To all my Matrixians, Maitreya-vinians and even to the confusionists and their allies the overkillians….


This is your life! …if so, then why are you haggling over it with others?


THE FISHWIVES CLUB will be meeting on Friday at Eric’s on Boston Common.
Don’t forget to bring your completed 420 forms!


BY THE TIME THIS DISAPPEARS… so will your memory of it.


LETTUCE SPRAY said the ocean man!


Yesterday I had to mediate a fight between this guy: ! And this guy: ?
Then ! Got even more !!! So I twisted an ankle keeping him offa ? as 
He got more ??? puffed and verbal, it all got started when ? called ! overrated….


…and so he was doomed to spending his final years wandering the seas like a hammerhead shark looking for construction work.


BU-pha-TIM BU-pha-REK! Try it, it works!


THANK DIO that it is the PENTAGON and not the OCTAGON (Bush admin official: “but wait a minute, why can’t we have an octopus, that’s 3 more for us!)


The second casualty of WAR is the language itself. “SURGE’? It even sounds gay.


NOW THAT WEVE GOTTEN A LONG HARD LOOK AT HIM, can someone please ask (kindly or he’ll have you arrested) VICE CHENEY to put his DARTH VADER outfit back on. He’s starting to scare the kids. Madame HILLARY as princess LEIA?


Sometimes GOD skips the knowledge and just gives us the answer instead.


LIFE will only mock your plans, if your plans do not include joy.




I’m NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU PAUL….Just to show you clearly that I am not really dead. And that I’m using this guy’s body. It fits very well!




Die Gröoven haben sicherheit!!!


(ok yes, that’s about the size of it – from here to the computer… ;-))


Warning: this sentence is a leading one…………..


DON’T WORRY PAUL, I JUST HAD TO OUTLAST THE REAGANITES. They weren’t feeling us if you know what I mean (I got out before the blast belched me).


The thing is this, people give you a lot more space if they think you’re insane!


A WORD TO THE SPIES (it’s ok, I’m already heavily monitored). 


THE INSANE SHOULD ALL BE GIVEN GUITAR LESSONS, guitar therapy works. All soldiers shall in the future be given STRATOCASTERS® upon termination of military service. (to help give expression, ergo healing to their pain-perhaps HALLIBURTON RECORDS could handle hard distribution).


ADMITTEDLY: I too have gotten spoiled and now naturally expect all female singers to get their kit off and show me some tit! Maestra STREISAND and her generation got away too easy, they were expected to display their LUNGS and not their BREASTICLES! Still, I wouldn’t run away from a crotch shot of some of the old school dames (as everyone knows that POON wrinkles at a slower rate than the rest of the body……).


Their mistake Paul was to think that I wouldn’t at some point exact my revenge. Shiva always does. Our beloved VISHNU is the turn the other cheek GOD, SHIVA lives to destroy what mocks the will of HEAVEN, and with ferocity and glee.


MAKE THAT A STRATOCASTER® AND A BIG BAG OF GOVERNMENT HERB! (yes Virginia, and apparently it’s great stuff). It’s brain dead to expect soldiers to die for their lying country and yet be pilgrims. When they are not on the battlefield risking their lives for the continued pampering of SAUDI ARABIA and it’s 5000 SOFT princes, it should be near mandatory that they party like each day may in fact be their last. It might also help recruiting. 


WORD TO THE WISE (as alluded by the immense PATTI SMITH): if our governors do not stop lying to us and manipulating our fears on behalf of their corporate paymasters, we will begin abandoning your systems and begin cultivating our own. We, the meek have the power and desire to form our own alliances and leave all of the deadweight to the damp breezes of autumn. In fact as the Prophet said, the meek have inherited the earth.


BEING IS EVERYTHING! WHAT you are being, next to nothing.


MOST DEMOCRATS LIE JUST AS BADLY AS REPUBLICAN: but from the other side of their mouths……


The belligerent and bellicose spirit of Israel might wish to give our Palestinians brothers a break and start rattling their sabres at their real enemy Saudi Arabia. The rest is stage and state craft.


We finally get a great viable black candidate (as well as female), for the highest office, when no one in their right mind would go anywhere near it, and the truth is the republicans don’t want it either. NOT EVEN NIXON would want to follow VADER and his CONFUSIONISTAS.


Actually, Senator OBAMA is a real bona fide AFRICAN-AMERICAN!

……..(but if you look real closely so is WILL FERRELL).


The problem isn’t insanity, it’s finding a place to put it.


MY MUSIC IS GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN (or so I’ve been told by Japanese Doctors) so take it to heart if you dare (and lest you forget, who dares, wins).


A leading question: you really are, aren’t you?


