in the hole was equal to the rain they received.
Keep digging, the rains will come!


Nothing influences our karma more than our attitude about ourselves
A good, positive self-attitude breeds good karma and encourages right action.


It's because of what we are holding on to
that makes us feel cheated,
Not what is being witheld.


The more you can imagine
The more you can receive


Both Israel and Palestine should be censored by the international community
For allowing their children to be so callously used as weapons and casualties of war.
We have an obligation to protect these children if their politicians won't.


The first law of prosperity is to be grateful for what you have now.


When in doubt, keep paddling!


The great thing about spontaneous combustion 
is that you get to go out in a blaze of glory!


Liberation comes from acknowledging what is true for you and about you 
And not what should be true for should is the invisible but firm gate that
Separates Heaven from Hell.


The sweetest fruit comes from the tree that has withstood the roughest weather


The test is never about the result, but the response.


When in doubt, head in the direction of the bells.


The more opposition there is, the more there is to gain!


A shout out of respects to Michael Moore, a great Journalist and Film Maker and a prophet of the people, likewise to Gore Vidal.


The value of a sincere effort is never lost regardless of the outcome.
Efforts build upon themselves, most of all character.


Patience and commitment to purpose outlast all doubt.


We are giants when we lift others on our shoulders!


A poor economy reflects a communitiies lack of stimulation from its culture.


I love the September light: it's softer yet sharper than the bludgeoning rays of August.


Between the poles of duality we must find ourselves and not on either side.


Our demons are our guides through our fears, they are but Angels on the graveyard shift.


Our mortality is our meditation.


The state of the world is always the state of our pride.


Sleep well, your hole is filling up!