Greetings my Divinas, Divinos, Divas, Shivas and …..Leave it to beavers!
(and other assorted daydream Believers)

death is the will to die in order to be free of suffering 


The Talking Heads' 'REMAIN IN LIGHT' is a landmark in western intellectual achievement,
it moves like raw primal spirit matter attached to a crackly ghostwire fading through impressions of distilled appalachian suffering and african flowering.
It is brilliant and was done before the record industry effectively learned to filter out and oppose such originality and offspring of spirit. 


True wealth is the knowledge of the power of love to manifest all needs and to erase all doubts. 


A man without enemies is a man without movement. 


Once I wore a rod of steel 
That showed eternal promise
I christened it John the Baptist
Now I call it doubting Thomas! 


The more attention you pay to coincidence
The more attention coincidence pays to you. 


I am a CROSS CULTURALIST with an emphasis on the appreciation as well of one's own tribal roots and the need to water them from time to time. 


Nothing wastes more precious time than dreaming of the way life use to be…
Besides we weren't happy then either. 


An industry will always suffer when the politics and the packaging become more important than the product, and barely conceals the fact that the industry themselves are bored with and have lost faith in the product. The record industry at this point resembles a group of men in a dark room who instead of lighting a candle, or switching on a light, prefer instead to merely find more blind acts. 


An unweeded garden draws more rats and this is why the cheese is missing from our industry. 


All families are Royal. 


The welfare of the family structure, its maintenance, support and the awareness of its necessity as the key to strong community spirit and its connection to a strong economy is the highest purpose of Government. The world has been moved not so much by great individuals working alone as by great families who came to see service to the world as but service to a larger family. 


If a man can commit to being just a little bit more of a neighbour, even in the way of simply being encouraging towards another man's dream, he has knitted a tighter stitch in the fabric of man and 
brought us all a little closer. 


Resentment is resistance to Grace in action. 


The great thing about compulsion is that it gets you motivated! 


To be wealthy is to be in wellness which concerns itself with the welfare of the mind.
A diseased mind sees itself in a bad light and assumes that the shadows there are huddled in rage against it, instead of seeing that they are in fact the solitary light bearers holding what lamps they can into a mind darkened by the damp weight of self-doubt and the lack of love which feeds it. 


Unchecked greed is an enemy to a stable family and therefore community structure.
Corporate Governance is simply good sound democratic principle and it's important to psychic communal wellness, for unchecked corporate greed will consume everything which stands in the way of more. 


If you ain't been roughed up, slapped up, stomped up and beat up then you ain't been in the music business, you've been in your imagination. 


Love and respects to Wanda Sykes for her kind and supportive words. A big kiss from Italy also to the people of Helsinki – Finland for their graciousness and hospitality.
I will see you all again soon! 


Follow a deadbeat and you are sure to come to a dead end.


Lovely the spring
And how it treats young girls like underlings
Like early leaves 
Looking for their first gust of wind
Through the frisky branches that give birth to soft limbs
The nest is not yet cold
The bird is not yet him
The flight was undersold
And the smiles of women blushing and blooming
Are the burst before the light goes dim
It is the last pure Grace
He will see 
Until the next brick falls
From new Jerusalem


Pour yourself into it fully and completely, in effort you only find more strength! 


Just to remind us of who we are
(and to not take ourselves too seriously)


The purpose of duality is to heighten our appreciacion for what moves us. 
Duality is also the force which accelerates time.


The lack of self Love and respect is the root of all evil, not money.
May you all have some money.. and lots of it!


Too much cynicism blinds us to the gifts around us. 


Chocolate, especially milk-chocolate is very useful for stabilizing a loose stomach.


A lot of laughter is bitterness transformed and is one of the reasons comedians are such important and powerful healers.


We are all masochists who hang on to the past.


I perceive that at some near date chefs, masters of the Art of raising consciousness through food, will be considered a threat to the food industy and its desire to make our food resemble less and less anything touched by nature's blessing and more and more a celebration of packaging… and has anyone not considered the eventual effect this will have on the genetic code itself? Advances in food preparation and preservation are a mark of our evolution and appreciated, as long as it does still contain that which grew first generation from the earth, our mother, our hostess.
Cloned food can never contain the value of nature's blessing, its spirit translated to us through its nutritional value. Expect monies to be pumped into preparing us to accept that genetically created food is just as nutritious (or can be made so) as nature's direct offering. Use your own senses to clearly see what is, otherwise we are all but blood to leeches who use our energy to fuel their systems but not to feed the social fabric which it would just as soon fray if it could squeeze more profit out of it, would rob its grave only to feast again upon its corpse. The quest for profit is a capitalist birthright, the quest for greed untethered and the communities it is willing to ravage on behalf of its satisfaction is a moral danger to the stability of an economy and the community it is there to support.


Sneaky how fate slides in, the battle of Armageddeon will not be fought on a battle field, but IN a battle field: your mind! its manifestation is as a cultural war (not a military one), the corporate mentality and its religion of greed over substance versus the cultural soul and its binding effect on the spirit of community. The war is over control of your mind and the enemy will stop at nothing to consume it and weigh it wholescale until we have become the aliens we fear will overcome us.


I inquired what the price is
To always be in crisis
As if a double pisces 
Dried out, smoked and cut in slices
And chewing up the floor like dices
(I know, it's ok, I have poetic licence !)

Roses were heaven's gift to 
the colour red 
for all the blood it was 
willing to shed
to pour into rivers of time 
dreadlocks ripped by thorns
were bled
I was there when the petals
were gifted
I was there when the 
crimson tide was lifted
and sang high praise to Shiva
as my chemistry shifted