To all my Ivans, Iris’s and other pupils:

One man’s obsession is another man’s meditation

Stop being so mesmerized by numbers. There is only one number, ONE.
And if you say you’re one, then you are.

The stars were leaning out of sight
I stretched my eyes into the night
And threw them at the bats
(though they were really pigeons in pirate hats)
who’d been cursing at the light
then, I heard a whisper that
sent sparkles like seeds
in the air through the lanes that night feeds
I was startled by a hush
She was made as a sharp rebuke to the wise
still, I made my pass,
though I slowed my rush

the last word
was the second
from the third
I love you

Magic can never be properly organized. Magic organizes itself and calls only for a witness,
not a harness.

Greed is a cancer that everyday changes and erodes the shape of our world.

Chaos is creative energy organizing itself.

Our rough patches are our proving grounds.

If you have to be rich to be happy than you’ll never be rich or happy enough.

Experience is a fool’s insurance.

Expand your idea, the rest follows.
Being willing to see yourself in a new light INVITES that new light.
There is always new light around you waiting to pour in.

Time slows down when the minds obsession with time slows down.

To pour yourself fully into time pushes time aside and creates more space for you.
Time is an actual being whose matrix provides the fabric of the energy we experience as time.

The only thing we lack is patience.

No one can fear life and hope to survive it.

All forms of hate are but desperate acts of love.

Gratitude is the root of all joy.

Often a family or a group of friends are but one bottle of wine poured into many different cups. You are a bottle of wine that cannot be contained in just one cup. You often bump into another cup of the wine that you are and that’s when magic happens and its familiar electric tingle.

The price of paradise
is that you have to
fight like hell
to keep it yours.

Low vibrations gather where low thoughts gather, aim to keep your thoughts relative to your ambition.

Love moves at the speed of light
Which explains Love at first sight
Except for the second guessing
Your lips would already be pressing!

What we put into our systems are always equal to what we are pulling out.

One man’s missionary is another man’s terrorist.

What tears us apart one day, holds us together the next.

A cynic sees everything but realizes nothing.

The sex drive is fuelled by anger.

One man’s delusion is another man’s creative vision.

Our doubts become our pains.

See! don’t look!

If someone tells you: ‘you don’t smell like a rose’
say to them: ‘then maybe you should go and blow your nose’

A dog will pepetually bite its own tail as long as there is nothing for it to look forward to.
Hopelessness and the conditions that prey upon and perpetuate it are crimes against humanity.

A filthy mouth attracts filthy minds. Keep your language accessible and your thoughts high and you’ll attract a better grade of karma.

It does not take the majority, it takes critical mass, lose the critical and be the mass!

A smile is in and of itself a revolutionary act.

The wise use of our weaknesses turns them into strengths. Anticipate and work with (and not against) your wounds and they become shields and badges of honour.

All imagination is memory for we cannot imagine what is not.

Me and my wife Francesca love the new PAOLA TURCI cd: ‘STATO DI CALMA APPARENTE’ (state of apparent calm) it is a nice collection of laid back latin rock,
meets Sade-esque intelligent, earthy, sensual, groove music. It’s great adult music by an uncompromising, mature Artist. Check it out! And check her out on also Hopefully you’ll be able to find it in America.

Never argue with a fool, for in the end you’re only arguing with yourself.

Beating up Jews or destroying their property still does not address the self loathing that would prompt such an act. If you have a problem with Jews then the problem is with your OWN identity, and that is your responsibility and no one elses.
Prejudice with such vile contempt for the self is the lower path of the law and it sows the seeds of bad karma which always blossom at the worst possible time.

We attack in others what we despise in ourselves.

One pays a greater price in bringing beauty to the world than in bringing pain.

A shout of RISPETTO to a musician/composer/producer/teacher whose courses I took as electives in the University of Rock and Roll, TODD RUNDGREN. He was a one man band before ANY of us, a great musician, an innovative producer and one of the all time songwriters. His works are yet available. I believe RHINO among others carry his legacy.
Check it out and learn! Most of all enjoy!

Slow down and relax, if you were moving any faster, you’d be cheating time.

First be your own disciple and the others will come!

Being prejudiced against prejudiced people only justifies to them why they should be prejudiced in the first place. Try loving them instead. Nobody really wants to be prejudiced,
we work with it the best we can while we are asked to labour.

