To my !"£$%&/()=?^ers!

The latest Oasis single sounds great over the radio. A polished yet primitive slice of raw invention. Great production!

It helps to have a mindset the equal of your dream. If you have a big dream, be willing to recognize yourself as big and worthy of your desires being fulfilled.

It seems pointless and silly to spank the kids for using technology made available to them often by manufacturers who are but the right hand of the left hand complaining about piracy and theft. They are simply keeping pace with our time and punishing people for being quicker than the dinosaurs who would slow all of time if it could be put on a meter robs the people as surely as they are accused of robbing industry.

Relax, it's ok to be here!
Rilassati, è ok essere qui!

Congrats to Sir Geldof for reminding us of what a little Irish swagger and charm can still get you in this world. Just as not all policemen wear a uniform, not all priests wear the cloth and Bob has exposed himself over the years as a great lay priest of conscience.

Respects to the family of the great Luther Vandross. He raised the level of anyone in his era who considered themselves to be singers. He was also a wonderful musician and songwriter. Pure class demands its own reckoning. I imagine that he is already giving singing lessons to the angels who aspire to take human lives and spread more of God's joy and love of music. He was not a soul singer because of his tribe but because that's where his music came from. R.I.P.

All situations have already been foreshadowed.

As the old world crumbles hard upon its own explosive judgement, watch the breath taking murmurings of the new world already spreading its overlapping and still moist wings.

Most karma isn't earned but inherited.

What you imagine you can do is your spirit reminding you of what you are capable of doing. Follow your imagination or as Lewis Carroll wrote: "Follow the white rabbit"!

Important to remember :


Charity has no meaning if it also has no measure.

There are at least seven heavens and that is good news because it means that there is a heaven somewhere for even fools like us.

True privilege cannot be bestowed, it can only be recognized.

Our love falls short when it's negotiated for.


Love is the force
we are its witnesses 
and we cannot make ourselves 
Love unless we lie
Love loves 
and we agree
or we flee 
sure that love 
has lost its eye


Under what circumstances do I feel comfortable cheating? 
When I can cheat the odds towards the love.

The search for self authenticity is not a precise science. It often feels like observing a rollicking drunk, albeit a rollicking drunk that knows its way home.

We profit best by the fires we raise ourselves. Then playing with fire is not a test but a meditation.

Your body is the doorway to heaven and the more you judge and despise your physical life the smaller the door gets and the harder it becomes to pass through it once it is no longer needed, when your judgements and its witness, time, becomes too heavy a burden for the body to bear.

A sexy woman never has to worry about time.

We assume our pains from doubting our lord's Grace.

Society tends towards punishing its children a lot more when they are right then when they are wrong.

To rape is to snatch and kill a portion of the soul and the karmic penalties for this are high and heavy.

If Billy had learned to cry he wouldn't have raped as many women. If our boys do not learn that it is ok and necessary to cry, their tears dam up into a well of anger making them more a danger to themselves and others.

Mental discomfort is the source of all pain in the body.

All mythic archetypes are blueprints for the way our spirit remembers us.

We are only lost when we forget who we are.

What America could use more of is a conservatism that wants to listen and not just a conservatism that want to preach.

This decade will foresee the rise of the liberal conservatives. It is they who hold the future of America in their hands.


All rebellions produce more growth just as they are the expression of growth.

The good news is this: Man was born to be free.
The flip side is that as long as we remain in fear of that freedom and its responsibility, those who control the apparatus of the state will also fear it and us and will do what they can to subdue us until our fear no longer threatens theirs.

The least that we can do for the world is to do what we can to keep our minds less agitated as opposed to more. As this lessens the tension in our minds, it lessens the tensions in the world.

There is a greatness in Africans that they are not being allowed to express. Once they realise that they are asking the wrong people for permission, that greatness will be impossible to contain. It doesn't help that they tend to be governed by dick-tators generally stage-managed by the old colonial west.

MILANO 19th JULY 2005