Greetings my astro-brainiacs and iPODians…

Pluto started its adult life as one of the moon's of Saturn.
When moons reach full maturity, they tend to leave their home orbit and take upon themselves new responsibilities as a governor of cosmic processes. Both Saturn and Jupiter are processing stations for future planets. Planets do not necessarily have to move into a new orbit, sometimes they simply shift.

All races have their burdens, some universal and some unique to each. It is never easy to bear our racial burdens yet it is a mark of the strength our creator sees in us that she would ask us to bear the work. We accept the work that we must do and in the effort move the earth a little closer to Bethlehem. 

To acknowledge another race is to see that they suffer as you suffer and that their discomfort is your discomfort shared and that they too are overloaded with anger and looking for just a little more love and a little less judgement. That in effect they are the mirror to how you really feel about yourself which would naturally make it difficult to look them in the eye, as you would be staring down your own shame and self judgement. 

It extends our interest in our lives and leaves its timing to the creator and the game plan. 

An 'afflicted' planet in ones' chart should be read not in the negative but might be read as a more attentive planet to your remaining in alignment with your essential truth and your creators will for you. The so called 'afflicted' planet makes it more difficult to stray from the will without experiencing the just consequences. This is your special planet to lean on and all planets have consciousness on the level of Gods. 

Caring for someone does not always mean catering to them. One must still know one's role and abide by it come hell or deeper hell. 

The question we always avoid in asking why our children do drugs, is why our society has become so painful to live in that they feel the need to do them in the first place. And why our torrent of lies and bullshit are so thick that it needs a battering ram to knock a hole in the wall that separates the truth of life from the fear of living that we are expected to inherit from others afraid of their own truth. And why in the bloom of their innocence are they shut down, bullied and ignored and only get our attention when they dare fall out of line with our sleep. 

We cheat our children when we ourselves cannot grow up past our own identification and glorification of our youth. In truth we are jealous of the youth they still have. But why? Youth is sloppy, youth is hard. We only remember the good bits and try to transpose the mind of experience and pain onto the memory of a hard yet viscous body. But mainly we were confused and anger our closest neighbour from whom we never borrowed sugar just two hard lumps of pain. 

What we trade in looking for approval is the substance of our character. A leader who looks for approval is a follower in lion's clothing. 

The person who respects laws which bear no respect for them will be buried by those same laws. Otherwise we toil to raise the law to match the higher intuitive laws we recognize within ourselves. 

Children who are spoiled and given everything they want without having to put their own hard efforts into attainment become miserable adults who are cynical, caustic, hard to please, disdainful and hunger for the sense of achievement that character more easily brings. The harder it is for a person to find joy, the farther they are from their truth. 

A man is as strong as his woman is. 

Reason is often portrayed in the masculine form and as an attribute of such. Yet reason is a woman because reason understands. 

Your chances of success increase the more you are willing to trust your first impulse and intention and put all faith and efforts into realizing it.

It is much easier to sneer at what one is given than what one has earned.

We never waste love unless we choose not to express it. 

The apple's sweetness comes from the knowledge that God is on the branch that it is on as well as it may be on any other branch, serving other apples. 

Lying cheats confidence. 

Masturbation is a form of meditation. 

Periods of depression are often a great time for creative incubation, a time set aside for silence, reflection, meditation and rest. After, often is born the new blossoms, the lotuses which took root in the mud of our emotions. 

Depression is an invitation to the creative soul to go within, call a time out and be still. It is also a good time to count our blessings and sharpen our appreciation for what we still have. 

Depression is the heart yawning. 

This may be a terrible time for the music business but it is a great time for the music, for the incubation of new sounds and fresh ideas. Take full and complete advantage now or be caught with your pants down once they've managed once again to capture the lion's roar and remix it to sound like a harmless purring kitten. 

There is no fool more fortunate than the fool who follows her own law. 

The faces that the family hides from the child always jumps out at them later in life, usually as allies who later reveal themselves to be enemies.





Walt Whitman is an American Moses. I say is because there is no was, was is.

It is not good to let your past sit too close to your present. It disturbs it and robs from its immediacy and power to reinvent.
It is jealous of its ability to rejoice, let go and forget about yesterday and its barrel full of spurs. 

Your Lord does not need interpreters. Cultivate and protect your own light at all costs, it really is worth your life. 


It is not in the amount of years but in the amount of service. 

The light knows when to be a glimmer of hope, a spark of inspiration or a towering raging fire in support of your aims and depending upon your need of it. It is the flame that once given can never be blown out, though neglected, it may be reduced to a whisper easily blown away by doubt. 

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes and some use the threat of fists to intimidate while others may use crocodile tears and a convincing story. The end result is always the same, you end up feeling degraded, jacked and resentful. 

Remember that bullies are inherently lazy and are always looking for the shortcut. Don't be the shortcut, make them go around you and they will soon go looking for an easier fool to punk. 

Sometimes our creator places us in impossible situations not as a punishment but for the reward that comes after we have proven our grace and strength to ourselves and our fidelity to the rhythms of our own law. 

