To all of my bumpkins and bruces…

Expand your idea of yourself and your opportunities expand!

It's never too late to change your mind about your future.

Too much worry is the energy that attracts misfortune. Worry less as a meditation. Relax, chill, breathe and trust that your lord and wits will even out all discord.

Remember that your attitude towards who you are counts for most of your score.

The truth is never more painful than when we feel that we are not worthy of it.

All illusion is based on pain and the desire to avoid further pain.

The power behind you isn't nearly as important as the power within you.

There is no loss, there is only surrender.

Were we to work with the earth more and less against her, she would replenish our storehouses and fill our tables with plenty as she was designed to do by God. Should we continue to treat her like a bitch, forgetting that she is God's bride, there will naturally be hell to pay. A hell whose mutant embers we stoke everyday and whose heat we are already starting to feel.

The only power another man has over you is to liberate you from your expectations.

It would be good to see the new Pope institute a policy of much lower tolerance for priests who abuse the trusts of children. This would inspire in the children a greater sense of safety and security in the refuge of the Church. Otherwise, a child abused by an agent of the Church becomes an enemy of the Church in their heart and becomes much colder to the notion of a loving God.

Who seriously believes with any sanity that they could corrupt the young angels and not stoke the beard of God's wrath?

No one can play the blues until the spirit of the blues says that they are ready. One can play with the blues and even do some marvellous things in the process. But until one understands and feels the full implications of being a man, a woman, until one has felt the horrors of joy and the sweetness of tragedy, there can be no room in your heart yet for the blues. An appreciation perhaps, but not the spirit itself.

Likewise, one cannot really rock until after one has been rocked.

You are greater than anyone else's theory of and about you. In the game of life your identity and sense of self is the football. Of course other players will try to tackle you and make you taste the grass and dirt that hold the earth together. That's not important. What's important is to hang on to the ball.

Everything that you are is contained in everything that you touch.

Finally: our times are out of balance and the proof is simple. 
We spend far too much energy focusing on Al Qaeda, and not enough on Al Green!

I hope you enjoy the new songs and all praises be to your pride and your truth.

MILANO 1st MAY 2005