IF YOU ARE THISCLOSE TO A SAUDI prince, reach over and slap him. Then tell him and his other 7806 royal family members to take their vast and spectacular wealth to create an army to fight their own damn wars. Our warriors are being tossed like twigs upon a fire to warm the feet of pampered men whose calluses can nary be found on their hands or foot soles but in their attitude. Their amazing indolence is contributing to the spiritual destruction of an entire generation.
This is where KARMA -ergo accountability- comes in. WHO FEARS SPEAKING THE TRUTH OF THE LORD, is not worth the justice of his final days.


TAKE HEED: a spiritual master is a spiritual slave. Become simply a master with all of life, which includes spirituality but isn’t bound or bullied by it. One man’s philosophy is another man’s compost. Most spiritual masters would trade it in, in a heartbeat for a great blowjob. HEAVEN AIN’T LOOKING FOR MORE MASTERS, ( it’s looking for more JOHNSONS ) it’s looking for real men to stand up and be that !


To trust someone more than you are willing to trust yourself is brain dead. Don’t be brain dead, the meter isn’t on when we are, and we can only be credited with time served, when the meter is running.


What I like about GOV. TERMINATOR OF CALIFORNIA is that he has shown a capacity for being a man of the people, and not just a man of his party. In essence he’s a third streamer riding in a republican float in the parade. If however we change our constitution to accommodate him, don’t think that it’s the only change that will be made. He mustn’t be used like a TROJAN CONDOM to screw us and place us even more squarely in foreign hands than we are already.
SAUDI ARABIA, which holds a HUGE marker on us already, is already capable of clearing her phlegm inflected throat and getting us, so deep in her debt, to throw our children at their problems. Just know that YOUR JESUS WEEPS for how many of his CHRISTIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS ARE DYING FOR ALLAH and the brusque arrogance of his desert tribes.


Once the bank has a big enough marker (wedge) on your house, THEY decide the colour scheme. A word to the wise……..


AMERICA, IF I DIDN’T REALLY LOVE YOU, I’d nary have taken this brutal ass-whipping for you. LOVE YOURSELVES MORE! Before you become a joint venture between CHINA and our trusty loyal friends the valiant and brave SAUDI ARABIANS (who are among the most racist regimes on all of GODS once good earth. OIL is the devils’ sperm and btw isn’t slavery still legal in Saudi Arabia?)


Let me just say this; I grew up around GENUINE REDNECKS and I trust THEM in white sheets more than I do the Saudis in theirs……….


The PROPAGANDISTS will usually complain when information circulates that doesn’t have to cleared and politicized by them and MIND CONTROL depends on propaganda for life-support……


…..WHAT MAKES SENSE TO YOU WILL MAKE SENSE whether heard from the mouth of a bird or from the folks at FOX (which by the way numerically equals 666). Trust what makes sense to your heart, the rest is somebody else’s opinion, ergo entertainment and nothing more.


I’m getting increasingly moved that the state is still so threatened by the giant maestro HENDRIX that one isn’t allowed to read ANY state propaganda about him that doesn’t recycle the same BOLD-FACE LIE of his death by drugs overdose. AND EVEN WERE IT TRUE, SO WHAT?
He is slandered by the state due to their jealousy and evil and it is high time that we let his gargantuan spirit rest. This is the same establishment that out of fear and envy tried to kill or jail almost all of our heroes from the greatest era of music yet. These are the same daemons that killed my beloved LENNON and covered it up with the usual CRAZED LONE-GUNMAN BULLENSCHEISSEN. The master JIMI did not die as the ‘official’ record states, he, our beloved like MAESTROS JONES & Lennon were murdered by the right wing of ANGLO-AMERICAN Culture. THE GREAT ROBERT JOHNSON WAS ALSO PUT TO DEATH BY THE Estab of his time. By the time they got to TTD, they’d begun changing tactics and killing us via the media. NOTHING SHORTENS YOUR LIFE-SPAN MORE than to be a black (or poor white) genius flowering amongst the Anglos we were asked by HEAVEN to serve……..
(and don’t even get me started on white trash superstar COBAIN, another of our illustrious NIGORS).


Here’s the new POST MILL DEAL: stop coming after our IDOLS and we won’t tear down yours, and clearly your idols are usually a lot more fucked up than ours and a lot more two-faced and compromised(otherwise you scoundrels wouldn’t promote them).


My Italian father-in-law has a crush on Madame CONDOLEEZA. I’m sharing this to embarrass him. Does she date Mediterranean’s?


Goodnight Paul, and don’t worry, it’s just money.


SANANDA (or he who cannot be named).

Ps Dedicated to Maestro Vonnegut and to the yet living Maestro Derek Walcott 
Pps the whole point is this, if you are going to stress the monkey, at least have the sense not to stress the monkey holding the cup. 


MILANO 24th APRIL 2007