August 21, 1998

Greetings my brothers and sisters and fellow travellers-including those of you uncertain of your longitude and latitude in this portion of the space and time continuum.

If this is you, do not despair, merely be happy that you are that free from the artificial restraints that seek to convince you that there is only one definition of reality. If you are present, and in the moment, and in touch with your heart, what other reality should there be?

I'm thrilled to announce that I am to be a father. The baby should be due hopefully February, no later than March- barring any complications or other promotional considerations. I have decided, in collusion with my brain trust (namely Amos Newman, and Madam Christine the Java Queen) to entitle my orphan: the Solar Return of Terence Trent D'Arby.

So far, I've managed to reduce the qualifying songs to 25, which, I think, are pertinent to where I see myself in my current illusion. I will seek to place anywhere from 16 to no more than 18 at max, depending of course, on the limitations time frame wise of the single cd.

There are those who believe that more than 12 songs is too much, although generally, I find many of those people get their cds for free. I do believe that there is a limit, if the songs don't flow, or perhaps if the songs all generally sound the same. I also feel that since cd's are so ridiculously over priced, that to present more good songs rather than less, is good value for money, besides which, who knows for how much longer I will be prolific. This is the exile on main street, portion of my career curve. It is my fervent wish that it brings enjoyment and encouragement to all of you who care to listen. As corny as this may sound, I do think of you a lot when I'm listening to the rough mixes; I just sometimes feel such a connection that it's like I know you all approve! Hopefully, I am not misguided in this. Sometimes all the muse is, is the collective energy of your supporters and their musical dreams being projected and picked up by my inner net. Thank you for playing my muse from time to time, it gives my regular muse a much needed coffee break! And, also, of course, she gets to catch up on all the muse gossip, which can get rather juicy I'm told.

I should also say that I love it- how you guys wait for me. It really, truly, no bullshitly, touches my heart. It is impossible to describe, even were I Shakespeare, and his cousin Arthur, how much that means to an artist, and even more so, how much it means to me. I'm attempting to keep my mind out of the way of this transmission so that I can express the truth of my heart without worrying how corny and showbiz this might all sound. I have been honestly feeling you all collectively a lot lately, as though the cosmic energy of support I've been feeling is really you urging me on. We truly are all connected and it is only our judgements of ourselves and others that cause our difficulties in accepting that.

The way it works is this-(at least according to my relative understanding)
I am a holographic representation in the third dimension of what was requested by your souls that one of your favorite artists be. I sent a portion of my soul to embody as an artist called TTD in order to favor that request. Because we do actually get what we ask for when we ask from our hearts. Having said that, I owe my existence to your request. Yet, by being on this planet, I get to add growth to my soul experience. It all works out rather well- wouldn't you say? You get your songbird, and I get to hear your songbook of requests. Which is why also, I cannot presume to talk down to you for that would be cheating you of your own truth and I do not know God that well that I would steal honey from her jar and not give it to the bees.. (beezzzz T 😉

The Solar Return of TTD, is all of me in this space/time illusion that I can project on a cd, and still get released by a major label in the current business era we artists must labor through. we seem to live in a climate of creative hostility, as though creativity, raw and unleashed might actually be used as the energy of inspiration by the massesâ in order to assist them in attaining true real freedom. The freedom to know that they are God without the need of approval ratings and without having to give their minds away to be programmed by the court of opinion, which never fails to at least lessen somewhat their sense of esteem. However, I do feel an electric current coming your way to help nudge you back into a much deeper acknowledgement of who you really are. Perhaps I shall be nudged as well. It is already sufficient that we nudge each other.

Thank you for believing in me. 
It means the sun and moon to me, it really does.

Your friend, and fellow servant,
Sananda /Terence Trent D'Arby