To all of my Dolphins,

Thank you very much for your reception of the last 3 songs! I am really enjoying not fighting anyone anymore to preserve the integrity of how I am inspired to present my portion of God's light. This is the sound of joy again that you hear being reborn in the music. The music is always an expression of the state of your soul and for as long as your music stays pure, your soul stays uncorrupted. We are many pieces of rainbow, bundled up by nerves of steel and no one else has the God given right to tell you which colours you may or may not express. Let your joy tell you who you are, surrender to your curiosity and follow it to its natural conclusion which is always the path of your healing and the betterment and repair of your psyche.


African-American voters in Florida would be better served and far less intimidated and harassed (déjà-voodoo anyone?) were they to go to the polls wearing a white hood over their faces (white robe optional). Not only would they be ushered straight through to the voting booths, they'd also probably be offered a seat in the government as well.

You'll probably witness more hurricanes and property threatening weather until this dangerously regressive attitude is swept out of my beloved sunshine State. Where the State and its dark repressive shadow are now more in evidence then the sunshine which once graced it with an inner light, an inner light now replaced by a throbbing blue siren representing the constant state of alarm and the imminent anxiety which always attends it. Karma never forgets.

Those of us not willing to fight ourselves out of our birdcages do not deserve to fly. To have flown is to have known evidence of freedom, of heaven, and the skies which serve as its afterthought.

Master Bruce Springsteen has always served as a mentor and fellow traveller to me since first I heard 'BORN TO RUN' which was for many in my generation what Dylan's 'LIKE A ROLLING STONE' was to his. It was a huge reclamation of the values of Rock and its roots in the blues, in folk and in the natural social activism great music inspires. The inspiration to better one's life and release the pain that accompanies oppression and negative social assumption and the policies which apologize for them. And all the while mocking the souls of those who have given so much to what remains of our culture and received so little in return but the chance to witness increasing and greater insults to our culture. This is why all the channels are choked like chickens with the sound of our industry choking on its own cynicism and desperation, and showing no respect at all for the real needs of those of us who MUST rock, who MUST deepen the funk and who MUST continually try to spread fresh gravy over rotting and putrid meat. This is why many stand like a wall in the communications industry between what you need your soul to witness and those who would serve it. This is why Bruce Springsteen is a man, one of the captains of our team, a revivalist. This is why he is the BOSS, because he is willing like Johnny Cash to walk the line and call the line as he sees it and not pretend to be blind to the emperor's greed and how it deeply affects us all and the emperor's willingness to do everything necessary including tearing apart the fragile fabric of our nation simply to keep his hands buried deep into our storehouse. But what do I know?
(I only once passed through -Morehouse-)

Ps to bear witness to master Bruce's genius for foreshadowing (in the light of our current troubles) go back and listen to the songs of 'Nebraska'.

All the praises be to the name of your Gods and Bloodlines