The willingness to sacrifice for your own law strengthens and deepens that law. 

The truly pious generally mind their own business and find it a useful and productive meditation. 

The most fearful gang is neither bloods nor Crips nor Fbi or CIA but the pious religious gang, who overhype the crumbs thrown to pigeons while all about them are thrashing doves. 

Those often most eager to wave the flag of extreme fundamentalism (of any stripe or creed) are often just as willing to thrust its pole straight into your heart if your level of fear does not match their own. 

Sometimes, simply to give another the benefit of the doubt is all the charity you need to give. 

At least the indecisive are blessed with choice. 

Grace meets us where we are at, and not where by consensus we should be or are supposed to be. Grace needs no fixed address. Peace will never find us where it is supposed to find us, it finds us where we are, as we are, open, receptive, here, now. Not once you get your act together, but HERE, NOW. 

The difference between men and Gods is that men fear life while Gods assume that life fears them. 

When a person or nation rejects its soul, that same soul returns in time to destroy it. 

The value of a nation's currency is directly related to the rise and fall of the spiritual morale of a nation, and its sense of optimism regarding the fundamental truths its nation espouses.
When the system becomes too rotted with corruption it is like a cancer which spreads through the bile of the body and weakens the system to receive upgrades and more grace. As this impedes the circulation of a system, its currency will begin to betray the loss of its circulative power. And will be overtaken by more confident currencies in the market. 

The value of the dollar has weakened because the values of American business have as well. When U.S. jobs are being shifted overseas and more Americans are cursing corporate shareholders who care more about their personal economy than the local economy, it is inevitable that the strength of the dollar will fall. A currency willing to invest back into its peoples' strength is a currency investing in its own stability. 

The currency will always be strongest and more stable in economies where the quality of life is best and offers more equity to the workers as partners and not just as indentured, numbered slaves. Where cynicism has taken root, the currency will be corrupted. 


I'm like
sexually immature
just because I like 
to make love in 
the fetal position?



Patience is faith in action. 

Societies based on fear are more difficult and expensive to run than societies based on love. The cost of fear is high. 

One of my favourite lines in all of literature comes from the pen of one of my all time favourite authors: 
SALMAN RUSHDIE and it comes from his brilliant novel

'to understand me, you must swallow a world'

This is applicable to and understood by all who feel themselves to be artists and who know the truth of what it takes to come close to understanding the root of their burden, their restlessness, their joy and their clawing need to search through their medium, the quest for absolution. 

Ego is the side of us which chooses to believe the lie. 

Even the darkest most menacing cloud still follows the law of clouds, which is that they all must move. Some quickly, some stubbornly, some take their languid time but eventually they all must move and then WOW .. the sun again ! 

Equality sits, liberty stands. 

Love and respects to the family and fans of DIMEBAG DARREL. Hendrix has just welcomed another student into his master class. 

My wife is my Jesus and has surely brought salvation into my soul. It is certain that my God took mercy upon my suffering and sent to me his practical love in her form. Any man in this treacherous and reductive world foolish enough to call himself Maitreya must evoke the compassion of Heaven and its fools and babies protection plan. 

It is very possible to be an anarchist and still not be an asshole and to show respect for the property, rights and feelings of others. No idea is worth the fact of a man, nor is any idea bigger than the rights of a man to be a man according to his own shape and form. Peace will not come once we all agree on the one thing, but once we all agree that each man is entitled to pursue his own idea of what the 'one thing' is to them. An anarchist is simply one who won't take no for an answer in the pursuit of what life and liberty means to their spirit. 

Madness is less likely to be seen as madness in direct proportion to how entertaining it is. 

Great music is an explanation for higher mathematics. 

The great illusion is that you have to be anything other than who you are to achieve your goals in life. If you get caught up in living someone else's dream, you always get left with the bill.




Balance is all we are after. The rest washes out in the end. 

Many have been tamed in the process of trying to tame another. Tamed animals are sitting ducks for other beasts in the jungle. 

The question is not in whether you are right or wrong but in whether you are sure. 

THE QUESTION IS NOT IN WHETHER YOU ARE A BITCH, but in whether you are a Sexy Bitch ! 

The planet Venuses influence on earth is neutralized by specific satellites in space. 

A recording that I was recently blown away by again was ROD STEWART's 1995 effort 'SPANNER IN THE WORKS'. It has only gotten better since its initial issuance. I owe a great debt to Maestro Stewart whose rasp I spent all my spare time while in the army trying to acquire. Although Sam Cooke is given a lot of credit, in truth I rediscovered Master SAM through Mr ROD. He's long been one of my mentors and not only one of the greatest and most charismatic singers in music history but also one of its most enduring yet underrated songwriters. In truth in my last incarnation, though it was vociferously denied me it was his example I cut my cloth to fit what I felt would suit my dreams. Only Stevie Wonder has had as much influence in how I heard myself as a young POP tart. 

As I travel over this round beautiful world, its kind of hard to believe that there were once people who thought that the world was flatulent……*


* Jumping jack flash it's a gas gas gas….