Greetings people of Mirth!

(including those orbiting the cusp of the earth, for what it’s worth)


Earth didn’t take the prescription pills because her doctors told her that she was BI-POLAR.  She took the pills because she liked the buzz.

WAR is how we make other people pay for costs we are not willing to bear.   

Your little brother is so short, he raises his eyebrows to increases his height.

I have said this before, but never while wearing my striped yellow and orange commemorative Sesame Street underwear (with the matching socks).  

DUE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA’S NEW POLICY EMPHASIS ON GUN CONTROL, the producers of the Broadway production ANNIE GET YOUR GUN have announced cancellation of the show pending a background check on Annie. Which apparently the production did not think to be of importance before the show, a revival favorite, was announced. A spokesman for the production, but who asked not to be named, said that the company was certain that the necessary paperwork would soon take care of any future cancellations. He said: “Annie WILL get her guns, and she will come out blasting!”

There are no true rights which can be given or granted, but must be earned. All rights of value are won, gained, fought for and as a result well retained as personal law. A man waiting for others to GIVE HIM HIS RIGHTS is possibly a man not quite ready to assume them as his own. And when he is ready, he will not go about asking for his rights, but acquiring them as he goes.

It is altogether possible to THINK TOO MUCH and CONSIDER TOO LITTLE.

TIME is a CLOCK for those who mourn, but a guiding light for those who DREAM.

It is much easier creating music once we surrender to the music constantly pressing upon our everyday life. The problem is NEVER in creating the music, but in shaping it to other people’s expectations. The world was created by sound, by tone, by vision. The world each day invites us to recreate her with the same tools, and each according to how we receive her and wish to see her continue.

A good remedy for a hyperactive boy is a hyperactive dog.

The best thing about having a short attention span is how often you can recycle the same déjà-vu.

A survivor of the ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORD wars, and resident Zooathalon artist of stature, BOY GEORGE MICHEAL JACKSON BROWNE SUGAR RAY CHARLES, has legally changed his name to BOY GEORGE MICHAEL JACKSON BROWNE SUGAR RAY LEONARD COHEN. He converted to Judaism, but only for accounting purposes. He wants his fans to know that he still loves them just the same, if not more than before.

Roberta Teresa Zimmerman relaxed and went soft and easy once she finally accepted, that if she had really wanted to be perfect, she’d have been born in a perfect world.


Swell my stuffed animus and me!

Cue the lights and help me forget my thumb sucking entropy.

Fluffy and tugging at my sleeve like a knee baby seeking forgiveness:

“Yes I spilled the water, to take me past your borders of restraint, which I have to cross to get next to you.

Of course I respect your sense of order, and the ways that collect in me a recollection of days ahead, but trust that I am your timekeeper instead, and the reaper, announcing himself before the sickle becomes my father’s keeper and mortality runs too close to the deadweight that finds itself another sleeper full of woe and dread”.

BTW, Camus was drunk most of the time, but it takes a lot to shame us, one of the elders said.

If BUTHELEZI had a lazy booty would he lose the booty he gained in his raids on the city?

Or am I crazy?

The sleeper awakens and gathers his tokens before the sinking whole. He financed his favors by betting all his silver on the golden rule. With grace comes cool and the gradated acknowledgement of the rest of your school. And on the face of it, the grand gestures mortality demands, and what falls into the cracks of space can still land in your palms and fall in line with the forms we trace with our hands.

JUDAS WAS A FRIEND OF JESUS before he stopped his drinking, he sobered up and wound up with his head in hands, shrieking what his mind was thinking about what the Lord was teaching us.

Even when your heart is broken, and your last teardrops have spoken lament. You spent your evenings writing anguish letters addressed to ‘HEAVEN SENT’.

I see this even as my saliva splits the sands and my fingers brush moonlight off your face; as the daylight pierces the curtain’s strands, you who were laid to waste, dust dancing where the sun is poking, spirited in its present haste. I was wonderbeast, I am oracle, flesh and documents historical at least, solid and ephemeral, even when choking on metaphors coiled like a snake to rattle the polemical, whom I eat like cake, the last part of the beast to slay before my dragons become the feast.

And before the thistles of my harvest fall fallow with release, before I count increase.

Before the leaves have matted into the hair that the worms wear, before new seeds are planted,

Where tall winds are stroking.

My mask fell where I last lay.

I last lay down the other day.

Except when I am joking!

I take it with my Coke and Whiskey.

Otherwise no can do. A smoking barrel nudges my lips to kiss me. But I’d blow it away before I let it fist me and give a nod to you.

Then I rise like a fever unsettled by yeast, in an oaken cask where bread is baked, stored in a frisky temperature. And then singed by carols the baker aches to sing wistfully, before his thirst is slaked, like the moss at the feet of the lake, bathed in by the emperor’s banker, whose fortunes never surveyed the foundry of fate’s savage exemplar, but fable’s angry curse.

Though when he sings among us, he usually sings some Mingus.

He tries to hum Vivaldi, but sounds like Genghis Khan or worse.

