Greetings to all my friends! 

The greatest possession a man can have is the love of a good woman. 
It is the foundation of any lasting fortune and is a fortune unto itself.


One mans' fanatic is another mans' messiah.


Going with the flow is the best medicine there is!


Trust the curve of the situation you are in. 
No process is a straight line, but has contours, curvatures and necessary detours and is most scary when you are fighting it.


Actors are Artists who paint with their emotions.


Is there really any difference between a dream and a prayer?


The more you know, the more the mystery.


Denial is the tension that creates disease.
Denial of what is true about you and for you creates conflict and this conflict is the breeding ground of tension which over time threatens to overwhelm us.


All diseases of the mind have their root in disease of thinking.
If you circulate in your mind too many self-negating, self-deprecating thoughts, then, as sure as you are born, your mind will absorb the stress of carrying too many judgemental and non-productive thoughts and will buckle the way a floor does that holds too much weight.
It is your responsibility as the gardener of your Eden to weed out unproductive bullshit thoughts.


The lack of self acceptance weakens your hold on health.
It is wise to support who you are, your immune system mirrors that support.


The origin of all Grace is chaos 
As chaos is the raw matter of all creation!


God could not have created something weaker than himself.
Therefore the idea that the will of God the Mother is weaker than God the Father is erroneous and absurd.
Likewise if we men really believed that women were weaker we wouldn't begrudge them so much. 
We begrudge them precisely because we do recognize their strength and are threathened by it.
Otherwise we would welcome them like brothers, protect them like sisters and stop being ourselves such pussies!


I adore winter light!
There is something 
of greater purity 
and clarity in its
the day is crisp
the air cold
but vital,
every breath
an illustration
played out by fog
of the life force
that sustains us.


Detachment from emotions does not preclude the feeling and expression of your emotions, but the judgment and criticism of the emotions you experience.
To be detached is not to be mute, it is to be silent.


Boredom is a mild form of depression.


A man's greatest enemy is a self-limiting idea of himself and this consumes the greatest portion of his fight.
Once you decide that your idea/image of yourself matters more than simply being and flowing with that being, you are arming the wrong man in the fight and harming the right one.


Even immortals must be willing to die to their last idea of themselves if they expect to heal.


One does not become immortal by not dying, but by being willing to die as many times as it takes to heal and let go.


To conserve is to appreciate therefore to conserve is to invest, for what you appreciate, increases!


Take your blisses where you find them. 
The more you grab, the more you invite!


The less anger there is to fear, 
The less anger there is to wear.


It is our dancing around Love that wears us out and ages us.
It is our dancing with love that keeps us ever young and nourished by Grace!


All and all fear and panic are just trapped energy in the body manifesting itself through the emotional field.
Work it out!


God's love is nourishment, 
Never punishment!


Decreases the amount of pain you feel later in life.
An isolated rich man is no happier than an isolated poor one.


The more you share
The more you invest.


As inconceivable as it may yet seem, even science shall soon acknowledge that the dinosaurs areour ancesters. 
They did not disappear, they 'shifted' (mutated).


When your desires run contrary to your manners 
You sow the seeds of dissatisfaction
But, when your desires are consistent with your
Manners, you manifest the life you desire and
Your manners become Grace.


God favours those most who favour Grace



Your eternal friend
Sananda Maitreya

Ps I am looking forward to seeing more of you in the next few weeks!

8TH NOV 2002