The Black Rock Coalition began roughly about the same time as I came to public awareness. Part of the reason for their existence is to remind particularly the U. S music industry of the lineage of the founding fathers of rock and their great and enduring contribution to a vast portion of our american cultural heritage and how traditionally once the black community creates a new forum of expression, they are then usually squeezed out of it after it is renamed, relabelled and given exclusively to another tribe as if it were created solely for them. Our contribution is meant for the healing of all nations, for all souls and for all who recognize themselves in the music we create. To my understanding the coalition is not against anyone's expression, it is simply for more inclusion. They have always been an encouragement to my existence and its dreams. Find out more about them, if you are interested, by going to their site. The group 'LIVING COLOUR' (for example) was also a prime associate and beneficiary of the BRC.

What I've learned as a producer is this: 
The more space you leave 
The more space you move

Arguably comedy is the most difficult discipline to master in all of the arts, or at least the entertainment arts. These following souls are a good bet to stretch your funny bone as well as your mind. All have made a huge contribution to their craft and have helped to ease the tension our rat race encourages us to hold on to:


Of course there are more, begin with these artists work on cd and get to chuckling!

Seek out the work of BILL HICKS at all costs. He was very funny and very enlightened and seemed clearly to care about the state of his fellow man's condition.

It is the nature of the beast that complacency in using the freedoms granted to us will find those same freedoms under attack and reassumed as dictatorial authority. We are expected to use our gifts if we cherish them and expect to keep them. Otherwise we don't deserve them, having proven ourselves not worthy to hold on to them.

All men have every right to feel pride without apology in the tribal distinctions they were asked to wear by creator in order to move forward all tribes and to deepen our understanding. Creator loves all of the branches on its tree and the leaves that the wind blows and scatters all over the world.

I carry double headed coins because:



'I'm an alchemist 
of practical skill'
said the wine-man
to Othello
'tonight I'll drink 
your finest red 
it comes out 


MICHAEL BUBLE' 's daddy is HARRY CONNICK JR, one of the most gifted musicians I've ever had the distinction to meet and a real true bonafide southern gentleman of breeding and class. He's also become a burgeoning fine actor.

My wife Francesca and I are very grateful to Roberto and Eva Cavalli for their support and friendship. Blessings & Godspeed to their enterprise, lovely daughters and hansome sons.

Suffering is the priviledge of the blessed.

We lose time not being ourselves.

Depression is the close shadow of uncertainty. A mind split against itself depletes its own battery and depression is a result of a depleted battery, a mind tired from battering itself. Clarity, patience and rest raises the mind's frequency. As does prayer and meditation.

Heaven does not care how long we live, only how much.

Having multiple personalities has its upside: you have more drinking buddies!

I would hate for my tombstone to read like this: 

'here lies a man 
who neither smoked, 
drank, ate meat, 
or sweets and avoided 
a life of vice 
but is still dead 
just like everyone else 
in this bone yard'


A life of meditation means nothing without a firm commitment to life attached to it, or there's nothing to meditate on. Live as fully and fearlessly as you can. It is the fast track to evolution and what fuel you use to power your progress is your own affair.

Do not hesitate to be the person that each day requires and each night demands. Be the Buddha one day and Genghis Khan the next. A man is not an idea, but a response to the truth of the circumstances which attend him and confront him, moment to moment. Right action is always fresh, never a stale reflex. One day it delivers roses, the next day weeds but what it adds up to is a real garden full of life, full of possibility.

The bigger the 'philosophy' we have to carry around, the shorter our life span. The least we believe in, the more life we see on its own terms.

From the department of -when Rock was real- (and not only a Christmas stocking stuffer) check out the MC5: 'KICK OUT THE JAMS' it may just save your soul and respects to one of their esteemed alumnus WAYNE KRAMER who is still making the troubadors trek on behalf of good music.

If you are not successful in locating a copy of the MC5, the same recommendation applies to IGGY AND THE STOOGES 'RAW POWER'.

It's good to see the WHITE STRIPES carrying on Detroit's distinguished rock tradition. When it's good and comes out of Detroit (whether MOTOWN, MC5, STOOGES, NUGENT, etc) it grooves hard!