Though when it brings us profits, he tries to B.B. King us. Trust me, the matter couldn’t be simpler,

Nor smoother handled in any accountant’s office, even if the Feds tried to finger us,

And rebates reimbursed.

Soiled and bungled I do not take, except for the sake of love, which I wear like an ephemeris from which Memphis brings its gravestones and granite runes.

There are many planets where they make a circus of the moon.


Stretch out the time by stretching out the tunes.

Craved I the loans which the loins put to the canvas of our stretched content

And cover with brushes of painted sentiments

Some houses drawn in, others left undressed

And to passing pirates trusted, like the shuttered

Shacks on the beaches of Bari.

And with all of my knuckles busted, beaten back,

To the cut and thrust I leave the carving alone.

I survived, so I can’t be sorry.

Cold snatch the blues from the grinder switch

That grabbed its purse and used its verses

To scatter rain throughout the earth.

Which it then arranged in the order of:

Bones to the north, metals to the east.

To the west, all of my sweat,

To the south all that is left of my enemies,

Already buried in their robes of regret.

There are no last words to have once

The ruins overrun the love you save,

And the skylarks pass what is left of your sunset,

As the dunes and swell erase the footsteps of your safari.   

The best way to govern a people is as they are or as they wish to be. The best form of coercion is allowance. Rule by force proves less cost effective and kills the will and creative spirit of a community, and dead horses need more wagons. What would people be willing to exchange their rights for? MORE LIBERTY. In any event: rights are negotiable, liberty is not.



but check this out, you are not either.

At least I am scratching with my pen while you are scratching at your balls,

like rubbing balsam on the tree and annoying the birds with catcalls.

Luckily your voice is lost before one kitten falls free.

You, still looking for a leader. You’re a sucker either, or a feeder.

Like your mother was a breeder.

Stop selling short the landscapes of your desires.

There are choirs waiting to sing your shores towards waves that visions of horizon hoards, whose pacing has seen the rug worn from fathers and their little lords, even ones with ring worm.

I pray that you find your spacing and Collect what memories slant the mouth agape and furnish it with pleasures.


The roll is real when the right feel rights the wrong,

or writes fresh verses to a familiar song, the kind where once heard, you sing along until dawn selects, what to edit from the files and what to salvage as waste or as nostalgia’s last fumble or bittersweet taste.

Once on tongue, what one swallows one reflects.

While the quarries of opinion barter a new deal for the weaker sex,

The one with whiskers on their faces,

Sharpening their razors across their necks.

Your mother’s ankles are so thick, that when she broke her ankle, the doctor sent her to a paleontologist.    

The people with the LEAST amount of power are also the ones most blamed for poor disorganized societies, instead of blaming those with whom the real power lies. It would seem that LOGIC, (that stranger to public discourse), dictates that the problem ALWAYS lies with where the power IS, not with where the power ISN’T. Disorganization is a function of willfulness and neglect.

We will be charged a consumption tax for goods we neither make nor promote. NATURALLY, GLOBAL WARMING is OUR fault since we manufacture nothing ourselves, all WE do is to use the goods and services the state provides, and we are often prosecuted for pursuing alternatives. We will be paying a carbon tax on behalf of those who essentially market and sell it to us. They make carbon based products, we pay for the use of carbon based products. We are assigned the cost of goods being promoted to us and are taxed for energy we have no choice but to support. That sounds cynical to me, it also sounds like well organized theft.

The problem with Tap Dancing CENTIPEDES doesn’t lie with evolution as a deterrent, but that for centipedes, there is simply not enough money in tap dancing left, to justify their evolving in that direction and there would be little return on their investment, time wise. The Moral of this episode? EVEN EVOLUTION FOLLOWS THE MONEY.  The theory of evolution is the theory of where the money was spent.

Poem: Trojan Hearse.



Nor shall my sons grow up in the shadow of my sins. Or wandering past

The point where confidence and fate meet, losing their sands before the hours

Begin and tossing their metals before the golden mean, before their hands are tied

And the wrinkles of their regrets are seen

and taken by the tides from static to wave,

Like a vessel without a mast.

Cutting them off at the shins and made to swallow what they fail to grasp while young,

Nor with a plan to follow. I would not be SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO

were I not concerned for their tomorrow. So on more faith I lean, until the light has restored my

sight for the nights that come, to shake the sobs that break in like the tremors of an earthquake.

More likely to steal than to borrow, and more likely to stare down Mercury

For the value it leaves to his namesake, for them if not his own sake,

Or the price of foreign quicksilver.

Your father is so vapid, he thought that the ETRUSCANS were an online tribe.

Flexibility is the best philosophy of all. Fashion your philosophy to you and not you to your philosophy. What is most true requires the least explanation.

After closing the police investigation, it was decided that CHICKEN LITTLE’S death would be put down to FOWL PLAY.

Poem: Arbitrary Motion

TOO MUCH IS ALWAYS TOO SOON, and too late never enough.

I once kneeled beside a flower stall, and begged the forgiveness of all who passed.

