Dearest friends and amici, 
More bird droppings!

To answer some questions, 
The name Sananda I'm sure means many things but to me it means 'new life', 'newfound shiny object'!, 'stability', 'more emotional strength and security', 'a less rigid and confining sense of self', 'permission to heal', 'more unfettered and unexplained joy', 'more patience and respect for the process of life', 'the understanding that time works for you, not against you', 'less judgment of what I or someone else is experiencing and more observation', 'increased personal acceptance (which translates into Grace)', 'a lot more inspired sillyness', and 'MORE FORGIVENESS of self and others'. Most importantly it means a lot more faith and trust in the Love of God and all the fruits of his Goodness, which everywhere around me I see, reflected through nature, food, sex, laughter, tears, music, literature, art, people, animals, films, architecture, friendship, religion, philosophy and a good night 's sleep.

I took the name Sananda 7 years ago, at the age of 33, after the suggestions offered through a series of dreams, 3 to be exact. 
It offered me a way out of an old life, a painful and an unfulfilling life.
It offered me entrance through a door I had been seeking all my life.
Its instant familiarity greatly encouraged me to accept the invitation and I am better and broader because of it.
I feel like a man who had Amnesia, who slowly woke up to remember in fuller detail his true identity or like a butterfly who first had to withstand a caterpillar's life until his wings arrived.

I took the time off that I did, to grow up and allow some broken things to heal.
I have never doubted my ability to make music for it has been a source of comfort to me throughout my life.
What I was doubting, was my ability to accept intimacy and be healed by it and not just moved.

I share more of these things with you:

Good music is a lubricant of social intercourse!

Never despair, if you have the capacity to dream your dream, you have the capacity to achieve it!

Half of the mystery of life is in figuring out what you can get away with.

The world is my mistress! 

The people we seem quickest to fight are those that we most resent we need.
This lies at the heart of every war and of every lover's quarrel.

Lies are loud, the truth is soft.

The economy is always but a reflection of what you feel about your stability.

In the game of life certainty is not always an option, faith is.

With an open mind, even hell is a paradise of opportunity!

Confusion is the inevitable result of the refusal to accept what is true about you.

Relax, it's ok, it wouldn't be worth it, if you weren't a little afraid.

This is true about us – we carry a little natural loathing within us for whatever dares to love us as we are.

It comes to every man in his season that he must stare down the great beast of his wanderlust and take his small domestic gains as a step in the right direction and not just an aberration of habit.

Everytime you praise God or Love, you create new energy!

Even fate is seduced by a smile!

The process itself is always your greatest teacher and always contains keys to your healing. 
Trust the process!

Take heed: 
Our children are us being given a second chance!

It takes just as much spiritual Grace and power to learn to levitate amongst the bullshit in life than to levitate in thin air!

The question does not always come first, sometimes the answer arrives first and then all the questions begin.