To my babies in Australia (you're not 'down under' to me, over the top more like!). I hear you loud and clear and love you loud and long. (How long? that's none of your business). I aim to be with you physically next year some time..if it is the will of our creator. I really do regard your tribe highly and always feel blessed to be among you. 
When God made Australians he really took his time! And you are blessed more than you know to be living in the land of the original people of the earth.
In the meantime download 'WildCard' for free and pass it on to the other souls who need to be lifted. You can also download for free my newest video single 'Bella Faccina' which is a part of a larger project I'm creating, called 'ANGELS & VAMPIRES' . I love you and miss you.
yours from time


There really are no words, even Shakespeare would struggle to find the right words…. REST IN PEACE


More than a hero to me, more like a God

Blessings and greetings to the world Maitreya