Fear not,
Your girls are safe!
I've got an italian girlfriend now 
And my leash is pretty short! 

Ps Also let me say to you now 
how proud I am of you.
You took care of the tribes necessary business and moved it forward 
And kept the light on. I know it wasn't easy. Bless you!




For the rest of my babies,
Chew on these:

If you enjoy being who you are 
It's much easier for others to enjoy you as well.
Enjoying yourself is a good investment in your Karma!




Cat Stevens is good for the soul!


All imagination is but cellular memory releasing itself.


A 'dysfunctional' relationship is better than no relationship at all.
The whole point of our earthly experience is simply to relate – 
At all costs!


'Cool' is simply a matter of relaxation into your own state of Grace and Acceptance.


To invite a woman into your life (when you are ready) is to invite life itself in,
Is to invite healing. 


It is for sure that without sex we men could avoid women and therefore the lessons they teach,


The great genius of the Italians (generally spoken) is that they still place people above things.



Learning to love the self 
that does not love the self 
is the greatest act of love
we can commit.



One man's horse is another man's meat.



'Time' is just judgement laid out flat 
so as to be experienced and outgrown.



A positive attitude will not deter all dark days,
But it will save you from unnecessary ones
which are far more in number than necessity.



There are people who love a lot of people
and there are people who love fewer,
but no less.



If you wanna feel the Love 
You must be willing to invest the love.
Go ahead don't be a coward,
Go first!



We are each vulnerable to the portion of our process,
Our journey, where we must have faith that following our healing, our dream will lead on to Grace and not to disgrace.



Transformation is not an event, but a process.



Because we do not trust and love the earth as we used to,
she does not produce for us as she used to,
it's simple cause and effect and restoring the love
will restore the earth and replenish her.



How can it not hurt the earth and break her heart that her children for whom she sacrifices so much have become so very ungrateful?



The rebirth of the soul seems to happen much more likely
When the Love of a good woman is present to witness it!



'Prana' is interdimentional atomic matter in its most base and active form. Tap into this and you tap into: the fountain of youth!
Breathing more consciously is just one key, begin.



Let's all lighten up a little 
We'll fly much higher!



The cultivation of knowledge tempts wisdom but is not in and of itself the only path to wisdom.
The Love of God and his Earth greatly invites wisdom to bear witness to your days as a companion and fellow traveller. 



Any political system devoid of compassion becomes in time totalitarian by default.



There are no 'averages' to a man of faith 
There is only trust in God.



There is nothing wrong with stumbling on the way to Grace 
We sometimes travel farther on our knees.



Knowing who your people are is easy:
They're the ones you can't get rid of,
No matter how hard you try!