July 10, 1998

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters.

It is my pleasure to greet you once again. I would like to begin by dispelling a few notions that have gotten back to me via the ethers. I would hope that you would have the faith in me to trust that I am not a so- called "imposter" pulling your chain
and if you still have doubts, then just go along for the ride anyway- it can't hurt, my intentions are not suspect, I mean you well. I do not have throat cancer, but God bless you for your concern.

I often take a long time between releases because it is my blessing/curse to be prolific, and once I'm back in the studio I get very excited about many ideas; I'm like a child in a sandbox with a shovel and a bottomless bucket. 
I also spend a lot of time experimenting, as well as working on things, even though I know that they won't be out for a few years.

Usually, it's the record company that winds up pressuring me to let them hear some stuff and let 's get this show on the road, the other reason primarily, is that whilst I could be considered a workaholic when I am in recording mode and touring mode; when in neither of those modes, I am in "enjoy my life-mode".

I decided very early on in my career once I had seen how crazy and ruthless this business is, to make sure that I left myself time and space to explore other avenues of being human, including intense introspection and objective self observation in order that I may come to more fully know myself. 
To me success can never be measured in how many records one sells or how much money one commands per movie, although those can be portions of a successful life, if that is what you desire to experience.

I do not wish to have success in my career only (although each of us as individuals are the only ones who can determine what success means). 
I wish for a successful life, a life balanced in it's richness and variety according to the desires of my heart. 
Besides which, I do not want to bore myself, nor you, by constantly being in your face vying for your attention: it is good to miss your lover occasionaly, it keeps your juices fresh, and your juices mean the world to me.

Another misconception is that I am or was married, although I do have a stunningly tender relationship with a female; that -woman to be- is my daughter. 
I am still working on my understanding of marriage as social contract besides which I 'd probably make a lousy husband – for I will always have a mistress who is jealous of sharing me with anyone else; who demands most of my time, and she is my muse.

As a tremendous fan of all forms of beauty and excellence (even if just by intent) I would like to give props to the Smashing Pumpkins' record which, yes, I do adore, to the new New Power Generation cd and to Dwight Yokam's latest cd; I am proud of all of these artists- don't ask me why, I just am. 
I would also like to send a double big 'right on' to all of the sisters on the Lilith fair tour; to them I say ignore the reactionaries- follow the sun.

To briefly touch on a few of your questions, yes I do stay in shape, I have a wonderful relationship with my body, it is no less sacred to me than my eternal soul. 
All of our components are kissed by the Divine. I am not a gym rat, but do watch what I eat and I have always loved walking, especially in nature and in the hills- other than that, I stay lose and limber and give thanks and praise for being blessed with good genetics.

Concerning the question of the tour of Australia and Scotland, it is an element of my true desire to visit both of these soulful places. One of the highlights is most definitly playing the Barrowlands in Glasgow and Edinbourough makes the eye twinkle. 
My favourite energy spots in Australia are Sydney and the gold coast, not because of the vacation atmosphere or the sun, but because I can see the stars there.

Concerning the album release, I have already missed two deadlines and I am going to try to squeeze in a couple of more songs. A few of you industry obsververs might have noticed that there was some relative instability within the Capitol empire and there was no reason to do anything other than wait and continue doing my thing. 
My realistic guess would be January 1999, that's what I am shooting for although there is a small possibility that it could be sooner but not much later. I am going to leave you now to your own sweet voices. I shall converse again with you soon, it will be a pleasure.

Stay in the memory of peace 

Ps. Peace and blessings to Gary Gersh
Hollywood, CA USA – Friday, July 10, 1998 at 22:14:52 (pdt)