All of life exists in all dimensions at all times and only the form is subject to change.

Many of our myths are history as actually lived on the higher dimensions and remembered by us here in the third dimension. Do not think yourself silly for believing in myths for they are our memory transposed to another key.

Evolved higher dimensional figures have access to all of the lower dimensions. Whether or not one believes that JESUS and BUDDHA, (and for that matter KING ARTHUR or MERLIN) are real historical figures is irrelevant. They are fully alive to themselves where they do exist and are able to make their presence felt as necessary in order to convey their thoughts and emotions throughout the fabric of space/time. And because of their great powers of focus can manifest in any of the lower dimensions (including our own) at will and through whomever they choose.

That your Gods exist in your heart already places them firmly in space where they beam back to you (if allowed) your heart's desire.

What doesn't kill us softens us up for what eventually will!

A good thing about schizophrenia is that you can always get a witness. 
Can I get a witness?

There is no greater priviledge for a man than to bear witness to a Goddess coming of age. Even from a distance.

When your wife is also your best friend one has a greater understanding of the nature of God's love in practice.

There is no greater proof of our blindness than to see how much we lust and long for what we already have now.

When all is said and done, usually a lot is said and little is done.

One man's M is another man's W

Our demons exist to keep us honest

JAMES BALDWIN is no longer with us but GORE VIDAL is! HE IS STILL ALIVE! TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE! He (for me) ranks with EMERSON, THOREAU and BALDWIN as exemplers of American high style. He writes with boldness, truth, wit and the power of the convinced. He is one of our great American yet international man of letters. To read him or to hear him speak is to be both enlightened and entertained. Rub this Buddha's belly while he is still here to appreciate the awe he inspires and the respect he deserves.

Puritans are born, not made

Blue has the greatest colour range of all other visible colours in the spectrum. It stretches from the darkest blue (almost black) to the heavenly blue of the empty sky. Infact in truth there is no black, just blue meditating on deep blue business. Space is not black but deep blue. Blue even stretches itself into the green range for blue-green collaborations. 

War is the cost of greed.

We advance the cause just as much by opposing it.

WOW, you mean you're Blue-ish? Funny, you don't look blue-ish! 
Yes, I was circumscribed as a child!

Master RAY CHARLES never gave a damn about what kind of music he was 'supposed' to make, which is one reason we are mourning him now.
He proved clearly that: WHO DARES WINS!

Heaven does not care which side of the battle you are on. Only that you are on the side of the truth as YOU feel it to be. All sides advance the cause of justice. It's all a game anyway, enjoy your role!

I'm pleased to see that the new Spanish government has included so many women in the new prime minister's cabinet. Our governments can use all of the balanced help available to them by including women and their gifts and values in keeping our world from being blown up because of a few economic fascists and their war games.

Déjà-vus are proof of the existence of time travel. Think about it!

I would like to thank ECAST for their participation in the unfolding of my drama. Check them out on
They are here to help the Angel brigade.

Institutionalized racism is a form of state sponsored terrorism against its own citizens. When it also becomes foreign policy we can then begin to see why we draw it back to us as our disease draws back to itself its own temperance. What eats us from within soon begins to attack us from without. Our best defense against more terrorism is to address the ways in which we can eliminate more of the conditions and attitudes which many of our citizens feel terrorised by in their day to day existence.



I looked through the curtains
of a falling window
and saw gasping, reaching limbs
one man may have heard 
lustful moans
but to me they were sweet hymns
in the timing of 
ecstasy announced 
air rushed in through a newly 
opened crack 
I'm vulnerable in my lower back
but I'm a tiger 
so I pounced



I hear her speak 
the language of angels 
in her sleep
it seems garbled 
and I don't have the mind
to decode or to keep
my attention, not to mention
the dreams 
I've yet to reap
but it seems that there are
where only the faithful 
and into the arms of winged 
heaving towards
that sputter out once dispelled 
of their 
they then, 
devoid of heaven 
attend disaster
they say it makes their 
flutter faster.


All praises be to the name of your Gods, ancestors and friends! 
(and other important stuff..)