Self-judgement is the basis of all prejudice.

You will find historically that in the main – all great men are either brooders or shouters. One internalizes and analyzes the idiocy around them, and the other refuses to even look at it and returns it to sender on site. No era is kinder than another to genius, for genius is relative. Even during the Rennaissance the minds of like Leonardo were only appreciated by a few. Had he not already made a name for himself as a great artist, he'd have been laughed out of town by those ill-equipped to judge his towering vision – and so it remains true today. A doctorate does not imply wisdom, it only implies that you memorized and commented upon knowledge already regurgitated and approved by the state.

To rationalize your desires infers that you are judging your desires. For rationalization is the intellectual handmaiden of judgement. Your heartfelt desires are your unfinished business – the reason you exist. What is the reason for living? To act out the deep desires of your heart. To chase your passions until they or you disappear or morph into another state of existence. You can pray to your God all you wish – you shall never be free of yearning for your true passions … for that makes a mockery of life, and there's a difference between a human and a zombie. Pray instead to be free of judgements of your desires, and your having them, for you are but a partner in a dance and your desires desire you as much a you desire them. Cut yourself free from your desires and you denude your purpose, and you will live your life where it possible as an aimless droid, and droids do not celebrate life.

Life is not as complicated as many of us assume. We are complicated, and therefore draw to ourselves complications. The waters are still and peaceful until you get in and start splashing about – and then blame the lake for being choppy – but be still and the water comforms to your stillness. Life is the lake of existence, it is as turbulent as you make it. As calm as you allow it to be. It forms around you and your thoughts about yoruself. Therefore, make sure your thoughts about yourself are consistent with the life you wish to live.

Flirting is an eye-contact sport.

An original, a visionary looks at a stone, picks it up, and uses it as a foundation for a new building. Those who lack vision, pick up the stone and uses it to throw at the visionary.

I wish Courtney Love all the best of success in her court fight against the major labels . . . namely Vivendi / Universal. Her points are very valid, and the time is ripe for these bullies to be taken down – and hard! The pied pipers are having to work too hard to bring their sweet melodies to the ears of the public. Consequently, their spirits are flagging, and it shows in the listnessness of the music and it's fear of invention. Compromise is a dirty, convenient lie. They have been vampires feasting upon our blood for the privlege of mediocrity. Vandals siphoning the notes from our flutes which we heretofore could not even own. I despise them for how thoroughly they've raped our culture for money, and presented nothing but empty tunes you could get from whistling though a can. Anything adventurous and full of life is stifled at the gate as if it were a girl-child born to a culture of men-worshippers. Her fight is all of our fight. I believe she shall be victorious, for I must believe that it is not the will of the Father that the pipers continue being bullied from their service and their joy.

The fear of not living right, or not living healthily, or not living according to the laws of God – still translates into the fear of living. To live too cautiously is to die slowly. 

Leaders learn to lead by leading themselves, and not being afraid to stand alone. For leaders do not really set out to lead other – they set out to lead their own lives, and others notice this courage and follow not the leader, but the example.

The attraction / repulsion dynamic shall always be allure for those who have not yet made peace with themselves. As long as we hold strong self-judgements, we'll be attracted to those who mirror for us the verdict of self – that we are more desirable in certain things and less so in others. We shall embrace in them what we've allowed of ourselves, and be critical of what in them reflects our own lack of healing. We are fractured because we believe we are, and are encouraged to believe from a culture that greatly profits from our own doubts. In fact, quite a few people are getting paid by our lack of self-acceptance, and an industry built on fractions will but of course encourage further fractionalization. You are being every day cut into smaller and smaller bite-sized portions so that as many feed from your grace as possible. You will also always be repulsed by those who feed from your repulsion.

Sananda Maitreya