These thoughts I share with you for your easter week-end, may the Christs within yourselves be nurtured by your mercy and the boldness of your recognition and may the Buddhas within you get fatter with your laughter and growing sense of self compassion: 


What keeps a man young is not the lack of tension in his life but the lack of pretension, the letting go of all ideas of who he is supposed to be, expected to be and surrendering to just being who he is whether it is in or out of fashion, sanctioned or unsanctioned, approved or disapproved. These are the meek who shall inherit the earth. 

We often lose what we have by falling under the illusion that having more will give us more, when it often takes away the satisfaction of experiencing what we have already.

In truth what are we after all but monkeys in denial?

Your ‘demons’ are not chasing you, you are running from them. They are only trying to give back to you what you have judged and left behind. Slow down and let them catch you. Anything looks scarier when you are running from it!

It is no one else’s responsibility to recognise you or respect you. Recognise and respect yourself and others will be inspired to return to you what you are already giving yourself.

I have to admit, sometimes it does get a little lonely waiting for you but what else can I do but wait? I was designed for this and it takes as long as it takes, after all this is what Heaven pays me for and it pays me in grace.

What else is a cloud but cream free of the gravity of doubt and therefore able to float high above its judgements and negative self assumptions and blot the blue sky with vapour trails of bliss?

I am not worried about your prejudice against others, it is insignificant. I am concerned only with the prejudice you carry against yourself, for all forms of prejudice have their root in this first cause. Address this and gradually your other prejudices will evaporate into preferences and you have a birth right to your preferences.

In truth whether it be for racial, tribal, political, religious or gender reasons and whether in quantities large or very small we all carry some prejudice, and yet I have seen consistently that given even have a chance we are all willing to make an exception whenever it moves us to do so. Our biases do not make us any less divine, only more human. Expecting people to give more than they are willing to give in any given moment breeds resentment. Accept the graces as they come and more will surely follow. That you are willing to make an effort at all moves Heaven to tears. 

I have had the profound priviledge of being loved by women from very many tribes ( for there is only one race but many tribes ) and I can honestly say that it is all very very good and was very appreciated in its turn. All praises be to all the flowers in the garden and to the bees of grace who have pollinated each with the pungent scent of God’s mercy. 

What distinguishes whether a man is a poet or not is not how well he writes or indeed whether he can write at all, but in how he looks at the world and how much he invites of the world back into his soul. Generosity of vision is what separates a poet from a miser, misers see weeds where poets see necessity.

Lighten up on yourselves, your choices always reflect your judgements of yourself and those who judge themselves harshly draw hard consequences and place more pressure on themselves on making the ‘right’ choice in the belief that each choice is an ultimate one. Opportunity does not knock only once, this is a misers view of the world, it knocks as often as you invite it. Life is not the lottery, you are.

May you be blessed by yourself with permission to arrive at the place where your choices are based not on what you think you should do but on what brings the most joy to your heart, the most excitement to your existence, the most inner satisfaction, for all the rest places you in bondage and deeper servitude to ideals that do not serve you and therefore sap you of your strength.

Writers, do not be discouraged if you are experiencing what some call ‘writers block’, it’s just an incubation period for a new expression. You are just in a cocoon formulating your next birth, within a butterfly stirs. Be patient with your self and be encouraged, Heaven still needs you, there is no shelf life on a gift given by providence, she does not let her Angels go to waste. She just sometimes closes her wings around you for a spell so that the bankers don’t bleed you dry and strip you of all of your wine before it matures into the golden age you are promised if you are willing to hold your faith. 

Answering the question others often challenge us with: ‘WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?‘ is a part of the divine priviledge of being on this planet. It is indeed your life purpose, get on with it and bless you for being here. 

…a rose cannot proceed to blossom until it asks itself the question: ‘JUST WHO DO I THINK I AM?’ while it ponders its thorns protect it 
the scent you smell beneath your nose 
is the question mark that produced the rose 
so trust God and your own divine curiosity, your question marks (?) 
always straighten out into exclamation points (!)
….and remember: if you are a grape don’t wine, everything happens for a raisin!!

(and for those of you on the other side of the world … HAPPY WESTER…!!!!!) 

Bless you all 
Your Gods love you 

Your eternal friend 
Sananda Maitreya