I’ve never known ‘bad luck’, though I’ve certainly known a lot of things which didn’t turn out as I might have expected.

Between our jealousy and our greed are all the evils of the world committed.

A wise man never throws stones at another man’s God. (but if he must throw stones, let it be Keith!!)

My critics say
I like to ramble
but my ramble
is just preamble
to bust your sample
Paradise is not so simple
and the middle ground has no face
if it has a pimple
and the squatters at the door
can only see pleasure through the eyes of a fog
and its chariot is pulled
by a salty dog
who licks what’s on the floor
is bad with numbers
but knows the score
my poetic license has been renewed
unless I get published, then of course
I’m screwed.

All crisis is a state of birth.

There will always be repercussions when we live our lives by the assumption that we need more than we now have. (madam Sinead said as much earlier) This is the pressure that brings all other pressures to bear and makes of our living a constant toil.

Musical categories (like all categories) are coffins. The more you play to it, the more you’ll be buried in it.

Give a people back their true history and you go a long way towards healing them.
Our culture is our healing.

Weak law makes for bold tyrants.

Congratulations to Mr Stevie Winwod on his induction into the Rock and Roll ‘Hall of Fame’ on the 15th of march. It is well deserved for he is as fine a singer and musician as exists in his generation (or any one elses for that matter). I am thrilled to see him releasing his own personal brand of soul music on his own ‘WINCRAFT’ label. It is not fitting that such a talent and elder statesmen should be under the tyranny of confusion that has become the norm in the Music industry. I too am indebted to his older brother Muff Winwod for helping me get started back in the days when Artists were allowed to play with real fire.
Rock on Stevie!

Once we get Stevie Ray Vaughn inducted we’ll have the SUPER STEVIE TRIFECTA!
(since STEVIE WONDER is already in).

The lack of Love causes us to place more emphasis on greed to support the fear of life.
The more Love a being generates, the less afraid to live they are and the more life itself supports them.

Evil has but one face, it’s the different masks that fool us

We only pay for love when we don’t believe we deserve it.

A solid ‘Right on’ to WWW.WEEDSHARE.COM, a great idea whose time has come!

I contend that there has never been a better time to be a songwiter than now. I challenge all songwriters and musicians to raise the level of their game and to quit following mindlessly the bouncing digital ball that has helped to lull our world and its inhabitants into a vague and dizzy sleep. Man was not made for digital, digital was made for man.

What you kiss you bless.

In an unjust war
The more you fight
The less you have to gain

Children, build good study habits. It focuses the mind and a focused mind can achieve what it wishes and is much harder to confuse.

Kisses to my beloved fans in India and Pakistan!

God does not continue to bless those who are not willing to share. How you share is up to you, but share, it increases your share as well.

(after a spell)
becomes self-reinforcing

the only thing that life owes us is life itself which we have already been given.
How big a deal we make of it is up to us.

Every number above 3 is but a further explanation of the power of 3 and its many options and services.

A man who can cry is less of a menace to himself and likewise to society.

Drowining in a sea of doubt
now I cast your mother out
I send her back to the stolen pearls
her winter torment blotted out
blood on the rampage stained the wool of lamb
scarlet, a colour whose pain could give a damn
as long as there were dividends
that paid off in fresh wounds
I never should’ve put it in
the cat is stepping off again
into a different room
where new air circulates
dna is not tossed and flipped for rates
scientific matter masturbates so baby don’t go boom!
with no more hands in my pocket,
say: ‘ keep the chain but not the locket ‘

upon whose nail was I supposed to rest my potential?
favours are weighed in the balance of surrender
and the battles not lost in the Jaguars
and the brothels of Brussels are filled with slumping men
spitting out worries and crying to a slag
whose eyes fix like daggers
is stingy with her Jones
but never with her Jaggers
and will only roll stones which convert into coins
only Tarzan has missed her loins
though since he went Hollywood he’s now in debt
and looking for fresh Jane
she’s moved on I bet
back in the jungle
and swinging on the vines
that still remain

a hearty ‘What’s up!’ To my faithful in Australia
we’ll rendez-vous when the view ain’t on the run!


I only promise to be true
To the veins that connect us but split us in two
Trade me your neuroses for new roses
I’ll plant in you
I promise not to pull out early
And will shatter the roadblocks
where gates are pearly

All praises be to the name of your God!


Ps go on and take the leap of faith!