Along with these thoughts, I announce that March 10, Thursday 2011 at 10:30 am CET, 
THE SPHINX arrives on mastered Mp3! That is TOMORROW for some of you. For the rest of you, it is ALWAYS TODAY! It is our hope that you enjoy the ZOOATHALON and find a place for it in your expanding heart. But if your heart is small and tight, we hope we've hit the strike zone. 
When in doubt, THINK SPHINX! 




Things come together as we do.



Metaphors are easy, when you hide behind a lust for life.
And abrupt are the changes psychic circumstance installs
that instill the sense of cosmic strife.
We scar and burn our skin with badges,
the stitches of which, navigate the death of Christ.
But, WE HAVE GOODS TO SELL, so let us speak of birth,
from its autumnal hearth, I hear the earth.



If it has crossed your mind, it has already crossed your path. Your PATH is always where you are now, and not necessarily where you need to be.



The difference between LUCK and FORTUNE, is that luck is blind to who its enemies are, while fortune is not.



The ZOOATHAHOLIC would tell you that the only good witch he's ever met was a sandwich.



It is never a good time to break away, until you do.



No temerity, no tomorrow.
Notoriety, no tomorrow.



Once you've figured out the game
the only defense they have left,
is to call you insane.



Pluto being pissed off and fuming greatly contributes to global warming. That will teach us to go around demoting planets. Especially planets with tenure. And the ancient knowledge of life and death, as it pertains to TRANSFORMATION. In my ZOOATHALON, Pluto is not only NOT demoted, but has been promoted to PROVOST. Meanwhile, a PROVOLONE !



I've always been good with rules. Just not the ones others insist I take.



You miss it when it's gone
because everything moves on.
This is the key to the ZOOATHALON.



A heckler from the crowd: YOU SUCK !
The Entertainer: Yeah, but you swallow !



These scribblings dedicated to the '-Stans' countries. Pakistan, Turgikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, the various other hard to spell -stans and Stanford.



And this from the Zooathalon's recently elected Chairman Moose:
You may lead from your sanity, or you may lead from your vanity. Though, if you do choose to lead from your vanity, make sure that your vanities are not weak.



Nothing is more exhausting than our own stupidity.



'Tests' are acts of patience with other people's bias.



Be patient with yourself, pain is its own healing.



We fear our own reflection when it matches the size of our judgements.



You joining the parade doesn't mean that you have to march at anyone else's pace but your own.



I had a bad dream a few nights ago, I were caught in an elevator going down and stuck between a SCIENTOLOGIST and a DYLANOLOGIST, both convinced that by the end of the ride, I would be converted to their just causes. Indeed the times they are a changin' !



When all is said and done, what we believe, is not nearly as important in the final analysis as what we hold against ourselves. And refuse to let go of.



We invite what we can tolerate. The key is to tolerate fewer things and be clear about it. TOLERANCE can sometimes be an excuse for the lack of discernment. It is easier to tolerate what we love and hold dear than what holds us at a distance.



Quitting anything is simple, once the mind has seen enough. The end of the road is guaranteed, but trying to get out before the end of the road is like trying to throw one's self out of a moving vehicle at high speed, where the cure is more deadly than the disease*.



The main difference between PROBLEMS and ISSUES are that problems may leave of their own volition if bored, though issues remain until we dismiss them.



….and we dismiss things more easily, once we've seen enough.



portions of these writings also dedicated to madame TINA TURNER, a grand buddha of culture and a living inspiration. Don't expect to run into her at IKEA.



just like other men,
while another, just as 
bloated, throws darts.
Deep inside a pub,
while his restless
woman reggaes,
rub a dub dub.
Bouncing as she eats
her meatball sub.



Master GARY MOORE, R.I.P. And Thank You for service beyond the call of duty.



Thank you and stay tuned for more ongoing developments!
Sananda Maitreya !



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* Ps please pardon my mixed metaphors, I am not a proper bartender.