In strife driven times like these I appreciate the fruits my musical menthors left behind all the more.
A lot of finger prints have been left on my psyche. 
Music has the power to move very deeply, it can move a person to contemplation, to meditation, to release, to joy. 
Which is why corporations keep such a tight lid on musical expression, it may actually move you to contemplate something other than just buying more stuff. 
Artists are now expected to offer the fullness of Gods gift to them, not to uplift your soul but to uplift your wallet. We have been expected to turn our backs on inspiration
And to become pick-pockets of the public trust. There are metal detectors set up at the door of major labels to prevent originality from wandering into the building uninvited and there are trained marksmen enployed to hunt it down and shoot it if necessary to contain a contagious outbreak, and this is why I go in through my own door. 
If a bomb should splatter your fields tomorrow, could you live with yourself without having listened to the Rolling Stone's 'EXILE ON MAIN STREET' for the last time? Or Willie Nelson's 'RED HEADED STRANGER'? Or Bob Marley's 'SURVIVAL'? (or for you hard heads AC/DC 's 'BACK IN BLACK'?)
…and Miles Davis has already answered many of your prayers and to hear either Aretha Franklin or Patsy Cline's voice for the last time really will escort you effortlessly into heaven on the bridge of its own conviction.


extra credit homework: Bruce Springsteen's 'BORN TO RUN' (begin here young bloomheads, it explains why we were smart enough to fawn over him)
Sly and the Family Stone's 'FRESH' (it may soon become illegal to possess such a radioactive blend!) and the MC5's 'KICK OUT THE JAMS' (music so powerful the government tried to shut it down..)


Love your 'sins' as you love your 'virtues' and you will love yourself as God loves you!


It must be ok if it is!


As the hurricane itself gets closer to its own cause, it forgets what the fuss was all about.


All fallen angels are volunteers..


Quartz crystal is raw petrified light


You will always leave a bad taste in a man's mouth 
if you are calling yourself his liberator 
while cleaning out his refrigerator
and blowing up his stuff.


Learning to save insures us of advantages to come


A shout of encouragement to Ben Harper, an artist whose work I regard and whose vision and perseverance I respect!


Assume the flame!


We are all guests of nature and we are in her home


Were Minerva in her morning shroud 
Not coiled beneath its light
Frenchmen would not be Parisians 
They could only be Paris-ites


Anything given in love, even the smallest trinket is worth its weight in gold!


Finally my cherubinos: NEVER CHASE THE PAST,