I had laughed off a gallant portion of my youth and with ruthless justice soon amassed

A bluff of quarters I couldn’t see past, for playing with the truth. Mainly off the cuff.

TIME IS A CLOCK FOR THOSE WHO MOURN and a guiding light to those who dream.

My pentacles see through the cusps of the moon, as uncle in the cupboard drinks the rougher stuff, at last. (It was spoiling in the basement, soon to turn to acid).

He lives behind a warehouse on the borders of Lake Placid and dreams of living in Aspen.

A young girl said that she would bear his baby in June, though he knows she’s grasping, because he had his tubes tied before last springs bloom (so this couldn’t be his bastard, uncle’s early days were tempered like the sitting parlor dressed in plastic). 

But they lived like queens and had enough room! He’d see if he’d survive the baby boom, at his age he might need the clasping to the bosom of a story, whose heart was gasping, and out of breath, if not also out of time. And her mother had been a stripper, who unrobes now only to unwind.

Diamonds rhyme with all facets of glory, and the greater vice was not to the vine, but to the olive and the lime. Voices rasping like Otis in flight, whose starlight trumps the twinkle of assets that flicker where the lotus gathers, into a frail and endless night. He confided once that Paris would never sit still for his blunders, nor would he spend a dime, or plaster him with tales of wonder when younger and in the dales of paradise, spinning on his revolver, and spitting on his pair of dice, while wearing tie and tails.

Twice, he claimed he put his purpose to many a one, who were moist and exuberant, tolerant, no longer cloistered, who claimed as boisterous sirens to be the whims of boys, his only lubricant being that which could fill with felicitous glee, whatever glistened to his notion of memory, which moved him from his sandals, like pearls skipping across the slate blue ocean as Neptune wears the horn of plenty and calculates the currents of his symmetry,

While bouncing the foam waves as the cream of his desire, the milk of his emotion.

It’s a case of basic chemistry, though love arrives with vandals,

Bouncing their combs on a loose high wire.

ANYWAY, this girl might be a charlatan, though she is fair.

And her mother is horny.

Which may be enough to keep my uncle there,

Blowing out new candles,

While cupcakes feed his love handles.

I was disappointed after my wife Francesca selected LIFE OF PI for us to watch after dinner. There wasn’t a slice of pie in the whole damn film and it is a long film! Very well done, but not what I was expecting. I will think twice now about buying THE LIFE OF CAKE.

What convinced Riley to stop hunting weren’t the environmentalists, but the animals, which were being armed by animal rights terrorists, and shooting back. Most surprising to Riley and other hunters were the raccoon’s savvy facility with hand grenades. The police have so far declined to investigate.

The good thing about paranoia is that you are never really alone. EVER!

I imagine the cool thing about schizophrenia is the automatic group discount.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to send a special THANK YOU to our wonderful and faithful fans in JAPAN for their fantastic welcome and reception. It was a great privilege for myself and The NUDGE NUDGE, Nick Taccori and Enea Bardi to have been invited by MOTION BLUE and the BLUE NOTE, in Yokohama and Tokyo, to do these concerts with you in mind. We were excited to come, if a little nervous since it had been 10 years since our last visit.

On behalf of Nick ‘The Sticks’ Taccori, Enea ‘The Count’ Bardi and myself, I thank you all once more and look forward to being able to see you again, hopefully not as long a wait as last time.

I hope that those of you who were there, saw how much fun I had doing the concerts and bringing Post Millennium Rock to your beautiful country!

And thank you all, worldwide for your response to RETURN TO ZOOATHALON, it has been a thrill.

Sananda Maitreya!

ANTHOVEN was quite proud, and rightfully so to have been crowned that. He had won the WHO SHALL SUCCEED BEETHOVEN contest and the ANTS had finally wrested the title away from the BEES. Anthoven beat off fierce competition from FLYTHOVEN and ROACHTHOVEN. Though controversy was narrowly averted when the Roach contingent threatened to pull out of the competition over what they deemed ‘shabby hotel arrangements’. “They may as well have put us in a roach motel” one was heard to have replied, “they put us in a fleabag”. Flythoven accepted his defeat with good grace and buzzed off, but not before landing in the winner’s cream pie to fuel up before the long flight home back to Flytopia. None of this mattered a whit to Anthoven. He had finally come into his own, the bees were no longer masters of the throne, the ants now shown. Anthoven would celebrate further by stopping at a favorite pub before going home to get a goods night rest, so as to be crisp and alert as he began to undertake work the next morning on his first symphony.

And this had been his dream ever since having pounded the boards and proven he could handle the lead role in his community theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA.

These writings loving dedicated to my wonderful aunt Khmbrly Howard. May your great and generous spirit forever rest in peace! We will miss you!

Now introducing my second son, Federico Elvis Maitreya!

born at 4:20 am on October 25th 2012.


and a picture from 1988 of my HERO, Muhammed Ali!

ps Way to go Boston. Bombs are not bigger than pride!

MILANO 20th April 2013